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Hi, I have been reading some very disturbing posts. First not all aides want to be nurses. I compare it to working at a fast food resteraunt. I am the burger flipper and you are... Read More

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    Originally posted by delirium
    That generally works better than blanket statements.
    Time out:

    Ok Reb...I'm sleepy. I read this line while looking at your avatar and thought "Pigs in a blanket".

    Now returning to your regularly scheduled thread:
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    Originally posted by itsme
    Where is this coming from? I wonder if our "nurse basher" who was banned has a new name on here?

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope not!
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    Originally posted by simba03

    I have been reading some very disturbing posts.
    First not all aides want to be nurses. I compare it to working at a fast food resteraunt. I am the burger flipper and you are the burger resteraunt manager. Yes, you are in charge but since I have other plans,flipping hamburgers is a means to an end. I would not care to take your blood sugars or your vitals for that matter. I work as an aide to care for my patients very basic needs. I would want someone to take care of me if I was sick, old, or helpless. I have a ton of respect for nurse aides and nurses. It is important to put things in perspective if you do your job I will do mine. Remember that it takes all kinds and some of us are just passing through.
    First of all, you are not taking my blood sugars and vitals, but the patients, that you say you are so interested in caring for. Comments like this one are the reason anyone gets bashed...aide or not. Think before you speak....and don't tell me to put things into perspective. Re-read your post, and take your own advice.
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    I worked as an aide, then was accepted in
    to nursing school. I have been an LVN for 5 years. The aides I work with are wonderful, and a good aide can make you or break you on the M/S floor in my opinion. If I get one of those that "suck", then I pretend I dont have one, work that way and if it is an agency aide, let the house supervisor know never to call them again to my floor (I tell the charge and this is what she does). We usually get good aides.
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    not again..where's that avatar that sticks his fingers in his ears?
    oh well, if I hide, perhaps I can't see it

    now, please let this dead horse alone!
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    Edited to say: YIKES I should've checked the profile first! You're right Tracy!
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    I love the picture of the little people!

    Isn't it fun when you have them all corralled together?
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    uhm..yeah, it's fun for about two hours..then it's work
    the two older ones in the pic are mine, the other is my great-nephew. HE is a handful. He's 1, mine are 2 & 3..he beats the crap out of my
    but he's soooooooooo dang cute and precious...for a couple of hours. lol!
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    I'm not going to CNA bash. A good CNA with worth their weight in gold and then some. You have no idea how important you are FOR THE PATIENTS!

    I'm not sure if I like the "you have your job and I have my job" kind of attitude. As long as you remember, that as an RN your job includes what I deligate. Too many CNAs don't want to be bothered because "I know what my job is". You know what I mean? Sure you have you're routine, but I'm also your supervisor and I might need you to interupt your vital signs routine to do something else FOR THE PATIENTS. But I'm not going to run up and down the hallway spending ten minutes to ask you to put someone on a bedban when I could do it myself either. Teamwork.

    Thanks for listening.
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