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Hello, I have been searching for an PRN ICU position in my area, while I am currently in school to finish my BSN online. I was offered a position for a ICU position PRN/Days at a hospital that is 50... Read More

  1. by   Farawyn
    NOPE, an 100 mile commute???
  2. by   CallLightDisco
    If you do have trouble staying awake, take food like apples or carrots to crunch. Create a half way point and take a nap if you have to.
  3. by   Jessy_RN
    I don't mind commuting; however, keep in mind as PRN you're the first one to be cancelled or asked to stay home, only to be called back and expected to be there in 30 mins. Happened to me. I would be called as I was halfway into my commute and told I was being low censused but not completely off the hook. They would then call me in when admissions were rolling in the door and expected to be there in 20-30. I had to leave that job and ultimately later moved to that town.
  4. by   nursesunny
    8 shifts a month for a PRN??? That is part time, looks like someone is trying to weasel out of paying benefits...
  5. by   Kayauhs
    No. Not worth it. This software requires that I type a longer answer so I'll just say it again, No, not worth it. Life is short and it's even shorter if you spend most of it behind the wheel of your car. They had better be offering you a huge benefits package and lots of money and a guaranteed lunch break.
  6. by   slove72
    take the shorter commute at this time. The long commute will take its toll on you eventually between your classes, and child , you must have time for yourself to rest and excel in school. There will be plenty of time to gain additional experience as you progress. A long commute takes too much out of your pyschic and is very stressful. Of course the decision is yours and you know what you can do, but take time for your studies and your self if you want to be successful in nursing. opportunities will come along.
  7. by   Oldmahubbard
    The job that is 50 miles away is a much better job than the one that is 15 miles away.

    Some of the answers here suggest that the commute is 100 miles, one way. No

    And I have known people who think its normal to drive 80 miles to work, I just don't get it.
  8. by   Wuzzie
    Quote from Oldmahubbard
    Some of the answers here suggest that the commute is 100 miles, one way.
    Yeah, I made that mistake when I first read it too. 50 minutes of 50 highway miles isn't bad at all. It takes me 50 minutes to do a 16 mile commute where I live and it's pretty grueling with the bumper to bumper traffic. I'd do that on highway in a heartbeat and I'm no stranger to long commutes. I used to commute 125 miles ONE WAY! Never again.