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The RN program I am moving towards has pre-reqs of Biology, Microbiology,and 2 A&P courses (223&224). However, no Chemistry or Physics. I have been told these cannot be good programs without these... Read More

  1. by   RazorbackRN
    Quote from goodknight
    Most ADN programs here in Arkansas don't require Chem. That's a bachelor's prereq.

    Actually, you are incorrect.

    I am an ADN (graduated from Univ. of AR LR) nearly all of the Arkansas programs (ADN) require Chemistry.
  2. by   marilynmom
    Quote from RunningWithScissors
    Ironic, isn't it, how little actual science classes we have to take to get through the nursing programs, but are held to the knowledge base of a physician!

    Doubt this? Well then consider the fact that nurses must decide whether the med/treatment the physician order for the patient is not only correct, but correct enough. As in, "the nurse SHOULD HAVE KNOWN."
    No kidding.
  3. by   grammyr
    SAU in Arkansas required Chemistry unless you had high school Chemistry less than 5 years prior to entering their program.
  4. by   2008rn2be
    Chemistry is not required for most ADN courses in Mississippi. It is generally only required for a BSN. I only had to have A & P I and II and Microbiology.
  5. by   carol72
    Here in So Cal, chem is a pre requ for all BSN programs. About 45% of ASN (ADN) programs in my area have chem as a pre requ. I don't feel having vs not having chem as a pre requ is an indication of how "good" the program is.
  6. by   meownsmile
    I had to have chem before we could take micro. I didnt however have to have biology prior to A&P.
  7. by   moongirl
    I am d/t graduate this May, ADN. I was not required to take Chemistry but was advised to in order to get a BSN