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  1. by   gonzo1
    I'm a lefty too. Used to work out in the real world and was always odd lady out as a lefty. Was amazed when entered into healthcare at the sea of leftys. Then I knew I should have become a nurse years ago. I write, bowl, golf, do most things left handed, but by necessity have learned and am comfortable doing a lot of things right handed. Deciding which hand to start an IV with was the hardest decision. I was at work in a physical therapy clinic bemoaning this fact one day when one of the patients asked me which hand I would thread a needle with. Went home and did this and "voila" I now start IVs left handed. Many thanks to the "old, but wise guy". Almost every person on my night shift in the ER is left handed. Of course we are the "A TEAM" at least in our own minds.
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  3. by   catlady
    Most frustrating problem is when I have to share a computer. Usually the mouse string isn't even long enough to pull it over onto the left side, and then I have to remember that the buttons are reversed. I once shared a computer in an office with another nurse, and when that nurse left I changed the settings for me. The right-handed nurse who replaced her was confounded on a daily basis as to how to use my (now) left-handed computer. Sadly, I had no sympathy. I've been adapting all my life.
  4. by   prmenrs
    I'm actually more comfortable using my computer right-handed. Then, if I need to write something down, or answer the phone, I do it w/my left hand.
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from prmenrs
    I'm actually more comfortable using my computer right-handed.
    Ditto - I can run it both left or right...
  6. by   irish_std/n
    I'm left handed and very left side dominant...i need the computer mouse over to my left hand, the telephone to my left ear etc...
  7. by   catlady
    Quote from Roy Fokker
    Ditto - I can run it both left or right...
    I tried the mouse on the right--once--and it's like trying to scratch your armpit with your elbow. Just doesn't work.

    Phone used to be in the left ear until I had a serious ear infection as a teenager; now it's always on the right.

    Knife goes in the right hand when I'm also holding a fork, otherwise it goes in the left. Fork is always in the left. None of that fork-switching foolishness.

    Being left-handed sometimes works out well in the clinical setting. If you're doing a procedure with a colleague that requires you to be on opposite sides of the bed, you're perfectly matched. Even a simple pull-up works well.

    Went to lunch recently with someone who made a big deal about making me climb over her to get to my seat--"because I'm left handed." She didn't realize that I am, too.
  8. by   Cherry2
    I am such a lefty. When my son was just starting on solid foods, I used to feed myself and him at the same time, but because I must eat with my left, I had to feed him with my right, What a hopeless mess! In the end I had to just feed him seperately, because it wasn't helping either of us.

    Turns out he is right handed, so when he wants to color and I try to help him put his name on the paper (more for fun as he isn't quite 2 yet) it ends up very messy.
  9. by   yankeesrule
    Lefty also. I dont ever encounter a problem unless it is someone showing me hands on how to do something.. most recent Im trying to learn how to crochet(sp??) and everyone tryint to teach me is right.. And I have neat handwriting!!
  10. by   dazedandconfused
    Add me to the list. A lefty and proud of it My hubby is a lefty also.
  11. by   roro13us
    I'm a lefty.
  12. by   chelli73
    i am a southpaw from the southside!!!!
  13. by   paccookie
    Quote from Melly1022
    Just out of curiosity, how many of you nurses out there are left handed?
    Not a nurse yet, but I'm a lefty too! I've been trying to teach myself how to write with my right hand and I can do it a little, but my 5 yr old can write better than me writing right-handed. LOL She's a lefty too, by the way. ;-)

    There are lots of lefties on my floor at work. At least 5-6 that I can think of.