Because nobody is a better expert in the art of nursing than...

  1. (wait for it....) A CORPORATE P.R. representative! That's right! For the next however many weeks it takes, we un-enlightened nurses get to have a P.R. (could stand for public relations or patient relations, I don't know...same diff) rep shadow us on our shift, observing how we interact with our patients and offering critiques and feedback on how we are performing! WHAT A TREAT! You know, I'm surrounded by nurses who have worked on this unit since I was no more than a gleam in my parent's eyes, and I'm sure they know a lot- I'm sure, but when it comes to the real deal- I'll always look to the people in the snappy suits for knowledge. THEY know where it's at- and they've never even worked a day in their life as a nurse, now hey, that takes some talent right there, let me tell you!

    I'm sure the patients appreciate it too- I know when I was a new mom when it came time for the nurses to squish my postpartum belly and pull down my undies, and help me waddle to the bathroom my thought was always "the more the merrier!"

    Have I lost my nursing virginity? Is nurse PeepnBiscuits all grown up now? Never thought I'd see the day when I'd be so cynical, so jaded and so hard. It's a good thing I don't often speak my mind I guess. Since when has our unit come under scrutiny? Oh yes we have patients whine about nurses coming in to check them in the night- too bad so sad, I'm not going to let you hemorrhage tonight. Sorry! I'm also not going to let your baby have any number of things go wrong with him that could easily go wrong in the first 24 hours. We get complaints about the food- hey, guess what, I can empathize. I had both my kids here and I didn't touch a stinkin thing (except the cereal, you can't screw up boxed cereal) do you want me to go yell at the nutrition staff who aren't even there at 2 am?

    I don't want some P.R. person tagging along with me. The person already held things up for the two people that were shadowed the other night! What makes it even worse is that these people who are shadowing are merely lackeys for the even bigger people who are just too awesome to step one shiny shoe'd toe onto a hospital floor- puh! Send the lackeys out to stay up all night long with the nurses while we get our beauty sleep. Perhaps I've always been this way and just didn't know it. I don't want someone telling me what words to say to patients and how to say them. I welcome constructive criticism, when it comes from a colleague who "gets it" or a patient who has to put up with me for 8 hours. I can't even PRETEND to smile and nod like a good little nurse when being told by someone who most likely doesn't even know what we're doing and why.
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  3. by   Luckyyou
    How in the world is someone not involved in the patient's medical care following you around and listening to your conversations with those patients NOT a HIPAA violation?! You could always conveniently remind them that they are under no obligation to allow this strange person into their rooms...
  4. by   Esme12
    ONce again I am speechless and I sit here shaking my head......
  5. by   nurseladybug12
    I dont think that's a good idea at all, I think it would make patients very uncomfortable to be sharing their personal health information which seems to also be a HIPAA violation. Of course nurses are going to act more courteous than usual because they are being watched, and then there may appear to be no problems at all. They should have patients complete a survey at discharge on the nursing care they received at and put it in a lock box on the way out.
  6. by   TopazLover
    And I suppose they have been educated in drug interactions, reasons not to "slam" narcs even if the patient is threatening? of course they understand all about confidentiality. That is why they are violating every nuance of it.

    Sorry, I think nurses have enough to do without doing OJT of some lackey from an office about why you do what you do. If you had that kind of time you would not be nursing.

    To me it is proof that hospitals no longer are for sick people. They are a way to feed the stock market and the pockets of CEOs.

    BTW - OP, I don't think this makes you jaded about nursing, just idiots who can't think through the issues before inserting foot in mouth. You may have lost the rose colored glasses about nursing, but you have not lost your heart and soul to "the man".
  7. by   VICEDRN
    Wow. Just wow. What I planned to say, its not printable here..." Speechless. And they say there is "no money" for this or that or raises or whatever.
  8. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from PeepnBiscuitsRN
    (wait for it....) A CORPORATE P.R. representative! That's right! For the next however many weeks it takes, we un-enlightened nurses get to have a P.R. (could stand for public relations or patient relations, I don't know...same diff) rep shadow us on our shift, observing how we interact with our patients and offering critiques and feedback on how we are performing.
    *** Uh, is this person also following the physicians? I bet not!
  9. by   Ginger's Mom
    Are these people nurses? I would inform them that your patient refuses that they observe.
  10. by   echoRNC711

    Anyone got an emesis bag?...I'm feeling a hurl coming on.!!

    What's next?... Pt check off the care they don't want to receive like the "awful " , painful dressings, suctioning, coughing/deep breathing post op......

    Congrats administration!!! Smokin hot idea! This plan smacks of success. Keep up the good work!
  11. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I had a patient advocate come up to me in a hospital that had a coffee machine up and ready in the hallway of a Telemetry-Medical/Surgical Unit, and say,...

    "The husband in room (whatever) requested a cup of coffee with 2 sugars from a CNA, they never brought it back-you know their one of the board members friends," making a face of "just between you and me."

    I was holding a central line kit I had run out for as the CNA held my 400 lb Unresponsive patient on their side for the MD to insert who was getting ready at the scrub-sink.

    I said "Wonderful, did you show him our complimentary coffee area? The CNA is wrapped up right now, and it was unexpected."

    Looking disappointed with my answer she quipped, "Can you explain that to Mr. (more important than whatever your doing), it will only take you 30 seconds?"

    I told her, "If this is so important right now- why couldn't you just grab him a cup- I got to get in here."

    Advocate's voice grew louder, "Because," she said condescendingly, "It's my job to 'train' hospital staff on important patient relations issues-Not to waitress!"

    I just smiled as redness spread across her face. "I think you get it now, huh?"

    I wish I could tell you my Nurse Manager agreed the Central Line took precedence, but she came out of her office, opened the door to our room where the MD, CNA, and (Me) stood, and said "When you finish here, could I speak with you in my office(to assistant)."

    She was sent to apologize (coffee in hand). If I could go back to that day and jump on a soap box I would, but I silently went on with my shift, and didn't renew my next month's contract.

    I wish patients knew the difference between Medical Centers with high patient satisfaction- and one with great OUTCOME percentages!!!

    Sorry about soap box, but OTHER ideals and entities are making Nursing change- not 'us.' The extra crap does affect care level, and facilities are forgetting what is priority in the name of Patient Satisfaction.
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  12. by   netglow
    Oh My God.
  13. by   wooh
    I have a number of thoughts on this. All violate TOS...
  14. by   One1
    We are also being "re-educated" on PROPER nurse-patient relationships right now via new policies, funny little "model conversations" in our newsletters, and so on (please note that these lines are dripping with sarcasm).. Like your workplace, these things come from corporate who has never touched a patient or ever worked even remotely at bedside. Patient satisfaction trumps patient care these days, and our floor is bustling with patient representatives and advocates who are constantly seeking us out while we are doing procedures in other rooms to ask if we can please bring the pt in room 5 a cup of water and if the pt in room 3 (who was explained 3 times already that he cannot eat because he might have to go into surgery) can have a food tray...