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  1. CC NRSE

    Travelling to Mobile, Alabama

    the pay will probable not be good. That area doesn't pay well. where are you going to be working? Didn't know they were using travelers now.
  2. CC NRSE

    put me on ccu

    it just depends on where you work. some ccu's have very sick patients. balloon pumps and the works. others are very mild. sometimes i don't mind getting a float from floor. other times i really don't have the time to keep an eye on their patients. if your not comfortable,.....dont do it. you could really get into alot of trouble if there are more than a couple of bad patients in the unit. it's not fair to the nurse or the patient.
  3. CC NRSE

    What are your favorite nursing shoes?

    i think the shoes just depends on the person. i have tried several different kind. i just don't think anything is as comfortable as a good pair of tennis shoes. that just gets rather expensive replacing them every six months. i have a pair of birks (everyone raved about them so i tried.). they really hurt my feet and legs. i also have a pair of klogs, those wear good, but after one day (when working several in a row) my knees hurt. the best thing i have found is a pair of teva clogs. (these don't come in white.) i can wear these shoes for several days in a row without them hurting my feet knees or legs. i think the birkenstocks and danskos have more arch support. they are rather hard in my opinion. i am very flat footed so these don't work for me. good luck in finding something that works. this is very important b/c we spend alot of time on our feet. it can make for a miserable day if your shoes are not comfortable.
  4. CC NRSE

    Locked I.C.U

    I am currently on an assisgnment where they have an "open door" policy. Visitors walk in,out and around the unit peering in every room and listening to every conversation at all hours of the day. I personally think this puts not only the patients at risk, but us as nurses at risk for harm not to mention violating the HIPPA policy. Just the other day we had family puching each other and fighting in ICU. I was terrified and my poor little patients were even worse. Although secruity was there in a matter of minuets, it only takes one person with a gun to wipe out several. Having been on both sides now, I don't think this helps the patients recovery. In some cases (most) it even hinders it. Also not to mention it puts the families and pateints in a bad position. Most people don't feel like "entertaining" when they are in ICU. I know I wouldn't. They also don't want a room full of people in there laughing watching TV and having a good time. Maybe the idea behind this is to have family involved, but I personally think it hinders patient care. Families seldom help with care and some are even offended if you ask them to help. I figure if they are going to stay in the room and expect me to wait on them (as well as the patient) the least they can do is help me with little things. (as well as they are able) I also think it takes time away from the pateint. I have spent more time explaning to family or doing things the family wanted me to do than taking care of the patient. Families don't always see the big picture. "yes I realize dad hasn't eaten in 24HRS" never mind the fact that he has had a big stroke, can't swallow and possible going for EMERGENCY surgery ASAP. As I am trying to get my patient ready for surgery they are hounding me about the fact that he hasn't eaten. What's more important at this time? If I don't get dad to the OR ASAP we might not have to worry about him eating, EVER AGAIN!!!! This actually was a little extreme and once I explained surgery took priority, they understood. But such things have happened and sometimes families just don't get it. My first priority is to my patient. I don't feel I can give as good of care as I should with people constantly walking in and out of the room and staying round the clock. Never mind the fact the patients have no privacy. I feel we should have set visiting times, then at the nurses descretion, one family member could stay as deemed appropriate. I also find when familys are allowed to come and go freely, they are disrespectful to staff. They deem this as their right to come and go freely. If posted visited times are posted and they are allowed to stay, they seem to be more respectful. Sorry this was a long vent, but I just don't see where it helps the patient. I think this is more for family than the patients. I am very much a patient advocate and this is why I am very strongly opposed to it. Unfortunately, with management it all about pleasing visitors and making them happy.
  5. CC NRSE

    What if all docs had to nurses first?????

    i have often said it should be a prereq for medical school. then maybe we wouldn't get so many stupid and unreasonable orders!!! if only they could walk a day in our shoes!!!
  6. CC NRSE

