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I have loved this site, but as I check , "Today's Posts", as is my wont, more and more, there are only student related topics. What has happened here? Has anyone else noticed this? I have no... Read More

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    Quote from SopranoKris
    I've been a member here since 2012, when I first decided to change careers in my 40s and go back to school. At the time, I didn't know much about nursing. I had my heart set on being a PA and nursing (to me, at that particular time) was just a stepping stone to get excellent hands-on patient experience required for PA school.

    After getting my ADN in 2015, I learned more and more about becoming an NP, rather than PA. Being a nurse was no longer just a stepping stone for me. I really do love being a nurse and I feel we bring a value to patient care that is immeasurable.

    I've been on AN as a pre-nursing student, a nursing student, a student about to take NCLEX, a nurse who just passed NCLEX, a brand new nurse in a residency program, a new neuro step down nurse, a new respiratory progressive care nurse and, now, a new ICU nurse. I finished my BSN while working as an RN and I had AN throughout my entire journey.

    To me, AN has been a wonderful resource and I've learned so much from the experienced nurses who take the time to thoughtfully answer newbie questions. As mentioned above, we may see the same questions over & over again, but to the person asking them, it's the first time in their shoes. Since my goal was always to be a mid-level provider, I'm now embarking on completing my FNP. By the time I'm done, I'll have nearly 5 years as an RN under my belt. I've always subscribed to the notion that if people take the time to help you, you return the favor and pay it forward.

    I've always strived to be helpful to other posters. If there's a question I can answer, or point a student in the right direction on a med math question, I'm happy to do it. I hope it's never come across as being pompous or over-stepping

    This site has been my constant throughout a HUGE change in my life.
    I can't LIKE this one enough. Thanks for your comments. This exemplifies the mission that has been in place since the creation of allnurses.
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    Quote from Spidey's mom

    The thread that people are mentioning regarding what did you learn this is still going. This is the last one I found:

    WILTW 4/9/17: The Seven Stages of Grievance Part IV
    Thank you. I love this thread, but haven't been able to find it lately.

    Where did you find it?

    I don't want to have to write out a whole article each time in order to contribute; this thread allows people to simply post a reply.
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    Quote from Kitiger
    Thank you. I love this thread, but haven't been able to find it lately.

    Where did you find it?

    I don't want to have to write out a whole article each time in order to contribute; this thread allows people to simply post a reply.
    The OP (Ixchel) was creating a new thread each week. I guess she got too busy to continue with the project.
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    Quote from Kitiger
    Thank you. I love this thread, but haven't been able to find it lately.

    Where did you find it?

    I don't want to have to write out a whole article each time in order to contribute; this thread allows people to simply post a reply.
    I knew that LadyFree28 has been writing it lately and so went to her profile and looked at the threads she's started.
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    Truthfully I use firefox and for the last couple of months the display has been really wierd so I have to use chrome want to access all nurses and to be honest its a PITA
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    Batter battter up
    Where are all of us rusty ole bats, that can nail it out of the ballpark
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    Like many forums on the Intertoobz, there will always be the "noobs" and "pre-noobs" (aka, just looking into it) who will register, log in, and ask a lot of questions. What they see on the forums will usually influence how much farther they go and, most likely, whether or not they pursue the product, profession, service, etc. In all the years I worked in Nursing, the level of encouragement varied from what was (figuratively) a "talk to the hand" to a very welcoming attitude. I surmise the latter is the better way, if indeed we want to enhance our ranks. Segregating the new and potentially new any more than they already are may work against us here. Newcomers already see so much here that is similar to what social media offers, we need to be more receptive and provide even more encouragement to those who are considering Nursing as a profession.
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    Quote from vintagemother
    I feel pressured to participate, not just lurk!! 😂
    I've primarily lurked my way through nursing school. But this thread has convinced me to become a more active user, also.
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    Quote from Rose_Queen
    The school nurse forum rocks! They welcome all types of nurses- you don't even have to be a school nurse!
    And, they have some of the funniest threads going. Always a big draw in my book!
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    I saw this thread was at 99 comments, and couldn't resist the urge to push it to 100! I agree, as a long time lurker, that posts by the experienced ones rock! There is so much as a newbie we don't know-how and don't even know we should be asking! That's why I love getting a glimpse into the nursing culture beyond where I am. Almost like when I was little, eavesdropping at the top of my stairs when my parents had friends over to find out what adults talked about. Thank you to all of you who post! It takes a while to contemplate and write something thoughtfully, and I have been benefiting from your wisdom.
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    Well...RN here. *waves*...i really just read the Speciality forums mostly...most of the postings on AllNurses dont appeal to me because its heavy on Student threads but its great, they are able tp recieve lotsa support!

