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  1. Hi. I am in my late 40's and have been a CNA for over 20 years. I have always had the desire to go back to school for the RN degree. I have been raising children and working part time for 28 years. I always knew that I did not want to stay working as a CNA for the long term. Would like to hear from others who went back to school for the RN degree later in life. I am planning on obtaining the associate degree first, and then the BSN later. By that point, I will be in my mid-50's. The trend seems to be for nurses to have their BSN. Would you do it again? What are some things to consider? THANK YOU to all of you for your replies.
  2. 4everpeace

    Starting nursing school..why am I so afraid?

    Thank you ALL for encouragement. Love to hear your stories. Blessings to all of you for what you do!
  3. 4everpeace

    Starting nursing school..why am I so afraid?

    Dear Mom2boysRN, THANK YOU so much for your reply! This is EXACTLY how I am feeling. So glad to hear that you persevered and you love nursing. Your post will give me inspiration for the next 2 years! Thank you, again!
  4. 4everpeace

    Starting nursing school..why am I so afraid?

    Thank you for your reply. I didn't mean to imply that I know everything about nursing. I should have clarified. What I meant is that I know what the job entails. Most of the nurses that I work with seem unhappy and burned out. I know the "reality" of what I am getting into. I just have a lot of fears if I am doing the right thing.
  5. I am starting nursing school this fall. I am having tremendous anxiety and I'm trying to figure out why. I've been a CNA for 21 years, so I know what nursing is all about. (maybe that is why??) I am afraid that I will make a mistake. I am afraid of mean doctors. I am afraid of seeing so much suffering. I am afraid of being overwhelmed in nursing school and juggling a family and a job. I am afraid of encountering something that I will not be able to handle. I am a sensitive and caring person, (which is a good thing), BUT, I absorb everything! Is this normal to have so many fears when starting nursing school? Thank you so much for your reply.
  6. 4everpeace

    Is nursing really all that bad?

    Just responding to the original post. At times, this is a very accurate picture of what nursing is. There is a lot of truth to what he/she has said. You really have to WANT to be a nurse, there are some very positive things and yes, negatives, but I believe that is in every job. Many industries are trying to do more with less, it's no different. Nursing is highly stressful, but also extremely rewarding.
  7. I am a CNA 15 years experience, home care, ltc and now hospital, last 7 years. I am SO frustrated with the staffing ratios. There just isn't enough of me to go around. I am scheduled to go back to RN school. I just don't know if I want to be an RN. The stress is unbelievable! We can talk until we are blue in the face, and nothing is done. I feel so unappreciated and used as a CNA. Can anyone relate? Is it better when you do become an RN? I realize there is still stress.....is it easier to take when you're making 2-4 times what a CNA makes? Please don't get me wrong..... I LOVE what I do. I truly care about the people that I take care of and am complimented often by my coworkers who really enjoy working with me and I with them. I have tremendous respect for nurses and the incredible care they give every day! Any input is appreciated.
  8. 4everpeace

    ANYONE else having a HORRIBLE education experience???

    Hi. I live in Northeast wisconsin and am looking at nursing schools. Could you please tell me which school you are having difficulty with? I have heard the same from many students who have gone to the college that I am scheduled to start at in Fall. It really doesn't make a whole lot of sense why students are treated this way. I thought nurses were caring, compassionate people. I have also heard the same situtation from many students who have complained to the dean, etc. and have gotten nowhere. This really makes me want to choose another field. I have a husband and 6 kids and can't afford any more stress. Thanks for your reply and your willingness to be open to others!
  9. Hi. I am considering UW Oshkosh's accelerated nursing program for second degree students which leads to a BSN in one year. Has anyone been through this program? What is the NCLEX pass rate? Where are clinicals held? Would you recommend this program? Any information that you can share would be great! Thanks so much!
  10. 4everpeace

    Pharmaceutical Sales?

    I agree with the last two posts. When so many americans are struggling to pay for their RX's, I couldn't work for an industry that's all about $$$$$$$$.
  11. 4everpeace

