Are Bs in nursing school really that good?

  1. I got all B's this semester. It is my first semester in nursing school and at a State College (I just transfered from a JC). I had all A's for my pre-requs(other than the B is stats) when I returned to school and was more serious (had a few C's from when I first started college when I was right out of high school and did not care about school) I know people say that B's are good in nursing school, but it seems like every one else is getting better grades than me. I know you are not supose to compare yourself to other students, but I don't want to be the worst student in class...does any one else feel like this? Or an I just the class dumb dumb?
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  3. by   P_RN
    No you are not a dumb dumb. Ask your instructors about what is the expectation. Perhaps she could go over a test with you and help clarify why one answer may have been better than the rest. Grades do not make the nurse.
  4. by   blackberry4eva
    you got b's how about c's with the exception of one b this semester. when i first started clinical this semester, i used to beat myself up about my grade and how others are doing as opposed to me. remember grades do not make the person. hands on i was's the tests that got me. one thing that made me feel alot better was my instructor saying "c = rn".
  5. by   casualjim
    B's equal degrees!
  6. by   StrwbryblndRN
    "c = rn"

    lol. this was quoted to me just yesterday as we finished our psych semester. i ended up with a c and my instructor felt i would make a good nurse. after my first semester i realized i would never make straight a's in nursing school. it is better that i realized this too because i would have allowed the stress to really get to me and not have learned a thing.

    after reading many a posts stating how hard the job of nursing can be, i no longer worry about school. i get stressed thinking of working after graduation. i feel is a wonderful though. it helps bring to reality was nursing is all about.
  7. by   imenid37
    Nursing school is very difficult as it should be. We are responsible for people's lives. B's are good. Some colleges require 90 for an A w/ 70 being passing. Many nursing programs grade (even w/ in the same college or university) differently and 75 is minimum passing for the nursing courses, 93 is an A, and 90 is a good solid B. When I went to nursing school, most people got C's, a few got B's, and a very few A's when it came to the actual nursing courses. If you were a C student, you usually came out knowing what you were doing. I think a lot of people have this experience. What is your ultimate goal? If it is CRNA or going to Yale for grad school, you need the highest grades possible, in addition to lots of other qualifications and experience. If not relax. B is very good. I am in grad program now and got mostly B's in my ADN program (which was hardest coursework so far). The BSN and Grad program are no where near as hard as when I had to learn everything about being a nurse. Relax. Have a great holiday!
  8. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Look at it this way, you got a B on a series of tests. Those tests determined what you knew about the 50 or 75 or 100 questions the instructor pulled from who knows where.

    What did you truly learn this semester? Do you know lab values you didn't know? Did you learn to change a dressing? How about learning what to do for a patient if they have fluid volume deficit? Did you learn the signs and symptoms of hemmorage (sp)?

    In clinicals did you begin to feel more comfortable working with patients? Did you get a thank you from a nurse or a family member? Did you give your first injection correctly?
    Did you learn to read a MAR or to give pills?
    Hey, did you manage not to kill anyone?

    I don't know exactly what you learned this semester nor what your successes or failures may have been, but I know you learned more information than you know what to do with at this point and that it will all cumulate to the knowledge to need to be a great nurse.

    Honey all you needed was a C to pass and you got B's. Seems kinda silly huh, all those others getting A's...seems like overkill, LOL.

    Bottom line, quit worrying about what others are doing and know that you have an ABOVE AVERAGE understanding of theories of nursing.

    Now I'll say what you should be telling yourself, CONGRATULATIONS on passing your first semester in nursing school.
    There are those people who didn't make it, so be proud.
  9. by   Pachinko
    You pride may be hurt, but the bottom line is that, practically speaking, Bs are definitely not a problem in nursing school. The only time I would see them being a problem is if you wanted to go on to a competitive graduate program, like a CRNA. Otherwise, I would not sweat it at all.

    I was extremely anal in nursing school and four-pointed it...and now that I'm working and have no plans for grad school, I'm almost wishing I hadn't sweated it so much, because it really made little difference.
  10. by   bopps
    Heck ya fellow student! I am proud of my solid B average in Nursing school. With my B's I am still in the top 5 of my nursing class as far as grades go. But who cares in the long run. You know what they call the nursing student who barely made it through Nursing School after she passes the NCLEX-RN? A NURSE!!!:chuckle She gets the same title and recognition a straight A student gets. I am not saying you should be a slacker but if your best is a B or a C be proud, baby you rock! Because any passing grade in nursing school is something to be proud of. Rock on!
  11. by   casualjim
    When your at your next clinical remember the old joke. " You know what they call the guy(or gal) that graduated dead last in his or her class in med school?" " Doctor"
    You'll be ok.
  12. by   nurse4theplanet
    Like you said in your original post, you shouldn't compare yourself to others. I know, easier said than done right?

    However, when you compare yourself to others you automatically set yourself up for disappointment. No matter what you do in life, there will always be someone who out performs you at some point in time, as there will always be another whom you out perform.

    If a B was not acceptable in a nursing program, then they would kick out anyone who could not make an A. However, the minimum grade that you must maintain is a C. Therefore, it seems to me that you are performing at an average level of skill...nothing to be ashamed of by any means.

    While you should always strive to do your personal best, if that turns out not to be an A, then you need to be comfortable with that. It is only when you cannot meet the minimum requirements or you are not giving your personal best that you should question your competence to pursue a nursing career.
  13. by   imenid37
    They won't pay you any less or any more for good(which you have) or average grades. The degree and the license are what is ultimately most important. My daughter is in nursing school now. It is a real tail buster. I couldn't go back and do the generic program now. I hear from her, and remember from my school days a lot of competitiveness. It is really pretty stupid. If you are already in the nursing courses, you are already in. It doesn't matter if I get all C's and Sally Sue gets all A's. We are in and staying in as long as we are both passing. It's not like she is going to take my my"spot" or something. Don't let these snits get you down. many times, they are not doing as well as they may lead you to believe. I am disappointed when I hear all of this cr*p from my daughter. It is a real downer if you let it get to you, so don't! You are doing very well.
  14. by   ChocoholicRN
    I felt the same way when I first started nursing school. I too had gotten mostly A's in my pre-reqs and in the back of my mind, I thought I would be able to do the same in nursing school. Then reality hit, and I got all B's. This semester I'll end up with one or 2 C's which I personally am not happy with, but that doesn't mean I won't make a good nurse. A good friend of mine who is an ER nurse in one of the best hospitals in NYC received a C in patho from a highly accredited college. When her interviewer (at another hopsital) told her C's are unacceptable, my friend went back to her patho instructor her who told her "C's are the average grade in my class so you tell her that." Well, that just goes to show that no matter what grade you get, A or C, you'll still make it. Some people like myself are just not good test takers, and unfortunately thats how we're graded in nursing school, our clinical grades are just pass/fail. Just remember, grades aren't everything, some people are great test takers but have horrible people skills, others are horrible test takers but are amazing when it comes to clinicals and people skills. You'll still get a nursing job and get paid the same amount as the person that got all A's. Keep your head up and don't stress yourself out!! Good luck!!