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Just found out that as far as managment is concerned the Holiday is Monday. So those of us working this evening are doing it for straight time. (insert obsenities here) :angryfire Which means all the... Read More

  1. by   RN4NICU
    Quote from rjflyn
    i work nights so last night saturday into sunday am was my holiday. wont add that we get 2 1/2 times pay. rj-- and those who dont work get staight time for it.
    hark!! methinks i detect the presence of a union contract in action.

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  2. by   kids
    In the past I worked for employers that gave holiday pay to the people who actually work on it and set the Monday as the paid holiday for management.

    I am seeing more and more of what I consider our patriotic holidays ignored or only marginally acknowledged and another date (usually a Monday) passed off as "observed".
    It disturbs me. How long before Thanksgiving is officially changed to the third Friday in November (rather than Thursday)? Last year my children had a "teachers work day" (no school) on Monday, November 10th and had to go to school on Veterans Day (Tuesday Nov. 11). I come from a family with may Veterans, we attend the ceremonies every year. Last year I had to pull my children out of school to attend.
  3. by   Dixiecup
    :hatparty: I feel really lucky now. I get double time. I'm off today but I still get 8 hours of holiday pay. sorry guys!