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hello all, i would like to know if there are any adn's out there who have no desire to get there bsn's. not because of laziness or not wanting knowledge or anything else negative, but just don't... Read More

  1. by   leslie :-D
    i'm with marla.
    if i ever decide to leave bedside nsg, i'm going straight for my msn.
    many more opportunities with msn.
    love the thought of research...

  2. by   humglum
    I think the title of this post is misleading. It's not that ADNs don't care about education, or don't value education, only that it's not a good choice for them at this moment.
    I am an ADN (graduated 2003) and I intend to go back for my BSN this spring or next fall. I now have the benefit of a few years of bedside nursing and a remarkable tuition reimbursement program. Education is never a poor choice, IMO, but each nurse has to do what is right for his or her individual situation.
  3. by   Pat_Pat RN
    What is required to jump straight to MSN from ASN? I'm interested.

  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I am getting my BSN, but please do not shut me out. I just want to say that I am impressed with every ones replays. Every ones honest and not having to say thatthey are not going back because they can not afford it or yada yada all know why you do not want to go back and state in firmly, all sounding satisfied about their decisions. Its just moving thats all. Not enough to change my mind about mine, but enough to want the same enthusiasm for what I am doing. Thanks
  5. by   humglum
    Quote from Pat_Pat
    What is required to jump straight to MSN from ASN? I'm interested.

    There are many RN to MSN programs out there, most with the option of "stepping out" with a BSN once you've reached that level (if you choose not to continue with your masters level courses). In most cases you need to have a respectable GPA and some references from your ADN program. The ones I was looking at required a minimum GRE score as well.
    Take a look around. They are everywhere -- from distance learning to "brick and mortar" institutions.
  6. by   ashley_michelle
    I graduated this past May with my ADN and I'm currently in a RN-BSN program. I'm not even really sure why I'm getting my BSN. I just figure that 1- if I don't do it now, I probably never will and 2- there's a slight chance I'll want to do something different to increase my salary later on down the road. But then again, if I don't do it right after the bsn, who knows if I really will. But at my hospital.. there is NO difference at all in the ADN and BSN. The BSN nurses don't even have it on their name tag. So... why am I really even paying 12k + to get that title... I have no idea. But I'll finish it out.. it's only an 18 month program.. one night a week. And this first class is rediculous. I'm paying 1200 dollars for this ONE class to basically learn how to tie my shoes. Also, I figure down the road they'll require nurses to have the bsn... and I think the ADN programs will fade out. I'm glad.. that I CAN work as an RN and finish out the last 18 months to get the bsn, but they really don't give you any incentives to go beyond the rn right now. so who knows... :wink2:
  7. by   Elisheva
    I want my BSN but it really has nothing to do with nursing. I want a four year degree because a lot of different jobs require A four year degree, and an RN to BSN degree is going to be about 34 hours shorter than entering a new field. Having a BS is a personal goal for me, not professional.
  8. by   TazziRN
    Me. I've had my ADN for 18 years, am very happy doing bedside nursing. In CA a BSN would get me an admin job or public health, and I have absolutely no interest in either.
  9. by   SillyLilly
    Some of my friends do not want their BSN. Like said before, its a career later in life, and/or no intentions to teach, etc. Since one works in critical care, she will continue to learn and do ALOT without earning another degree. You dont need the BSN...but

    I on the otherhand like school and am on my way to get my BSN! And also want to study philosophy, and photography.... and Mediterranean culture, and gosh so much more......
  10. by   crb613
    I for one will not get my BSN. I came from mgmt. as a first career, and never want to do that again! I am thinking about getting my MSN because I would love to teach when.... my body won't let me do bedside nursing. I don't think any one direction is right for all...just a matter of choice.
  11. by   angel337
    a bachelor's degree in any field isn't out of the norm it is actually the standard requirement for any entry level career. so i think that nurses are exceptionally blessed that this career doesn't demand it. i just recently got hired at a job that had the "BSN preferred" attached to the requirements. the manager told me she was very happy that i already had a BSN because this hospital is magnet status and so know the rest. do what's best for you. trust me, there are only a handful of careers that allow you make 50k-90k a year with a two year degree. most of my friends that have non-nursing careers struggle to make 40k with a master's. i plan to go on for my MSN eventually because where i live the opportunities are tremendous for nurses that have higher degrees.
  12. by   Tweety
    I felt the same way for a long time. But as I aged, I began to wonder "can I do floor nursing for the next 20 years?" I certainly don't want to go into administration, I'm getting my BSN just to have future options, even though with ADN I've done well and don't want to change things just now. I'm thinking about teaching. I know that wasn't what you were asking.
  13. by   ZASHAGALKA
    I for one went right into my bach degree program after getting my ADN. But, I had absolutely NO desire to get a BSN. My bach degree is in biology. I live in the same college town I graduated and believe me:

    My college ring yields tons more respect than the initials BEHIND the initials behind my name that nobody sees.

    It's not that I oppose education: I'm a life long student, in one form or another. It's just that I was SO burned out with the namby pamby ivory tower of nursing that there is NO way I could endure it for longer and actually pay them to abuse me in such a way.

    The neat thing about nursing school was getting out and being relieved that I could drop a hefty load of that stuff to the curb and BE a good nurse.

    And since I have an 'arts' degree, nobody can rightly claim that my current bach degree failed to provide me with the rounding of a 'liberal arts' education.

    Don't get me wrong. It's not that I'm putting down a BSN. I'm not. I personally just couldn't stomach going back for more. I found that I have been perfectly capable of rounding out my OWN education without being subject for a second longer to the ivory tower of nursing. My problem is NOT with BSN programs specifically, but the ivory tower generally.

    I DO see some benefit to moving to BSN. BUT. It's the Ivory Tower and the ANA that holds that concept back by continuing to polarize the issue. In the meantime and UNTIL they decide to depolarize that dead horse by taking back their elitist insults:

    Not needed nor wanted.

    (Those last comments are NOT an attempt to turn this into a BSN/ADN debate but they ARE an elemental reason why I don't care to go back for more. It speaks more to my disdain for the ATTITUDE of the tower than the difference in degrees.)

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