16 interesting facts about nursing around the world!

  1. From Scrubs Mag: http://scrubsmag.com/stats/

    These are very interesting. Some are downright horrifying!

    I should start telling the MDs that I'm not allowed to touch male patients lol!
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  3. by   TX.RN.Shannon
    That was cool and interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  4. by   ShayRN
    Count me in the 80%!
  5. by   sapphire18
    Wow! Very eye-opening. I am also in that 80%!!
  6. by   turnforthenurse
    I think all of us are in that 80%!
  7. by   Mas Catoer
    Interesting Facts to know. Thanks for sharing.

    Btw. I'm curious with the fact no 11 mentioning neglected 4 hour of about 12 hour shift in Saudi Arabia Hospital.

    I've work there for 3 full year service in 1992-1995, never find 12 shift work. Don't know for current system. The working condition was even stricter. They have investigation section in the hospital. For every single proven-on-duty failure they will cut our salary (luckily I managed to keep my salary to its amount). for example if one forgets to order a monthly scheduled blood test for patient with Lithium therapy, though it can harmlessly be done the next day.
  8. by   PMFB-RN
    Number 12 about iraqi nurses having to be home by 2PM and not being allowed to touch male patients caught my eye. I have a friend who is an Iraqi physican, now working in the USA. He says it wasn't that way when Saddam was in charge, that female nurses worked around the clock and "of course" took care of, and touched male patients as needed to provide care.
    Nice to see that positiv change that have occured for women since the 2003 invasion - not.
  9. by   Multicollinearity
    I enjoy saying the word "quiet." Fun with superstitious co-workers.
  10. by   fjellgren
    Number 15 hits the ball out of the park. You won't believe how many times my co workers "jinxed" our shift by just one of them saying "Oh, I like it today it's so quiet" or "Wow, I hope the call lights keep gathering dust" or something. There was one time before when the word "quiet" was said and towards the end of the shift I started thinking that we might just make it out of a possible jinx but then during shift change, sh*t hit the fan and ended up staying 2 hours. After that I just tell everyone not to say a word or to keep their "quiet" comments to themselves.

    I think no. 6 is also almost true here in the US and no. 16 is a sad but real.
  11. by   KatieMI
    The only one difference between Australia and USA (that's reg. chest X-ray before joining hospital workforce) is that Aussies think that X-ray catches up active Tb better than that yearly Mantoux test. Here people who ever got BCG vaccine for any purpose have to get chest X-ray every year.
  12. by   DTW90
    Great read! I thought the piece about doctors in the Philippines was very interesting!
  13. by   sharpeimom
    That was fascinating! I was part of a trip to the former Soviet Union in 1981. It was to get CEUs, see
    the country, and learn a little about our Russian counterpart.

    Back then, you were assigned a nursing specialty as a beginning student and that was what you studied.
    Period. An OB nurse deliveries and postpartum care and a nursery nurse studied babies and their care.

    You might petition for a change of specialty, and, if granted, you returned to school.
  14. by   MissPinkScrubs
    I'm in that 80% as well. sundowning and that full moon ain't no joke!