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  1. kasendamiles86

    New Grad Home Health

    Not to be rude I wouldn't have took this case. I have limited vent experience and taking people under the age of
  2. kasendamiles86

    New Grad Home Health

    ^^^^You sound silly. I'm required to see them every 60days for an assessment and sup visit, these are not skilled clients, and no they are not in a group home they are in their own home with help from my hha's (company's hha) I use to see skilled clients and I do their assessment every 60 days, do their skilled visit 1w9 and do the sup visit every other week. Like I said my patients are dd but they have comorbidities such as htn, chf, dm, etc. If they have a change in condition or new meds then I go out and see them more often. I have hha's to be my eyes and ears when I'm not around unless the workshop, parent or doctor calls. I'm pretty sure I have 50 patients or so, It's fine. The part time more skilled nurse see's the patients on State Plan/Skilled. I see patients with I/0 Waiver. I also work in the office a lot qa careplans, mars, and the tests the hha's take. I'm rambling but nursing wise I am learning about home health. I was a direct service worker/patient care aide, so many different titles from the time I graduated hs until the time I graduated college. In my experience a nurse never saw my patient's I took care of or came to the house. I was allowed to do delegated nursing. I called the home manager not the nurse. If my patient falls, get's a blister, is having an increase in auditory hallucinations the hha call me. I'm done trying to explain the situation to you people. I:heartbeat my job. I :heartbeat my patients. And I don't like ugly so have a blast saying this and that bc you won't be putting meals on my table, paying any of my bills, taking care of any patients, etc. Ciao!!!!
  3. kasendamiles86

    New Grad Home Health

    Wow this thread has taken a mind of it's own. I have been doing homehealth since september of 2010 (roughly 2 mos now) and I like it.I work with DD clients I see them every 60 days, create their MARS, sipervise the Aides, make sure they do what they are suppose to. I do SOC, ROC, transfers to inpatient facilites, and discharges. I call doctors, and parmacies, case managers, support administrators, parents. There are not many skilled services I provide outside of education/teaching (wounds, trachs). My patients are relatively stable I haven't run into anything I couldn't fix yet. I work with excellent nurses and I have support. I can't believe how upset people are. My patients are very well taken care of by me and their hha's. An acute care oppurtunity has come my way and I will be pursueing that as well. I :heartbeat home health!!!!! I do believe I need to refine my skills so I can provide better care but so far I'm doing ok.
  4. kasendamiles86

    States hiring New RN Grads?

    I accidentally went on a rant excuse me.
  5. kasendamiles86

    States hiring New RN Grads?

    Just wanted to add my two cents. Do not let these negative Nancy's discourage you. Yes it is hard to find a new job as a new grad RN, BSN ADN whatever. The key is that it is hard not impossible. You have to do whatever it takes to get the job if you want it. So what you may not have the best cover letter, or resume, the highest gpa, there maybe something else unique about you the employer wants to see. There is definitely a job waiting for me, you, and whoever else is looking. Also if you really want a job don't be too picky but ensure safety. I have tried a couple of things so far but I still want to work in a hospital and I am not going to stop applying, calling people, showing up, telling people I want a job, and taking advantage of oppurtunities that can increase my chances of what I want. It is a bad economy and there are jobs even for new grads.
  6. kasendamiles86

    Young Looking Nurses

    I have a mature look, but some of us are young. Some ppl question how long I have been a nurse because I appear young,I just tell them a while :) and continue business as usual. I wear glasses too so I guess that helps me look mature. Some people will be ageist, but not very many. I had one incident where a patient stated she did not want the young one talking about me. The odd thing is I took care of her the day before and she had nothing to say.....Looking young will be the least of your worries
  7. kasendamiles86

    1 year down, no acute care experience

    I can not speak from experience but I can for a nurse at my job. I started in ltc lasted 2mos, now I'm doing homehealth. I talked to another RN at my job who started her career in home health (2yrs home health) and successfully went to work in a hospital. Didn't enjoy acute care and is now back in home health. I do not believe it is a dead end, and believe there are different areas of nursing for a reason. If you do not have certifications BLS, PALS, ACLS, try some of those to perk up your resume.
  8. kasendamiles86

    How'd you get your job?

    I landed my first job by applying, seriously there was no rocket science. If i met the requirements I applied. I applied online, I applied in person, I looked on jobsites, the newspaper, talked to friends, family, etc. I even just walked in random nursing homes and applied whether they were hiring or not. I asked to speak to the DON, HR, anyone who was responsible for the hiring (dressed nicely business casual). I got a few interviews. What I would strongly suggest is follow up if you are looking for a job, I plan on using this for my next round of job hunting. These methods have all worked to get me interviews, and once I get an interview thats all she wrote, I'm coming home with a job. If people don't call me back as soon as I would like I start calling them.
  9. kasendamiles86

    How'd you get your job?

  10. kasendamiles86

    I love my job!!!

    ^^^Well I use to do this before becoming a nurse and I loved, I did it from my senior year in high school until June.
  11. kasendamiles86

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    This was a subacute rehab unit split with ltc (the floor was split so the census always changed) 7-3 only oriented 2 nurses , 5 aides, 38-46 residents 7p-7a (my shift)-7-11 I had 18-20 1 RN 1-2 Aides there was nurse on the other ends the one aide would have like maybe 4 of my patients due to their assignment 11p-7a- 38-46 residents 1 RN/lpn 3 aides
  12. kasendamiles86

    Manor Care Questions

    You will be pushing a cart as a supervisor if that's what you wanted know. They had given me my first nursing oppurtuinity prn. Where I live it is the best nursing home I encountered, they have supplies, computer systems, a pixis, ok patient load. But don't be tricked by the supervisor role or them telling you you will be working over an lpn and so many aides, because you will have your own patient load, be responsible for the piccs, ivs in the facility, and assessments for those with change in condition. Just a heads up it's a nice place to work as a RN right now (well the one I worked at can't speak for all of them bc I had seen some horror stories).
  13. kasendamiles86

    'Onboard' New Nurses to Prevent Them from Jumping Ship

    Well I recently took a job in home health. I went to shadow another nurse and it seems like a lot of paperwork,and assessment skills being used. The woman told me I wouldn't be doing any skilled visits because I'm the RN:eek:. Only supervisory and SOC. I'm like what if I want to do the skilled visits, because I do.
  14. kasendamiles86

    Are Nursing Jobs Plentiful where you Live ?

    Hmmmm....I went to UT.....plentiful you say?
  15. kasendamiles86

    Nursing homes' bad reputation

    I have no idea why people do that. Theses nursing homes are different now, especially a rehab/subacute unit. You will see and learn a lot. So screw those people, it's ridiculous people would wrather be jobless than try a nursing home, you need to try it before you can say anything. It is very hard work, but hard work pays off. For someone to turn their nose up at the mere notion of working at a nursing home being a new grad in these times is foolish. Do your thing, get your experience, and you will be making a decent living for yourself.
  16. kasendamiles86

    'Onboard' New Nurses to Prevent Them from Jumping Ship

    Not to be rude, but if new grads can't get into hospitals where are we suppose to go? I have been scorned and burned by ltc as a newbie and plan on not returning anytime ( I did learn a lot while I was there though) soon but how did you come to this conclusion? What about new grad lpns? Seriously though just wanting an honest answer. Not to hijack the thread, but if a new grad can't get hired at a hospital (RN specifically) where should he/she go? I am curious.

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