    So...unlurking...sorta. 🤣
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    Quote from audreysmagic
    This sums up my exact situation right the work I do, but short staffing and high acuity wear the best of us down...
    Indeed, AudreysMagic!!!
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    Quote from calivianya
    I have an idea, guys... like the what I learned this week thread (which was amazing, it's a shame that sort of went away). How about every single one of you take a minute, think about the most recent new thing you learned/saw/did, and consider writing an article about it?

    I've never written an article before, but I promise I'll work on trying to come up with one this week if some of you guys promise me the same.

    We all work in dramatically different environments, even if some of us work on the same type of unit. We all have different physicians, who have preferences for different drugs/techniques/etc. I bet each of us has a ton of interesting, specialized knowledge.

    For one of my classes in school right now, I had to come up with an environmental chemistry-related topic for a research paper... and what I came up with was antibiotics in the water system contributing to the prevalence of MDRO bacteria. I had to put a healthcare spin on it. xD When I actually write the paper (it's due next week and I haven't started!!!), would anyone be interested in reading if I submitted it as an article?
    Quote from Kooky Korky
    I had a different experience there, but I'm glad you feel welcome there.
    This post, re: The School Nurse Forum, Kooky...That's because you came in and tried to stir the pot. We may be welcoming, but we aren't doormats. We have no room for the NETY stuff you were trying to post. We are busy trying to be each other's co-workers. We are very protective of each other as well as new School Nurses. Keep your spoon on the General Board.

    I left because of a few reasons, some of which I will not get into, but some I will.
    I was initially moderated for being OT too much, and for being somehow influential enough to sway others to be OT as well. I was a huge AN supporter, and a paid member. I made lifelong friends here. The moderation was tough, though. Who knew my words were so powerful? I was hurt, I really was. So, I stayed away.
    I know at least 2 long time members who quit AN during that time because of the way I was treated.

    Once I got off AN, I realized I didn't miss it too much, outside of the School Nurse Forum and the Blue Side.
    But then, of course, I did. I missed it. I missed all of you.

    I came back to... no App. Which was HUGE in me not logging on.
    I miss my signature, but I've not made up my mid to renew my membership at this time. The App made all the difference for me, and I think, a lot of people.
    Then, the Blue Side got all mixed up. Our steady threads like Davey's Cartoon Thread and The Music Thread fell down the line as we posted in the morning thread.

    As far as WILTW. ixchel is taking a bit of a break. That thread was THE reason I came to AN. It did get out of hand- mostly because we LIKED each other so much, but despite the OT, it always came back around to some sort of nursing. It was moved to Blue, then moved back, but moderated. It was the one thread in which students and nurses alike got along and TALKED. It was easily the best thread on AN.

    The stuff I won't talk about- you COBs that are still here know what they are. WHO we are missing. WHO She Who Shall Not Be Named is, and others who have simply left because this site changed.
    It had to after the Brian thing. I get that. It's my choice to participate less. I get that, too. I'm not whining about it. It was great for me. The SN board still is.

    And yea, I'm still here, Emergent.
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