2018 Nurse Salary

  1. I didn't see one of these posted for 2018, so I thought I'd get this party started. Feel free to contribute whatever info you like. Let's compare some stats!

    Location: Massachusetts
    Experience: Just about 3 years; BSN
    Specialty: ED
    Facility: Large urban hospital
    Base Pay: $33 and some coin
    Differentials: Evening, night & weekend = $3, $2 and $3/hr, respectively.
    OT: Anything over my regularly scheduled shift is time and a half.
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  3. by   NurseCard
    Location: Central KY, not far from Louisville or Lexington
    Experience: 14 years, ADN
    Specialty: Current, Med/Surge. Past, Psych, Home Health, LTC.
    Facility: Critical Access Hospital
    Base Pay: about 24.85 I think
    Diff: Weekends and nights, 2.00 for both I think
    OT: time and a half for anything over 40
  4. by   SaltySarcasticSally
    I just finished my 2 weeks at my old job and start my new job tommorow so I will post both since they are different units and different companies. Both places are in the same city area but big pay difference strangely.

    Location: Midwest
    Experience: 8 as an LPN, 7 months as a new grad RN. Associates degree.
    Specialty: Tele
    Facility: smaller hospital, 50/50 rural/suburban setting
    Base Pay: $23
    Differentials: $3
    OT: time and a half


    Location: Midwest
    Experience: as above
    Specialty: ED
    Facility: Large hospital, mid size city
    Base Pay: $27
    Differentials: $3
  5. by   neurogirl77
    Ohio: hospital in the city
    10 years as an RN
    Base rate: $34 an hour
    shift diff for nights is $5 an hour so I always work nights so I make $39 an hour
    i work on a specialty Neuro Unit.
    Amazing benefits! I've had three major surgeries in 10 years and I've never paid a dime. Best job ever!
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  6. by   Archerlpvn
    Location- Denver, CO
    Experience- 5 Years LPN
    Specialty- home health, QA, psych, addictions.
    QA job- 28$ per hour full time, 1.5x rate for anything over 40hrs q week. And I get paid 40-42$ per visit depending on which HH agency.
  7. by   Ella26
    Location: Mpls-St Paul Metro
    Experience: 7 years; BSN
    Specialty: Specialty Clinic
    Facility: Small Private Practice Clinic
    Base Pay: 24.50
    Differentials: None.
    OT: Time and half >40 hrs. Averaging ~ 45 hrs/week.
  8. by   bugya90
    I recently completed my LVN to RN program so I'll post my LVN pay from my old job and my new grad RN pay

    Location: Central Texas
    Experience: 6 years
    Specialty: Family Medicine
    Facility: small clinic that is part of a large multi-hospital network
    Base Pay: $19 and some change
    Differentials: None.
    OT: Not allowed to have overtime. 40 hours per week only

    New Grad RN
    Location: Central Texas
    Experience: New Grad Residency Program
    Specialty: Med-Surg/Renal
    Facility: Small local hospital
    Base Pay: $26 and some change with raises at 90 day and 6 month marks based on performance. I am on 12 hour day shift
    Differentials: night & weekend $2-$3 depending
    OT: Anything over 40 hours is time and a half.
  9. by   Rocknurse
    Location: North East
    Experience: 29 years; BSN, CCRN, CDN
    Specialty: ICU/informatics
    Facility: Large inner city level 1 hospital
    Base Pay: $47
    Differentials: %6.50/hr
    OT: Time and a half.
    Annual: >$100,00
  10. by   Buckeye.nurse
    Location--Central Ohio
    Experience--13 years. I'm certified in my specialty.
    Specialty--hematology oncology
    Facility--regional teaching hospital
    Base pay--$34.09 (includes 3.5% certification pay)
    Differentials--$3/hr charge pay, $5/hr evening/night, $5/hr weekend, $3/hr over-percent pay (up to 40 hours/week)
    Benefits--10 paid holidays a year. We get 12 hours at base pay if we aren't working, and double time and a half if we are. Free tuition at the university I work at, all the benefits the university staff get (use of library, staff pricing on sports, access to university arts/fine arts programs, etc.), state employee retirement, day care on campus...I could go on!
  11. by   ICUman
    Southwest U.S.
    2 years experience ADN
    Community hospital
  12. by   not.done.yet
    Location: Texas
    Experience: 7 years
    Specialty: Professional Development (MSN)
    Facility: Very small, local community hospital
    Base Pay: $39.00
    Differentials: $2.50 eve, $6.00 weekend, double base pay for holidays, 2.00 on-call (rare), everything stacking
    OT: over 40 hours is 1.5
    5 weeks of PTO from day one
    Medical insurance costs me $15 per pay check
    6% matching on 401K with 100% vestment immediately

    I love my job. May not be the highest paying out there but I live very comfortably and I have a lot of job satisfaction. Not enough money in the world to replace that. Low cost of living in TX combined with no state income tax makes me happy.
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  13. by   tnbutterfly
    We will be posting the 2018 allnurses Salary Survey in early February. Be sure to participate in this so your data will be included in the results.
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  14. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Experience: 14 years; BSN
    Specialty: ER
    Facility: Large Hospital
    Base Pay: 41.00
    Differentials: 10% off shift; 25% weekend; stackable (35% weekend off shift)
    OT: Time and half; Double Time on holidays worked

    Vacation Time (5 weeks per year); Sick Time ( 2 1/2 weeks per year)