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  1. nursesunny

    Oversight from nonclinical staff?

    I have a question. I practice in CA and have a new CEO (business degree) I am wondering how much clinical decision making this CEO should or shouldn't have with regard to nursing actions. Is there a legal requirement for clinical oversight to be from nursing? I am having issues with a HR person wanting me to have the CEO make decisions on if/when nursing practice was acceptable. thank you in advance for any help.
  2. nursesunny

    PMHNP Preceptor

    par for the course. Not even one suggestion.....
  3. nursesunny

    PMHNP Preceptor

    I am in the home stretch of my psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner program. The issue is I have an unreliable preceptor (health issues and part time schedule). I have called over 80 facilities so I have done legwork, but I live in very rural CA so making connections is nearly impossible. Yes I could move to the city hoping to find someone but my whole family is here and making those types of connections takes years. I tried a preceptor matching service with no results and my school has been little help. I am willing to go anywhere in California and pay the preceptor $1000 every 60 hours but it is mental health so I need a psychiatrist or PMHNP with at least 1 year experience. Any leads? Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
  4. nursesunny

    Are prisoners denied necessities? CNN article

    I don't care one bit. Innocent or guilty doesn't impact my ability or will to participate in healing. I am not invested in the punishment aspect of prison because that isn't my job it is the job of the court. I know the care exceeds what is available to the community 100%.....because I moonlight there so am well aware of the disparity of care
  5. nursesunny

    I hate my current job and want to work in a hospital

    I second this 1000 times....
  6. nursesunny

    Accused of not giving dilaudid

    If I don't have an order for 1mg, I can't give 1mg....
  7. nursesunny

    New Grad Terrified of Choosing Wrong Job

    The question for me is the time. If you are required to contract for 2 years in your current offers I would decline. You don't want to feel you are stuck in something you don't love as your very first job. Yes, compromise is important, but when you have an opportunity to shoot for the stars and you let it pass you by for ease you will always wonder "what if" and it will tarnish your appreciation of your current job offers (even if they are great you won't see it). Instead take a job with no commitment and wait it out....that is what I would do, but you should take that advice with a grain of salt.
  8. nursesunny

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    Don't even get me started on free lunches in the cafeteria to the doctors making $300K+/yr and housekeeping staff paying $10 for a sandwich....
  9. nursesunny

    Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

    Actually "Racial discrimination occurs when an individual is subjected to unequal treatment because of their actual or perceived race." Which is not specific to minority individuals as your introduction states. I just thought I would correct this since anyone can be subject to racial discrimination. Most legal protections are specific to protected groups but that does not always mean discrimination is limited based on this factor. Racial Discrimination - FindLaw
  10. nursesunny

    Not sure how to handle this situation with recent interview

    Some places make the manager interview X number of qualified candidates before he/she can officially offer the position to someone they already know they want to hire (CNA who went to RN school who already works there, etc.). I know I drove 10 hours...yes, you read that right, to interview for a position (couldn't get a flight with times that worked with my job and the interview) I later learned was already promised to another nurse. The CEO and CNE looked bored during my interview, it was awful.
  11. nursesunny

    Where were you...9/11

    I was a 1st Lt in the USAF going to my new squadron for my first official day after my initial basic officer training. My radio alarm clock went off and they were broadcasting about the first tower, the second hadn't been hit yet. I sat on my couch preparing to start a career I would literally risk my life for and watched as the second plane hit and thought. Day 1 and already in the midst of a new war. I wasn't a nurse then...it was surreal.
  12. nursesunny

    Accomadating patients racist request?

    Interesting question. I actually had a very different, and not so different, conversation with a coworker. She informed me that black patients prefer black nursing staff "there is just stuff they understand about me that "other people" wouldn't." While I took her at her word I wondered about the reception for such requests and if they would be honored or even considered valid if it came from a white patient. Now, she didn't report her views as racist but there was a clear preference for a certain race, feeling the care provided would be superior based simply on race alone, supposing there would be a similarity of circumstance or experience. I wasn't offended but it is irritating to know that despite your best efforts you will never "measure up" because you don't share a skin color. Before anyone goes saying "now you know how it feels" ummmm...I went to high school on a native american reservation...I am pretty sure I know what it is like to be in the minority, treated as an outsider, judged by the color of my skin, etc.
  13. "I have the bag of sand, quickly open the door and I will exchange the bag for the golden idol. You with me Indy?" "No way man, no crummy gift shop credit is worth this."
  14. nursesunny

    Stuck Between Two Job Offers: Maximum and Minimum Prisons

    You are a new grad and will learn more in the maximum security prison...Hands down...
  15. nursesunny

    What's next after correctional nursing?

    Although the job protection goes two ways...you also have to work with people the prison can't fire who would have been gone a long time ago in the private sector...I totally second the no call off thing...When I worked ICU we got called off all of the time, now I know my vacation hours will really be vacation!!!! YAY
  16. nursesunny

    What's next after correctional nursing?

    "After I obtain my BSN, is there any doctorate or masters program where I would benefit from the experience of government nursing/correctional nursing?" Well...any experience is useful in rounding you out as a nurse...nothing specific to corrections although my PMHNP studies are highly relevant. "Those of you with experience who have been doing this for a long time, where has correctional nursing or government nursing led you?" I have wonderful opportunities and love my job. My team provides medical support for CA inmates fighting wildfires. I have job offers regularly but that is in part because I maintain per diem work at an acute care hospital. "What doors has it opened for you, compared to acute care, critical care, or bedside nursing?" I was the ADA at Kaiser's mental health in downtown LA for a while but went back to prison nursing because the retirement is better, less demanding, less stress, higher income....etc. Nice thing is I have 4 job offers as a mental health provider once my PMHNP and certs are complete, mostly through my state work. "I know some graduate nursing programs require a certain number of med-surg experience, and I suppose that correctional nursing doesn't count in that regard." Don't sell correctional nursing short. I worked at a maximum security prison where I regularly responded to overdoses, stabbings, cardioverted a patient in our triage and treatment area (with a physician of course) IV insertion, IV medication administration, mental health crisis intervention, primary care, telemedicine...make the most of your chosen career and people will see it in your diversity of experience.

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