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Hi everyone, We are in the process of planning a site redesign and adding a few new features to the site. We value your input and I would love to hear some some suggestions of things that you... Read More

  1. by   Q.

  2. by   CEN35
    omg!!! shopping????? like there is not enough ebay and other stuff out there? think i am gonna get sick!

    as far as the board being too complicated? take a few times to understand something new, and they would find out that it's fine. people may use that as an excuse, but fact's probably more of a comfort level (i.e. they like what they are used too).

    i think it's fine! :d

    I can't access "View New Posts" or "View Today's Active Threads". I hope this is only temporary. There are just too many threads for me to possibly check them all individually.

    Everything else I like... including all of the wonderfully outspoken people here

  4. by   Brian
    Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, they are very helpful! Keep them coming

    Here are some of the features we do plan to implement:

    • Free web based e-mail - like
    • a "My" section, where you can customize a personal page with specific links
    • and yes, shopping
    • and much much more (more details as time goes on)

    (OBNURSEHEATHER), Yes the new post link is a temporary glitch, we are having problems with our search feature right now, so we shut it off).
  5. by   kaycee
    I think overall this board is great and fairly easy to understand if you have the time to play. I would however as someone else suggested like to have a tutorial or easier explanation of some of the options. Especially how to change size of text and color and how to insert pictures ect. I am computer illiterate to some extent and I'm sure there are others. I love all the other ideas too. Thanks Brian for all your hard work!!!
  6. by   P_RN
    I see you have temporarily disabled Search.

    Would it be possible to have a search for JUST a key word and not word AND nickname. Sometimes I want to find a topic, but can't remember who posted.

    All in all this is one of the easiest forums to use. I go to many and this has them beat hands down!!

  7. by   Brian
    Originally posted by P_RN
    Would it be possible to have a search for JUST a key word and not word AND nickname. Sometimes I want to find a topic, but can't remember who posted.

    You always could do a keyword only search, you didnt have to seach by username. Hopefully the search feature will be back up soon
  8. by   RNKitty
    How about the ability to log off from every page? Sometimes I read this at work when it is slow, and at times I have to jump and run. I would like to quickly log off so no-one else can post under my name, but I have the darndest time finding the log off option. Maybe it is just me!
  9. by   live4today
    Hi Brian,

    I think I have already posted a separate post commenting on how much I LOVE this website! Without a doubt, it is THEE best nursing website that I am a constant user of. I could mention others, but that is not necessary since one has nothing to do with the other. People will go where they feel comfortable on the internet websites, and I find allnurses website to be very 'nurse friendly' and very 'user friendly'.

    Perhaps for those who find it difficult, allnurses could have them 'click on' an area where simple follow through directions are explained for the new users, and those who aren't yet use to how this site operates.

    Habits are hard to break, especially if a person becomes use to a certain way of doing things, but once a person catches on to the way 'something out of norm for them' operates, they often grow to love it, or at least adapt to it without too much grumbling.

    Although I don't shop on the internet (yet), a shopping site would be nice, I suppose.

    I love the idea that allnurses is going to have an email and personal home page for each of their users. Great idea! This would certainly come in handy for the allnurses staff that have been so kind in handling the private messaging and the emailing of other users comments by forwarding those comments directly to a user's email site without giving up that information. I love you guys/gals for doing this, but having an allnurses email address would definitely simplify things even more, I would think.


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  10. by   joannep
    Hi Brian, I love all of the ideas mentioned.

    When the shopping comes on line could you please have it available internationally.

  11. by   Jenny P
    Brian, whatever you do, DO NOT add pop ups!. I still don't have cookies (as I told you about a year ago, my son got rid of them permanently), so everytime I come on here, I have to deal with the Nursezine ad pop up. It is a pain.
    Sometimes I wonder if there are too many choices for topics; it seems that some topics don't have any interest for long periods of time at a stretch, then little bursts of activity. Directions on how to use some of the features would be nice.
    I really enjoy this site, don't "fix it" too much!
  12. by   nurs4kids
    Hey Bri! You know I think this site rocks and if you didn't change a thing, it's perfect. It's great for you to ask for suggestions though.

    I'm right opposite from those who prefer the format of the OTHER bb. I like the organization here; it's easy to find what I'm looking for. I don't ever remember having that lost feeling, even when I was new. Perhaps more instructions are needed on the registration page?

    I'm with RNKitty on the "logoff". I surf at work too, and sometimes it's a nightmare to REMEMBER where to go to logoff, nevermind the time it takes to get there. Could we have that option on each page?

    The suggestions to reward for number of posts concerns me. I'm afraid this would encourage "one-liners" (which we all hate ) and take away from the professionalism of the bb. If any reward is to be done, then I guess rewarding for length of membership sounds better to me.

    hey, bri..just keep it free to the users and you'll not hear me complain one bit
  13. by   RyanRN
    well now's my chance to ask some questions

    1. I am unsure about the little envelopes on the left of the screen, open and I read, but if I leave or refresh before finishing the entire page then they are all closed, how and why?

    2. I get notification of people adding to any thread I've read and sometimes when I log on those threads are right at the top of the list and sometimes they must be in lower Slobobia, can't find them to save myself, how do I do that?

    3. the size, font, color, img, php, quote thingy is just something I will have to play with, so if i do, please ignore any posts that appear to be schizophrenic in nature, please and thanks

    4 How long DO you keep these thread open, looks like some are from the year of the flood, not that I have actually gone off and tried to read any that old, not sure anyone would want to know or care if i replied

    5. okay, admission, computer illiterate, nurse extraodinaire!! Glad to accept any advise.