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Over the years I have taken Celexa and most recently Paxil for my depression. I am now on Wellbutrin. My Celexas quit working, and my Paxils made me gain weight!(Like I needed that!). Anyone else... Read More

  1. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Ahhh better living through pharaceuticals,......
    I prefer golf, exercise and good sex. Not necessarily in that order, but what the hay
  2. by   nimbex
    teeitup...... try beta blockers for a year and see just how far north things can go, wait a moment... I'm a female...

    Correction.. see how long you care to see if it does

    LOL someone help us all, these pills sure have bad side effects

    hugs to all of you suffering from them, took many a pill switching, to treat high blood pressure, just to keep going some days

    other days... you just golf!
  3. by   Audreyfay
    Mario....sorry it has taken so long to answer. Sweating a lot....means sweat dripping down the face when just sitting in a chair doing nothing. All the time. The only time it wasn't dripping was sitting in front of a fan. Try taking care of a patient in isolation, wearing a mask, gown, and gloves. Then add sweat running down the forehead and neck. Whew! Couldn't wait to get off it. I should have worn a sweat band, but it wasn't worth it!
  4. by   CseMgr1
    I started on Zoloft last year, my father on Celexia (no more trips to the ER for panic since then, thank God!) and two of my co-workers were just recently placed on Paxil. If it weren't for the despressed society we live in, the drug manufacturers would go bust!
  5. by   askater11
    I've had side effects with 3 Rx's.

    #1 Wellbutrin....4 days after starting it...I dev. Rt. arm became numb and heavy.

    #2 Paxil...severe bruising to my lower extremity....I felt less depressed on Paxil!!!

    #3 Prozac...panic attacks

    #4 Celexa...UGH!!! 5 lb. weigh gain in 6 weeks...but I feel a lot better (mental wise)
  6. by   psychonurse
    Well before my mother died I was having severe anxiety attacks and I went to a doctor that put me on Paxil....well that helped for about 8 months and then I started realizing that I didn't want to have sex anymore!!!!! So I went to my doctor and she put me on Wellbutrin and after about 3 weeks I was a basket case.....I was crying all the time and my emotions went up and down I felt like ending it all. I called my doctors answering machine and yelled at it at 3am. We went off the Wellbutrin and I have been on Zoloft for about a year and I love it....feel great and I like myself more now. But now I am having other problems and I am not having sex right now either, but as soon as my six weeks are over from my surgery.....honey watch out :kiss
  7. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Well Nimbex The senior golfers for awhile were swearint that beta blockers helped their golf game, might be worth it for that.
    Think I'll just stick with exercise, golf and good sex


    doo wah ditty
  8. by   JEA616
    I'm just starting on Celexa. I've been on it 4 days. It's the first time I've taken an anti-depressant. The side effects, so far are almost worst than my depression. Please reassure me that they will get better as my doctor said. Also has anyone exprienced weight gain or loss with Celexa. The last thing I need is to gain weight
  9. by   micro

    YES,hang in there.........give the medicine time.........
    the side effects will balance out........remember to keep in close communication with your doctor.........
    if side effects are seriously bothering you.....
    call and insist that your doc call you back to reassure from a medical standpoint that all is okay.....
    in a rare instance, maybe another medication should be initiated, but
    if you are to this point feel the need for an antidepressant.......
    give it a chance to work......
    you will be so surprised when it does actually kick in and helps you to stay above the ground and feel able to be yourself......
    No it is not a happy pill..........and it is not the end all will just help you to be able to live and be...........
    the rest is up to you.......including sticking to your medicine, close contact with your doc, if needed with doc's Rx, adjusting or changing your antidepressant.............and never just go off of your antidepressant........
    enough said...............

    be well,
    you are not alone........

    micro and
    there is a lot more of us out there
    than you may realize...........
  10. by   terrina
    I have experienced situational depression off and on for years. I have been on prozac & wellbutrin for 2 years following a hard divorce and subsequent moves across the US. They worked at first but I have pretty much given up on finding the right med or combo. I just live life the best I can.

    Do they test for anitdepressants in Drug tests?
    IF so can they discriminate against you if you are on them?

    How does this work
  12. by   KarafromPhilly
    No, they don't test for antidepressants when doing drug testing. And I would think that any overt discrimination would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act--mental illness is included in the disabilities. But you're right--the stigma is real. How do we fix that?
  13. by   jode
    I took Wellbutrin to quit smoking and suffered from severe anxiety and nightmares. I smoked twice as much!!! LOL. I did eventually quit I am pleased to say........but with good old fashioned determination, not Wellbutrin.