    Lovelace Health System

    I know someone who worked at Lovelace Medical Center on the Tele floor. I think she worked nights. She seemed to like it ok. I also know people who have worked at Albuquerque Regional (formerly know as St Josephs). I'll just say they are not there anymore.
  7. CC NRSE

    Saudi Arabia recruiter warning

    hi travis!! sorry to hear of the trouble with your company. as many people know, it could just as well happen here in the states. i guess you just have to be really careful when chosing. even then sometimes you still get burnt!! (keeping my fingers crossed that is won't happen to me.) i know a couple who just retruned from five years in saudi. they also loved it there. i think they were at the same hospital as you are now. they traveled alot while there and came home a couple of times a year. i thought about saudi a few years ago, just never had the guts to go!! maybe one day!!! good luck to you!! :)
  8. lpn's can also push drugs in fl. i don't know the exact stipulation, i do think they have to be iv certified. it may also depend on the hospital. i think about the only thing they can't do (in fl) is hang blood. not really sure though. we don't have any working in the critical care unit i am in. i know in al, they can't give ivp drugs. in some hospitals, they couldn't even flush a central line!!! to me this seems a little ridiculous. some of the best nurses i have ever worked with were lpn's. i guess there has to be some division b/c of the pay. that's the biggest difference, which i also don't think is fair.
  9. CC NRSE


    i have seen many times where initial ckmp & troponin were neg only to see the second set extremely elevated and find out the patient had a big mi. i am not an er nurse either, (although i worked an 8 week travel assignemnt there- which by no means qualifies me as an er nurse!! ) but work in the unit. many times we have questioned patients being admitted only to find later, it turned out to be in their best interest! :) also, as you probable know, not everyone has "chest pain". more often women then men never experience the chest and left arm pain. i can't tell you how many 40-50 y/o patients i've had in the last few weeks. (i work cvicu) most of them never experienced the typical chest pain we so often associate with an mi.
  10. CC NRSE

    Birth control opt. Nova ring?

    nursinrox, i use the patch. i also live in fl. no problems with it coming off. during the summer (and alot of the winter!! ) i live at the beach. never had one problem with it. but, as others have mentioned, it is still hormones. i too had the nausea, h/a, night sweats and mood swings with the pill. (even the low dose ones). i still have mild s/e with the patch but nothing compared to the pill. i tired the shot (depo) and as someone else mentioned, i gained alot of weight. good luck in finding something that works!!
  11. CC NRSE

    PBDS Update

    i have taken it a couple of times. some hospital require it (like someone else said) to determine how much orientation you will nees. others require it (in my case as a traveler) to determine if they will hire you for short term work. it basically gives them an idea of your assessment skills. don't worry,...it's not that bad!! :)
  12. CC NRSE

    hotmail.com is anyone else having trouble?

    no problems here. check my mail daily! :)
  13. CC NRSE

    Pyxis systems ???

    we use the pyxis for all meds,...including refrigerated ones. i am in a cvicu so it is not so bad with 1-2 patients. i can't imagine having 5 or 6!!!! :eek:
  14. CC NRSE

    DRG Stethoscope?

    i also have the littman cadiology iii and love it. i think which kind of stethoscope you like and use is a personal preference. my suggestion is if you know someone who has one,..try it out and see how you like it. some people like the less expensive ones just as well and there is less of a chance of it getting stolen ( even if your name is engraved on it). :)
  15. CC NRSE

    Nursing Shoes Recommendations??

    i love my birkenstocks (bostons). you have to break them in slowly,..wearing them for only a few hours at a time--at first. i just worked 4 12's in a row that were very busy. not once did my feet hurt me. i also have some klogs. they are very comfortable but make my knees hurt after wearing them a couple of days in a row. i used to wear reebok dmx tennis shoes but found after about 6 months the support was totally gone. (i still wear my reeboks at home,...just not for work.) i just like clogs better,.....no shoe strings to tie!!! :)
  16. CC NRSE


    hey p_rn,..that's what i use too!!! although,...might be a little costly for a student. (boy do i remember those days!!) but if you always keep it with you,..would probable be worth it!!!! just remember,..they do grow legs and walk!!!!! :)