a nurse's poem-I'm Sorry In Advance

  1. I'm sorry in advance
    Your bed's not made today
    But I have a patient here
    Whose chest pain won't go away

    I'm sorry in advance
    You're not happy with your meal
    Dietary does try hard sir,
    To give it some appeal

    I'm sorry in advance
    Your morning pills are late
    I've a patient climbing out of bed
    That I must try to sedate

    I'm sorry in advance
    Your mattress isn't soft
    We do need some new beds ma'am
    But these things do cost a lot.

    I'm sorry in advance
    I didn't get to comb your mother's hair
    I've a patient with emphysema
    She's scared, she can't get air

    I'm sorry in advance
    Your fathers still in pain
    I'm trying to reach his doctor
    I'll have to try again

    I'm sorry in advance
    Your dressings aren't yet done
    But a patient has just passed away,
    I offered solace to his son,

    I'm sorry in advance
    I'm not cheery as a bird
    I've worked 12 hours, my feet ache
    I asked for help, but no one heard

    I'm sorry in advance
    I've only two hands and two feet
    I'm trying to care for you, patient
    Your needs, I want to meet

    My 12 hours now are 16,
    No replacement could be found
    My aching feet they cry out
    My head begins to pound

    I'm sorry in advance
    I cannot meet your gaze
    My eyes are filled with tears
    Your face is just a haze

    If I could sit down for a minute
    And maybe grab a bite
    Phone my kids to say I love them
    And I'll be late again tonight

    I'm sorry in advance
    I didn't do all that must be done
    If I worked any faster
    I'd soon begin to run

    When I do get to hold your hand
    Or wipe your furrowed brow
    Please understand, dear patient
    I care for you and how

    I see your pain, I sense your fear
    Your anger in a glance,
    Our health care service is failing you
    I'm sorry in advance.

    Linda Leeson
    Licensed Practical Nurse
    Vernon Jubilee Hospital
    Vernon, British Columbia Canada
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  3. by   ClariceS
    Wow. If that doesn't describe what most of us are going through during this nursing shortage and the demands placed on us by budgets, patient satisfaction, etc., I don't know what would. Sad but powerful poem.
  4. by   realnursealso/LPN
    LINDA YOUR POEM IS WONDERFUL...I PRINTED IT AND AM GOING TO SHARE IT WITH EVERY NURSE I KNOW. I got chills when I read it, and thought of all the nurses struggling with so much to, and not enough to do it with. God Bless you and your talent. Thank you for sharing.

  5. by   Sylvia
    Linda, your poem is wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  6. by   4everpeace
    Linda, Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful poem and so true.
  7. by   CashewLPN
    Phenominal Poem
    Although I usually run a humor board in my nurses station, I'm gonna post this in it... it is the truth.

    --Barbara, LPN
  8. by   Ellen in Ont
    I agree!! This expresses the feelings of every nurse I know. Good luck with your efforts to win your wage increase in BC. We in Ontario are watching.
  9. by   janine3&5
    Beautiful poem, thank you.
  10. by   sharann

    Were you following me today?
    Well then, how did you know my exact thoughts and feelings?
    Thank you. You just described my day (and many other's as you can see here) perfectly.It was horrible. I'm printing this and posting it in the lounge...if any of us make it there for a break....
  11. by   duckie
    This is a very touching poem, thanks so much for sharing it.
  12. by   puzzler
    What a wonderful poem!

    Would you consent to having it sent to a newspaper to try to have it published?

    Sheryl www.CrosswordsForNurses.com
  13. by   Brownms46
    This is a powerful, direct hitting description of why I'm making this my last full time year in nursing. I longer what this to be a picture of my work experience!

  14. by   Zee_RN
    As puzzler said, please consent to being published. I would love to submit this to the Pittsburgh newspapers.

    I am printing it to take it to work. With your consent, I'll send to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review. Awaiting your reply .