    Second Degree nursing students, nurses

    Hi. I have a bachelor's degree in business which I received in the early 90's. I worked in business for a while, but found nursing more rewarding and a lot more flexible for my family. I took the CNA class after I graduated with the B.S. degree. I LOVE what I do, but don't want to be a CNA forever! I now have 6 children 20, 17, 14, 7, 3, and 17 months. I am currently on a waiting list and scheduled to start in fall 2008. By the time I graduate I will be in my mid-fourties. I have a lot of concerns...Can I do this with a family? Am I going to be too old? With a BS degree, I can no longer get grants, so can I afford this? Do I go to an ADN school, bachelor's degree or accelerated programs for second degree students????? Anyone else been down this road? Thanks for your reply!
  12. I am not in nursing school yet, but am hearing horror stories from other students about the instructors. I've heard it from many students and they say that some (I realize NOT ALL), will pick apart certain students, fail them in a clinical without explanation, etc. They have even gone to the dean of students, and nothing is done. I don't quite understand this mentality of teaching, and I am terrified to start my clinicals...... Any insight on this?
  13. Hi. I am considering a program through the university of wisconsin Oshkosh that allows those individuals with a bachelor's degree in any field, to enter their online accelerated program and complete a bachelor's degree in nursing in ONE year. The cost is $28,000. Has anyone gone through such a program? Any feedback would be appreciated, as I am trying to decide between this program and an associates degree program which costs about $6,000 to complete. Thank you!
  14. 4everpeace

    Nurses all come from DYSFUNCTIONAL backgrounds??

    Very few individuals come from the "leave it to beaver" household. With that said, I believe that those who do come from having more "pain" in their background, can use that pain to strengthen themselves, to become a more caring, assertive and compassionate individual. Some of the best nurses that I have worked with AND have had as my nurse while hospitalized have been those nurses that have experienced difficulties, and have received help for those experiences, and have OVERCOME them. They are better able to "empathize" with a patient and have a fierce determination to make things better for the patient in any way they can.
  15. 4everpeace

    Student Moms of young children

    Hi Kim. I am a mom of 5, 2 little ones at home and 3 in school, in my late 30's and I have been working toward my nursing degree for at least 7 years taking one class at a time. I was on a waiting list to start my clinicals this past January. I started and lasted 4 days!! It was SO OVERWHELMING. Not to mention the expense.....and it broke my heart to drop my babies off at day care all day. I currently work as a nursing assistant and I LOVE my job, so I figure that when the time is "right," I will go back to school then. I know the guilt that you feel. Our children are only "little" once and school will ALWAYS be there!!! Enjoy your children! I am planning to wait until I get my 4th child in kindergarten and then my daughter will be almost 3. LISTEN TO YOUR WHAT YOUR HEART IS TELLING YOU! Good luck and God bless. Laurie
  16. 4everpeace

    ruptured appendix and peritonitis

    Hi. Same thing happened to my son 2 1/2 years ago when he was 12. Appendix ruptured. Prior to this, he had abdominal pain for about 2 days. Took him to Doc and they did an x-ray and blood tests. Told us it was gas. Recommended anti-gas medicine. Brought him home and he progressively got worse. I called Doc again and said he was not getting any better. She recommended a rectal suppository. (I read after-the-fact that you NEVER give a rectal suppository if appendicitis is suspected as this will cause the appendix to rupture) Gave him the suppos, and an hour later he was SO SICK! Vomiting, high fever......(I suspect it had ruptured at this point.) Took him to ER. Fever was 104.4 degrees. Had appendectomy. Was at hospital 4 days on IV antibiotics and went home with low-grade temp and oral antibiotics. 8 days later, was SICK all over again. Took him back to DR. He immediately had CT scan and was diagnosed with an abdominal abcess. Was readmitted with high fever and put on IV antibiotics. Got progressively worse over the course of 24 hours. My sister is a registered nurse and she recommended that I get a second opinion. FINALLY, called in a second opinion. (Original surgeon was going to leave him on IV antibiotics "over the weekend" to see how he did) In the meantime, he is being placed on cooling blankets and nothing would bring down his high fever) Second opinion Doc came in and evaluated him and recommended that drains be put in his abdomen to drain infection a.s.a.p. Put drains in the next day. Was placed on double pediatric dose of morphine (with which he hallucinated while on it.) and in severe pain. BUT, fever did immediately go down and also was put back on IV antibiotics. Second opinion Doc said that fecal material was found in the peritoneom and that is what caused the infection, (abcess). The first surgeon was Pis...ed that we called in another Doctor. Had very poor bedside manner and also conveniently left "fecal material" information out of his report. Hmmmmm................ He spent an additional 15 days there and was sent home on oral antibiotics for which he took for 6 weeks! Was a nightmarish experience, but I am grateful to report that he is now 14 and doing very well! My advice to your friend is to be bold and ASK QUESTIONS! Talk to people who are in the medical field. Check the internet for information. Be proactive! Get copies of his medical records, if you need them. Don't let fear get in the way. Remember, this is this child's LIFE! Best wishes to this child for a speedy recovery.