Are Nursing Jobs Plentiful where you Live ? - page 2

Hi just taking a survey to see if nursing jobs ARE out there. I am interested in finding out about potential LPN openings. If you feel comfortable, please say the state you are from' THANK YOU!!... Read More

  1. by   Carrie_MTC
    Not at all, central ohio is over-saturated with nurses, and as far as I know so is the rest of the state.
  2. by   kasendamiles86
    Well I'm in NE Ohio and the job market for nurses according to job sites etc, is alright, now for nurses with <1yr it's prett bad, but there is hope.
  3. by   bnik
    In northwest Ohio, there are very few LPN jobs - however there seems to be plenty of RN jobs.
  4. by   apopelpn
    No....Not at all!! I am not right out of school either! I have been a nurse for 2 years....I live in Middle TN...NO Jobs here!!
  5. by   Troubles
    Its all about chances!
  6. by   kasendamiles86
    Quote from bnik
    In northwest Ohio, there are very few LPN jobs - however there seems to be plenty of RN jobs.
    Hmmmm....I went to UT.....plentiful you say?
  7. by   NamasteNurse
    NY YES!
  8. by   regularRN
    In central coastal CA there is no shortage - in fact there are too many...
  9. by   such_sweet_sorrow
    It's OKAY here in Razorback country! Worse for <1 year nurses, but not hopeless.
  10. by   brownbird
    DFW TEXAS>>>>>No ...growing irritation by the min
    I don't know I am lost at trying anymore....
  11. by   dthfytr
    Southern New Mexico and West Texas have lots of openings, all specialties, new grads, experienced.
  12. by   brownbird
    :smackingf Yes, I know but I about as far west as I want to be...
    Thanks anyway
  13. by   lola88
    No jobs for New nurses in the New York City area.

    nursing school is a fraud.

    all new nurses in the nyc area should contact the nysna and their congress rep. And state attorny general--- it is fraud!

    they keep advertising a need for nurses and the schools take your money---

    why are two year schools allowed to operate if no one will accpept an asn degree once you are licensed?

    We all take the same nclex test----

    There are reports of the lack of jobs for new nurses all over the county now.