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  1. I think it's funny your title says "for no good reason" and then you go on to list a few good reasons that they quit. Bullying, high patient ratios, not challenging, not wanting to work night shift. The main one being THEY SETTLED for that job. If at any time during their short employment someone had made them feel useful, wanted, respected, or any other positive word you want to throw in, they might stay. If someone settles for a job, but it turns out to be a decent place they'll usually stay. If some place treats you like another bag of raw nurse meat then I say get whatever better comes along.
  2. Feelgood RN

    50 years!

    Very nice! Grats on making it so long in a profession that can burn you down to ash. I'll save this and look back later and see how I'm doing.
  3. Feelgood RN

    School Shootings

    People in the UK should worry about their own cultural problems. If you're not afraid for your children and women then I feel sorry for them. Just because you want or are willing to carry a gun doesn't mean you live in fear. It's just like putting your stupid keys in your hand because your afraid of some teenagers, only our gun protects us if that teen wanted to take our lives. The tools are different, but the sentiment is the same.
  4. Feelgood RN

    School Shootings

    Until you can show the people of the United States that they are safe there will be no "ban" on guns. As has been stated many times the culture of America is based around our right to protect ourselves. If you say no the the wall and want to ban guns it will be more than an uphill battle. You can compare raw statistics from Australia and the United States and see that we do have higher rates. Doing so however is not genuine. You are comparing apples to kiwis. America was colonized and a revolution was fought for our split from Britain. Australia was given it's independence from Britain. Australia was colonized by previously criminal people that were released and given land. There weren't many guns in a colony full of ex cons. America was colonized by free men with the will and need to fight the native populace. Someone previous stated "it's simple statitics if you took a class". Well statistics isn't simple. There is usually a variable; on many occasions there are multiple variables. I could tell you that the rate of automobile deaths in the United States is double that of Australia per 100000 people. Simple statistic. What are the variables? How many cars? How many miles driven? License requirements? Age? TL;DR-The United States is a great and unique country. While another country may have a partial answer, using another policy will NOT work in ours. People here have an expectation and belief that they can and will defend themselves. P.S.- To the nurse that stated they would have killed people if they had a weapon I call BS. I don't remember your name on here, and I'm not going to go back and look, but straight up BS. Anything...ANYTHING could be used as a weapon to kill. Your excuse that it would have had to be a gun is ridiculous. If you were to the point you claim you were, then someone would have been dead. +5 troll points to you.
  5. Feelgood RN

    Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    I haven't been on this site for a while. This 9 page post is enlightening me as to why I stopped coming as often as I used to. Apparently the reading comprehension of many people on this site is in the gutter. I mean, we didn't have to pass a lot of English classes to get through nursing school but we should at least be able to find and answer a simple question from a paragraph. "Im just worried I might get schedules that will require me not to attend church for a loooong period and it makes me honestly sad. How did you deal with shifting schedules and Church callings and responsibilities?" The last part of that is the OP question. FFS. OP was not whining about "having to work Sundays". OP was not trying to "forcer her co-workers to work every Sunday because she couldn't". It's seriously irritating that all these people are injecting their religious/social/cultural beliefs into the simple question of "Hey how are you dealing with ........" and you're not even helping them out. OP stated she new they had rotating schedule. OP didn't ask how you felt about their religious choice. Whether you work nights or days or whether you even believed in God. Get off your high horses and maybe go back and check you English 101 book. /endrant To the OP: I would say it sucks at first knowing you are missing out on your meetings. One thing I can say is that there isn't a need to feel guilty. God knows your heart and the intentions therein. If you truly wanted to be at meetings He knows. You can usually find someone in church that can take over your duties if you're going to be gone. If you need help you can get guidance from your bishop. Best of luck in your rotation and try to have fun.
  6. Feelgood RN

    100 mile commute. Worth it?

    Are the offers mutually exclusive? Why not both? My job is a 45mile 50minute travel 5days a week. I love it. I have time in the morning to go through what I need to get done for the day. My drive home is where I drop off all the crap accumulated for the day that I don't want to take home to family. 28-30mpg is that seriously an issue?
  7. Feelgood RN

    Nurses don't do their 3 med checks?

    I'm going to admit I usually only get through MAYBE the first page of comments before I post something. Most people feel learning is what people show you and teach you through verbal, written, or visual means. When I was in school and shadowing nurses I learned just as much from what they didn't say. I learned that there were nurses that I wanted to be like, and there were nurses I didn't want to be like. I wanted to be the nurse that took time for patient education and family discussion. I didn't want to be like the nurse that straight up refused to help the aide change and move a patient. Not to say that the second nurse didn't actually have good nursing skills, she was probably the best teacher I had for IV insertion tips. Anyway, take what you want from each preceptor that you have and discard all the crap that you don't feel fits your nursing style. Obviously you need to be within the bounds of patient safety and professionalism. Every nurse is an amalgamation of the nurses they learned from, good and bad habits combined.
  8. Feelgood RN

    2018 Nursing Salary Survey

    I appreciate allnurses putting up these surveys almost each year it seems. The problem I'm having is that I'd like to see the raw data. The 2017 results stated it had interactive charts. I don't know if I'm an idiot but I couldn't find interactive anything. Stand alone statistics were also not available. The required statistics classes needed for nursing degrees is for a reason. People have bias and agendas they want to push. While I'd like to say that I believe allnurses could be unbiased, I like to see raw data so I can make my own inferences. If it's "not possible" then I guess I'll read the results with a Himalayan salt lantern.
  9. Feelgood RN

    The Men in OB Debate: Help!

