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Hi All! I was thinking about ordering some stuff from, but wanted to get some input. Has anybody ever bought from them? What is the quality like? How fast did you get your... Read More

  1. by   charissa
    I have had positive and negative as well. Scrubs were a disaster, took a while to get them and they left much to be desired, however I also ordered things like bandage scissors and things, which were great
  2. by   kids
    I have a fairly extensive list of GOOD (cheap & reliable) scrub & gear websites...I know who has Disney scrub tops for <$20.

    PM me if you want some links.
  3. by   Cindy_A
    I've ordered from them in the past, and had good luck. I think they have a great selection and great prices.
  4. by   CDA123
    I was just wondering if anyone ever bought Cherokee scrubs and if you could attest how they run/fit? Thanks!
  5. by   ShayRN
    Quote from susanmary
    They must have shrunk during delivery. Mine usually shrink when they are hanging in my closet. Sue:roll :roll

    Dang, don't ya just hate when those little fairys come in at night and shrink your scrubs?
  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from CDA123
    I was just wondering if anyone ever bought Cherokee scrubs and if you could attest how they run/fit? Thanks!
    I buy mostly Cherokee. They run a little large.
  7. by   clee1
    I have mostly had good experiences with them; a few bad ones, but that is to be expected with any internet business.
  8. by   aerorunner80
    Whenever I buy scrubs online, I will only use Allheart. I've had great luck with them and have never really had any problems at all. Plus they have great prices and even though the shipping seems high at the time, I compared everything (scrubs, s&h) with and on an $80 order, Allheart was about $15 cheaper.
  9. by   WolfpackRed
    I have used them a couple of times with no problems. Fast and reliable shipping. Last order was a stethoscope that was ordered on a Sunday night and arrived on Friday of the same week with personalization.

    The only feature that I dont like is the ordering as the website will not, as of my last order, allow seperate items to be ordered. I had to complete the purchase of 1 set of scrubs before I could order another of the same set in a different color. I found this slightly annoying. Although, Allheart shipped the order as one to save me that cost. Also, their policy is not to charge addition S&H on backordered items that ship seperatly from your main order. Make sense as you pay all the S&H upfront.
  10. by   Cindy_A
    I've ordered from them several times and I've never had any problems.
  11. by   casi
    I ordered from allheart about 3 years ago and won't do it again. Shipping took forever and that was for scrubs that weren't backordered. The backordered pants took a week or two longer. As it seems a lot of people have had good experiences maybe things have changed.

    The company that I've used that I absolutely love is prices are very low for brandname scrubs. I recieved my shipments within days.
  12. by   CSUDHbsn2b
    check they have a well deserved F. Check other sites too no one likes their shipping, customer service, and no notification for backorderes.
  13. by   casperbjs
    I just found out about new web site for scrubs.
    Called Duck Scrubs, each piece is 10.00 and very nice material.
    If you order over 8 pieces, it's free shipping.