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RazorbackRN BSN, RN

Pediatrics (Burn ICU, CVICU)
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RazorbackRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics (Burn ICU, CVICU).

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  1. RazorbackRN

    Nursing schools in Arkansas

    Which U of A school are you referring to? There is U of A Medical Sciences, U of A Little Rock (which does now offer BSN), U of A - Monticello, U of A - Fayettville, U of A- Pine Bluff...etc. I know a few people who have gone to each of these and I'd say they're all pretty good, except UAPB, (and with UALR and UAMS being in the top).
  2. RazorbackRN

    Can anyone other than nurses draw from lines?

    As many have stated, it varies by state and by facility. Our Nurse Practice Act in our state will allow an LPN to access a central line, however, the hospital where I work will not.
  3. RazorbackRN

    how I will get video to design the blog about FEN-PHEN

    You do know that fen-phen is two different drugs, right? It was the "Fen" (fenfluramine) component of the combination that was so dangerous and causing PPH, etc, and was pulled of the market. The phenterimine is still used today, and so far, has had numerous studies that deem it as a very safe drug. Go to youtube.com, they usually have videos about everything.
  4. RazorbackRN

    Who worked during nursing school?

    It is highly recommended to forego employment during school if you are able. I can believe that counselors would say that. Nursing school demands a lot of your time. It is also not flexible. They don't care if you are tired or behind on your work/studies because of a job. You are expected to eat, sleep, and breathe nursing. That being said, there are people who work and do just fine in school. I think it's all in where your priorities lie. I worked through all of my pre-reqs and up until my last year of nursing classes.
  5. You are correct. I bet it doesn't happen much. I think the point here is, you maintain the most sterile enviroment that you can. I firmly believe that nothing is 100% sterile. Once it has been exposed to air, (regadless of negative pressure, etc), some microorganisms will contaminate the surface.
  6. Why would they need to make them completely sterile? Unless you are needing the exterior of the syringe to be sterile, then it doesn't make sense and surely wouldn't be cost effecient. I would think it would be better to just draw up your saline from the sterile vial in a sterile syringe for the instances when you needs a sterile exterior.
  7. Obviously, the plastic overwrap isn't sterile. The syringe itself isn't sterile either, because it has been placed in only a plastic overwrap which isn't a completely air-free seal. However, the internal contents of the syringe (including the plunger, NS, and the inner surface of the syringe) are sterile. If you look on the Kendall website, (which is the co. that manufactures Monojects), you will notice that they guarantee sterility of the fluid and the fluid path. The same is true for the BD brand according to their website.
  8. RazorbackRN

    pain with SubQ butterfly use???

    I'm not familiar with your exact practice, however, I will say that we frequently use an Insuflon cath for Lovenox injections (basically the same concept, sm. butterfly like used sub q). Our pt's still complain of the burning sensation...
  9. RazorbackRN

    Trach Care Kits

    Gosh, I love trach care! I know, that's gross, but I really love getting that cannula clean! The brush is primarily used for the outside of the inner cannula and around the lock hub. The pipe cleaners are for inside the cannula.
  10. RazorbackRN

    job requiring travel that isn't a travel nurse

    JCAHO surveyors (entry level may be MSN though, I'm not sure)...I think this would be a totally cool job.
  11. RazorbackRN


    The term bolus doesn't have anything to do with the amount of time over which the infusion is administered. It has to do with volumes and doses, and means giving a specified amount above and beyond, or in addition to, the current amount. For example: Bolus 25 ml of 25% Albumin over 30 mins for CVP
  12. RazorbackRN

    Facility wants to take my RN title away

    Your legal, professional title will always be RN, whether you are a DON, Clinical Assoc., or whatever. You can check with your state's board of nursing, but I know that in most states, if you are functioning in the role of your professional title, you are required to use that title. If they want to add their title then so be it, but only after RN is identified. You didn't pass boards for NCLEX-Clinical Assoc., it was NCLEX-RN.
  13. RazorbackRN

    Husband Trying to Discourage Me from Nursing

    Just FYI, that's not a HIPAA regulation. Some facilities have internal policies regarding disclosing diagnostic information prior to MD to family notification. However, this is not related to HIPAA, this is due to professional liability issues and the possiblity of miscommunications.
  14. RazorbackRN

    Can you mix 3 medications in a syringe?

    Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, when you post on a public internet website asking a question, you are going to get multiple responses. People also tend to provide their reasoning behind the answers. Also, some people are kind enough to also remind one to take x,y,z into consideration, as many people's level of skill, knowledge and experience differ. Perhaps if you do not want multiple, varied answers, you should perform the research for yourself or ask a colleague.
  15. RazorbackRN

    Can you mix 3 medications in a syringe?

  16. RazorbackRN

    Do YOU answer call lights in a hospital?

    That would be because they "don't know how" to answer it... For such educated people, some of them are real dummies.