    I'm not reading any of the previous replies and am going with my first impressions. Those people complaining about you being a male and "harming" OB patients are probably snowflakes. In my OB rotation, which was also great, the women didn't give two cow farts if I was a man. They wanted to get their baby out and start loving it. The only people that brought up anything about my sex were family members. I helped in the delivery of 2 babies on my rotation. One of the mothers of the patient said she didn't think it was appropriate that I was assisting the OB physician because I was a man. The patient said she didn't care and had given permission for me to be there. The people claiming women need more safe spaces, that you can't connect because you're a man, and that you'll bring up rape memories probably subscribe to the current narrative being pushed. They also probably feel like you shouldn't have been a nurse in the first place because of your male privilege and you're probably paid more than all your female counterparts. You have a sack man, use it and be the best damn OB nurse you can!
  10. Feelgood RN

    Registered Nurse Salary Purchasing Power Across States

    In terms of total salary or "pay" I find it interesting that no one brings up benefits. How much does health care cost? How many have company plans vs personal plans? 401k with / without matching? Many people don't count this in their salaries, but I know that my healthcare plan through work pays a lot of money per pay period for covered benefits as well as 401k matching that isn't shown on a paycheck. If I'm getting paid $70/hr in California with absurd taxes and now employer health plan is that better than being paid $40/hr in AZ with a healthplan. Food for thought while you look through job options...Also AZ the best!
  11. Feelgood RN

    June 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    HELP! I'm stuck! The last thing I remember is my pediatrician prescribing me Valium.
  12. Feelgood RN

    2017 Nursing Salary Survey

    Did this get posted somewhere and I missed it? Just checking, I was excited...now I just want to know what's up.
  13. Feelgood RN

    Gender Pay Gap in Nursing: 2017 Salary Survey vs. 2015?

    While the post shows traditional gender roles in a workplace environment it is not sexist. He is not getting paid more BECAUSE HE'S A MAN. He gets paid more because his job duties entail more dangerous work than the other staff. If there were a 6'1" 320lb woman that does the same job opposite shift they would assumably get the same compensation as the poster, for doing the same job. A male desk cop does not get the same pay as a female street cop. They are both police. One's job is more dangerous and is compensated rightly so. If there were a female at his job that wanted to do the work he does, and qualifies for it, and they turn her down or pay her less due to her gender then THAT IS sexist. As it stands you're all hot and bothered over simple traditional roles. Seriously, if you take the emotion out of this and look at numbers and reasons there are easy ways to account for disparities. Here is simply one job is more dangerous and is compensated for such.
  14. Feelgood RN

    Gender Pay Gap in Nursing: 2017 Salary Survey vs. 2015?

    This is based on a SALARY SURVEY...which is total take home. So if a man were the full time and a woman the part time, and they both had the same exact pay, it would seem as if the pay disparity were almost 100% more for men(if PT were 20hr and FT 40hr). You wouldn't know because it would be based on an entire year, unless the hourly pay were shown somewhere in the survey. Based on the survey 39% of the people on here should know basic statistics, assuming your BS required the class. ALL statistics can be manipulated to show what you want. Every place that I've applied to and worked at use a metric for beginning pay that does not include your sex as part of the metric. Years Experience, certifications, licenses, credentials whatever get plugged into a spread sheet and it spits out your pay grade. Everyone with the same overall experience STARTS OUT the same. Whether you are a man or woman and you take leave for your family at some point you will fall behind co workers either in advancement or experience. So even if myself and Sally started at the same point with the exact same pay and I chose to take leave for a foster child, then maybe my next review I only get a 3% raise while she stayed and received 5%. Lets also say Sally likes night shift, and I hate it so she gets a 5% differential except on weekends she gets 10%. At the end of a couple years of this happening it will appear that Sally has created a salary wage gap. We both started the same and on paper we have the exact same experience and credentials so who's the one creating this UNFAIR predicament? I'm not arguing that there is a SALARY disparity. It's pretty obvious it doesn't take much to create one, even with the EXACT same ON PAPER "experience". Women don't have a lower minimum wage at McDonalds and in most facilities they don't have a different starting pay based on sex. It is what we as nurses accomplish after being hired and what we put in for work that will determine the gap. I'm also wondering if there is a section of this survey that can be adjusted for geographical location. I know most of the Southeast has **** nursing pay while the Northeast and West pay great wages. If 80% of female nurses work in the Southeast while 90% of the male nurse population works in the other locations it would EASILY account for SALARY disparity. I'd like to think we are an intelligent faction of the work force. While I realize some of our profession relies on emotion(empathy, sympathy, maybe apathy on occasion), subjects such as these require us to use our logic. The portion we used to pass A&P and Micro. There are easily 100's of ways pay disparities can occur, simply blaming society is lackadaisical.
  15. Feelgood RN

    New RN, leaving after 6 months unprofessional?

    Not all units that need travelers are unstaffed due to no teamwork. The nurses I work with are excellent, the reason we are not fully staffed is because we're an hour to 2 hours from any fully functioning towns. Travelers are the EASIEST to get rid of. Of course if you aren't cutting it or ruffle feathers then you're probably not going to last long. If you don't fit there may be another traveler that matches the puzzle better. It costs more money to have a traveler come in and fill staff positions than just hiring another FTE so if it's not working out then you're paying extra for something that's essentially broken. I'm very appreciative of travelers that come out to our hospital. I've made sure that, even though they don't get bonus pay, they get the Christmas hams and Thanksgiving turkeys or the shirts and nurse appreciation gifts that the hospital gives out. I will not however keep someone that is going to bring drama or a bad work ethic into an otherwise great nursing team.
  16. Our ED Nurse Manager interviews on the same panel as the Outpatient and Inpatient nurse managers. There is no arrhythmia test, I guess it would depend on what acuity your ED is that you're interviewing at. At the end of the day it is a nursing interview, just be a nurse.