8:30 E. Time "Turn on NBC now !! Neurontin scandal EXPOSE "

  1. Sales rep is whistle blowing ! Awesome !
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  3. by   sphinx
    It's 10pm, I think I have missed this by now......what's the scandal? I used to take this med!
  4. by   nursedawn67
    yeah...what scandal??
  5. by   nursenoelle
    Go to nbc.com and click on Dateline. The story is on there. I missed it, but will catch it at 10:00 central.
  6. by   realnursealso/LPN
    The story basically said that Neurontin was only effective for epilepsy when used in conjunction with another epilepsy drug. It was not effective for bipolar disorders and neuropathies and a few other conditions that they had on the list. Seems depakote is used for bipolar disorders and is very effective. Can't remember the name of the drug company that manufactures neurontin, but they blatantly lied about it's effectiveness because they wanted to make more money. And it was a calculated fabrication to make more money at patient's expense. They hired scientists with doctorates to gain acsess to drs. offices easier than a drug rep would. I myself was prescribed nuerontin for a neuropathy in my left leg..but quit taking it when it did nothing to relieve the pain. I'm sure you can go to dateline's website and get more info. Also try your local abc affliate's web site.
  7. by   lucianne
    This is what I was referring to on the other thread about neurontin, but when I did a quick search I didn't find anything specifically about the misrepresentation and didn't have the time to do a more in-depth search.
  8. by   passing thru
    The scandal is the drug company is being sued in a class action suit. A drug company rep whistle blew that he had access to patient records in the doctors office, "the doctor and I reviewed each patients chart in a one on one ---- I was present during the doctors exam, (of the patients') and personally noted the doctor writing the neurontin prescriptions for Off-line medical symptoms."

    There was a lot about Dr.'s being big bucks paid to prescribe neurontin.
    Neurontin came out in '93 and has multiplied 16 times in its usage, and is now in the top 5 of prescribed drugs.

    Medicare is going back to look and see how many prescritions they were charged with - -and paid-- as they do not pay if the med is prescribed for something other than its' intended use....however , they said it will be Million s of prescriptions...

    It was approved only for epilepsy. seizures....
    Alot of people were on the program, and said they were injured by the drug.....and none of them were taking it for seizures.

    Check the newswires and see if you can find a story about it.
    They devoted 45 minutes of the program on Dateline- -
    discussing it.
  9. by   mattsmom81
    Wow. I always supected this kinda stuff went on between pharmaceutical companies and docs. Now we know. Good for this rep for blowing the whistle.
  10. by   bargainhound
  11. by   P_RN
    I spent hundreds of dollars on that stuff!!! Crud!
  12. by   live4today
    Wait until I tell my husband! He took that drug for neuropathies for MONTHS!

    Tsk! Tsk! Shame on them for doing this to patients.
  13. by   geekgolightly
    Thanks for the link bargainhound.

    I feel ashamed that I gave neurontin to some of my patients. A couple of patients have said to me, "this stuff doesn;t do anything, i don;t know why they make me take it." I work on a neuroscience floor. The only saving grace that I, or anyone, int he medical profession has, is that, according to the article, ParkeDavis planted scientific papers in the medical communities across the world.
  14. by   glascow
    I work in ICU and have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of pts that have neurotin as a homemed. I had read up on the drug (my Dr. has been trying to get me to take it for the past year for back pain unrelieved from narcotics, Physical therapy, exercise, and back surgery- the only thing that works is steroids!) I have been hesitant, now I'm glad I didn't take it. What concerned me most was the # of capsules a person had to take. If I'm not mistaken it's given TID or QID, and I know I've administered NINE capsules at a time.
    I didn't really think I would be compliant with that type of regime.
    Have any other ICU nurses noticed the rise use in your patients?