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Without getting into too much detail: I've had 3 jobs. 1. Assisted living facility: Fired after 2 years 2. Clinic: Quit after 3 months 3. Assistant living facility: Fired after 3 months My... Read More

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    Quote from LPNewbie
    Okay guys, let's wrap this thread up.

    First off, I took the time the read this thread. When I speak, I really don't think I say anything wrong or offensive. But reading this thread, I am shocked and hurt by my own behavior. I didn't realize how hurtful I was being.

    It's clear why I struggle with not only nursing, but relationships and friendships. I'm not a good person. Not saying that for sympathy but I realize how spiteful and horrible I have become. I take out my pain on others and blanket as sarcasm.

    I need professional help. I will get help. I'm not okay. I haven't been okay for a long time. When people said I wasn't fit to be a nurse, I reacted harshly. The truth is, I'm not. Not now. But when I get help I will be.

    I'm like a scared, abused dog. You try to pet it and it barks violently. It doesn't mean to be mean. Just afraid of being hurt. I formally apologize to everyone and will do what I need to do to be a great nurse.
    I just knew there was a good heart in there. I never thought for a minute that we should give up on you. That's why I kept trying. I know you didn't like it but in the end it was worth it. Your newfound self-awareness will help you heal and become the person AND the nurse you want to be. Find a good counselor and be gentle with yourself. Take the time you need to work through this. If you rush it you might end up right back where you started and nobody wants that for you. Best wishes for you as you start this journey.