Are you scared to leave your area?

  1. Why are so many other RN's seemingly afraid to travel with their pt's? I enjoy taking my pt's to other areas in the hospital. It saves time and I know things will be done right if I'm there. How do I motivate others to feel the same?
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  3. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Where are you taking them to? XR, CT, MRI

    I don't know what you mean. Elaborate a bit more.

    We have CSA (custodial support assistance) who transfer our pt. to and from if they are stable only. They also are our cleaning staff. We don't have the staffing to allow an RN to go with the pt. ONLY if the pt. is UNSTABLE and then we have portables (XR, US).

    Is this what you mean?
  4. by   passing thru
    I know I hate to travel to CT with patients, because I know the ones I left behind are "on their own" til I get back. The charge nurse won't even give a pain shot while I am gone.
    So, I know I will be an hour behind in my work for the shift when I return.
    But, I usually go. It is nice to get off the unit for a short while, and, also, I can make sure the people in CT protect my iv lines and since I know more about the patient and the patients' limitations, I can protect the patient during the transfers, and see to it the patient is comfortable before the exam starts.
  5. by   nimbex
    I don't know that you can motivate others to feel a certain way, if a patient is crumping and needs a test off the floor, it is a very wise thing to go with, even if not madated. I guess you could say, I'll watch your patients so you can go with so and so for their test.

    If these are routine tests for a stable floor patient, I wouldn't go. We send our post op day 2 CABG patients if off drips and swan is pulled to x-ray for an am lateral CXR, with epicardial wires, 3 chest tubes, a foley and a cordis.

    hope this helps.
  6. by   sjoe
    Don't you have a transportation department? These people are hired to transport patients so the nurses can take care of the rest of their patients who remain behind.

    "Oh, sorry, Judge (and jury). Those three patients of mine had: an unattended MI, crapped in his bed, and the third bled out while I was two floors down with another patient of mine in a wheelchair, while we waited 2 hours to get her into x-ray due to a scheduling mix-up. I'm sure that was ok. ...Wasn't it?"
  7. by   ?burntout
    we have a central transport team that take patients to and from other departments. if the patient is stable i don't go with them-i am usually too busy. if they are unstable then yes, i ask the charge nurse to go or ask her to keep an eye on my other patients while i go to wherever. sometimes we have mds request for a nurse to go to x-ray or ct with a patient-once again that is where our charge nurse comes in.
  8. by   MandyInMS
    We also have transport techs...I have had to transport a pt myself in emergency situation...wasn't "scared" it's just a time factor knowing what all is left for the other nurses to do in my absence, taking care of MY pts along with their own. And as far as 'making sure it's done right'...I'm no xray,ct,ect.professional so I trust them to do their jobs with their expertice(sp?) as I do my own.
  9. by   jadednurse
    While I'm no fan of taking patients on "road trips" - especially those w/ tons of drips/IV pumps, ICP "bolts" etc., I was surprised by some of these responses. Some of you commented on the liability issues should something happen to your other patients left on the floor, but what about the patient you're sending off to a procedure? My view is a bit skewed though, I'm talking about SICU patients. If they're being monitored on the floor by an RN, shouldn't they be monitored by an RN while off the floor?

    Also, as far as another nurse having to cover your other patient(s) while your off the floor, isn't it the same situation for breaks? Just a thought.
  10. by   BBFRN
    We don't have a trasport team on nights where I work, so we send a Tech with the Pt if they're stable, but we take them if they're not.
  11. by   Rena RN 2003
    we have transport take stable patients to the floor from our ER. if a patient is traveling to ICU or PCU, our nurses report off to an ER nurse about the patients he/she is leaving behind and we cover for that RN. it's all about team work and we do have a fine team if i do say so.
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, I work in ICU so if one of my pt's has to go on a road trip, I HAVE to go with him/her. No choice.
  13. by   Fgr8Out
    In the Critical Care settings the RN goes with the patient and the nurse they are teamed up with oversees the care of the remaining patient. Otherwise, Patient Transport does all the moving to and from... they are trained EMTs, which makes me feel more comfortable.
  14. by   altomga
    I am a charge nurse (hopefully floating) and transport the patients off my floor b/c the test will get done faster if I take the pt. We only have 2 transporters at night for >730 bed hospital. If the people from CT, Radiology, whatever call for the pt I know they can't wait for hour or longer and I also do it b/c the PT NEEDS THE TEST. I don't mind doing this and appreciation is shown to me on part of the nurses, patients, and "CT/radiology,etc departments".
    It only takes me maybe 15-20 minutes off the floor compared to waiting ???until!
    I would have to go anyway b/c the pt has to be transported with a monitor and RN since they are on a step down ICU floor.