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  1. SaltySarcasticSally

    How do new grad Nurses that don't have BSN manage to survive this job market ?

    I live in a city with 2 big nursing universities. I graduated last year with my ADN and work in the ER, didn't have any problems. I do have to get my BSN within 5 years which I'm working on now.
  2. SaltySarcasticSally

    Thoughts on Covering Own Shift

    I seriously believe they would have allowed me to come in with it! I couldn't get 5 feet away from a toilet and literally called the DON from my bathroom lol. They had guilted nurses to come into work who were puking throughout the day a few times. These were full timers so their "or else" was come in or we will find a reason to fire you.
  3. SaltySarcasticSally

    Do you prefer any fields over the other in nursing?

    I did Tele for 7 months but I floated frequently to other MS floors like onc, ortho, etc. Tele was the worst floor by far just for the record. I've been in the ER for a month now. I would only go back to an inpatient floor if the alternative meant my kids would starve. I found I loathed having the same 5-6 patients for over 12 hours every single shift.
  4. SaltySarcasticSally

    New Grad 2 job offers

    I would not do a contract unless you are familiar with the unit and the management.
  5. SaltySarcasticSally

    Thoughts on Covering Own Shift

    I had this happen at a PRN job but I had norovirus. I called 12 hours before my start time to let them know and the DON said I needed to find a replacement. I told her sure, in between vomiting and this explosive diahhrea (excuse the visual). I didn't call for a replacement and never went back. This was in LTC though, I've not yet had this happen in a hospital. I don't think any other career field practices this type of sick coverage.
  6. SaltySarcasticSally

    Loss of Confidence

    6 weeks really isn't enough for a new grad with no experience, more like 8-12 is appropriate based on how each person is progressing. Of course, reflect on what was said to why you were let go for valid things to improve on but also realize this happens more than you may think.
  7. SaltySarcasticSally

    Prayers for my fellow Floridians..

    I remember being in 5th grade the day Columbine happened. I was scared to go to school for the first time after that. Fast forward some 15 years later, I held my two sleeping toddlers while I was sobbing, watching the Sandy Hook coverage. I was terrified because my oldest started school that next fall. I cried again today watching and I'm sure it won't be the last time. 2/3 of my kids are in school now. One conversation my husband and I have with our kids is about what to do if this happens. It's watered down of course, I want to keep them innocent for as long as possible, which is becoming impossible in this country. But, still, we tell them to hide, listen to the teachers, but run if there is no where to hide. All things they cover in their twice yearly "unwelcome person" drill, they start these drills in kindergarten now. It's so messed up. I'm so sick of kids dying. I'm so sick of our country valuing the right to own a semi automatic rifle vs the right of a child to live. I'm so sick of us turning a blind eye after 24 hours of thoughts, prayers, and Facebook candles. And I'm super sick of all these politicians, regardless of party, who don't give a crap about people like us or our children.
  8. SaltySarcasticSally

    Pre-employment Nicotine (cotinine) testing

    When I used to smoke, I took the urine nicotine test for a network that would hire you if you came back positive, you just had to pay more for insurance. They did require you to do a one time nicotine addiction program and then you would retest 6 weeks after the first test. I had not yet quit smoking at that point. I think I smoked 2-3 cigs/day at that point, I had smoke the evening before my second test. I never smoked on my way into work so by the time I went and took the test in the afternoon, I had not smoked that day. It came back negative. The only thing I can think of for why is that I drink a lot of water usually.
  9. SaltySarcasticSally

    Did you contract anything from a patient?

    Nothing crazy yet. We had a patient a few months back on our floor who called us after he was discharged to let us know he was just diagnosed with active TB. It was a few days after his discharge and he was in no type of isolation during his stay. Not sure how we missed that one but I didn't directly care for him. Interestingly, none of the nurses ever tested positive for TB or had symptoms.
  10. SaltySarcasticSally

    "Safe Injection Houses"- What's This?

    If this were made legal in the US, there would be very few areas that would let one pop up in their area. We in America feel if we don't see it then it doesn't exist ya know. We need to do something different, the drug epidemic is just getting bigger and bigger. It's insane the amount of people we get in the ER each day with endocarditis, cellulitis, etc. The cost of the treatment they need is astronomical so a safe house, if proven to be effective to reduce these complications, would be far less expensive.
  11. SaltySarcasticSally

    Fingernails and Handwashing

    I have this problem and no thyroid issues. I've tried everything, really. Only thing that works is those shellac nails but its its a lot to get done every 2 weeks. I found a cuticle oil that has helped with the skin around my nails but nothing for the actual nail.
  12. SaltySarcasticSally

    RN with GI condition

    I have a chronic GI condition myself and knew I could never do HH while doing my hospice HH clinical in nursing school. I work in acute care and like you can manage my condition since there is always a bathroom near by. I can relate to your situation about your nurse not eating all day. I am orientating at a job now and even though we have a lunch break nurse, my nurse, who IS great BTW, never takes it and just eats when she eats. I just told her after the first 2 days of not eating, that I had to eat at some point, even if it was 15 minutes. I have to eat in small quantities for my stomach and can't eat a lot of bulky type foods so I can't go 12 hours because I don't eat much anyway. She was totally fine with it and I didn't tell her why I had to eat or about my GI issue, just that I get hangry if I don't stop for a quick snack. Besides that, it's not healthy to not eat for 12-13 hours and go home to gorge yourself because your starving.
  13. I live in a medium size city with several hospital networks and our area is short on nurses too. We have tons of nursing schools too but the networks are growing faster than the nurses coming out of school. I have started to see sign on bonuses for the first time in forever and "new grads welcome" job postings.
  14. SaltySarcasticSally

    Forced Resignation

    ah, ok, I see your issue with this then. I assume you were unaware that you can only have a limited amount of vacation time? That does blow and after spending so much money for the vacation after the approval, I don't blame you for looking for other jobs. I am always unclear why employers have problems with taking unpaid leave if there is coverage and the length of time was approved. The only person it impacts is you but I am sure there is a reason for it out there somewhere.
  15. SaltySarcasticSally

    New grad; need advice

    Well feeling like your going through the motions right now just to stay above water is 100% normal. I was an LPN for 8 years before my RN and I felt that way for a few months. The night charge nurse was wrong. If the patient has no hx of a fib and suddenly develops it, that absolutely warrants a 12 lead and a call to the MD. It doesn't matter what they are doing at the time or if they are symptomatic. You did the right thing by asking, your charge just gave you the wrong answer. I wouldn't put O2 on someone if their sats were good and they were breathing normally without a lot of effort either so that seems like a weird thing to pick a bone with you about. If you feel like you are not getting clear direction from your charge -- talk to the charge first. If she doesn't respond to that then I think it would be appropriate to speak with your manager about it. GL!