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  1. TX.RN.Shannon

    Leaving first nursing job after 5 months?

    Yep...once you have a definite, satisfactory job offer in writing, turn your notice in and run! If the job sucks that bad and you're that much negatively affected, don't wait around. Things at the job aren't gonna get better and neither is your health. Hopefully this potential position will be a great one and you can work on improving your job history there. Good luck!
  2. TX.RN.Shannon

    Do Not Resuscitate Order for suicidal patient

    Because of post-op status and potential for complications after the surgery. Risks from anesthesia, surgical procedure, etc.
  3. TX.RN.Shannon

    Anything but Fine: My Traumatic Brain Injury: Part 2

    I can't even imagine the horrors you went through during this experience, but I really appreciate the first-hand "memories" of the event. Thank you for sharing!
  4. TX.RN.Shannon

    Racial Biases Against Patients: Another Issue To Ponder

    But there can also be the issue in reverse---a patient who is not "white" not wanting to be taken care of by my totally Caucasian self. That.is hard, too.