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indomie23 specializes in ICU, CCU.

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  1. indomie23

    What are the Best Urgent Care NP Residencies?

    Thanks for your reply, however, this is for RN, not NP, residencies which I am looking for.
  2. I was wondering if there are any alumni or current students, or anyone that has knowledge about the school that can give their advice and experience on the program there!
  3. indomie23

    Northern Kentucky University

    If you're in the program, how are you liking it so far? I am interested in their FNP program.
  4. indomie23

    Northern Kentucky University online MSN reviews

    Found about anything else of the program so far? I am interested too.
  5. indomie23

    United States university FNP

    Can you provide me the link to this information?
  6. Just wondering, which school did you transfer to that accepted your credits?
  7. indomie23

    Simmons MSN-FNP September 2017

    How do you like it so far? I am waiting for a decision for this Sept! Please let me know!
  8. indomie23

    Name some part time work for NP's

    How do you get a job like that right out of FNP school?
  9. indomie23

    Input on Simmons FNP online?

    I am considering my online options to pursue a MSN-FNP. Looking for a two year, full-time program (hoping to get in this Fall still). Current students/alumni/applicants, how was your experience with Simmons MSN-FNP online program? I have read several threads on it, but couldn't seem to find more current reviews of the program. Any other school suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  10. indomie23

    Which online RN-BSN to do?!

    EDIT: In the past hour..haha, I have done some research, and I apparently can't enroll into UTA, as I am in TN and from WA. I have also read some UTA vs WGU forums, and it looks like WGU is the more convenient one. I have also read that a few grad schools that I am interested in attending in the future, accept WGU BSN grads, but I do not know to what degree. Nonetheless! I am still hesitant about the WGU pass/fail grade affecting my GPA when I apply to grad schools, mainly. And, I would like to know of any schools you know that are comparable if not better than WGU in your opinion/research.
  11. indomie23

    Which online RN-BSN to do?!

    Here is my current background: I have my ADN, RN license, and will start an ICU residency next month in the state of TN. I'll likely be placed either in CCU or MICU, and I will also be cross-trained in Dialysis. I will be on a contract of one year, starting next week. I went to school here in TN, and now working, but I am from WA state. My current plan is to get my BSN asap, considering travel nursing after my contract year, become an APN, a NP or CRNA (not sure yet, but I will shadow, etc.). I want to settle in WA, with CA coming in second. So, what is a good, affordable, reputable, online RN-BSN program I should take? I have heard about WGU and UTA. I am hesitant with WGU because of the 3.0 GPA pass/fail effect. Don't know too much about UTA, but have heard good things about it. So I would like to know other programs as well. I am also considering length of program. I want to start now, as my grace period is next month, but I may request forbearance. Please share your experiences and advice, especially if you are/were a student of an online RN-BSN program. THANK YOU! :)
  12. indomie23

    Explain process to becoming a NP

    Thank you again for your response. Sorry, I meant to say that UW now offers only the Doctorate degree for FNP. They made the switch to the DNP recommendation. I meant to ask if it's a good idea to get an Associated in Nursing, to get a license as an RN, and then begin my work experience from there. I have started, and will continue to look at those forums! Thank you so much for your advice and help, God bless!
  13. indomie23

    Explain process to becoming a NP

    Ok, will do! Thank you so much for your response! I have just started on my first year of prereqs. This is my first quarter as a college student. I just really want to be on top of the ball before it begins. I'm from WA state, and I have the option to attend UW. At UW the DNP program will be for 3 years, and it is a required degree to become a FNP. Is a CRNA program more difficult to enter than a DNP program? I need some advice: Is best if I obtained an RN license and started working in 2 years(Associates)? So that way I can earn better money, and have more experience. Or should I wait until I receive my BSN? Also, if you know, what are the advantages of being a male nurse, or nurse practitioner? What are the disadvantages? Thank you again!
  14. Hello,I am a freshman in college seeking to become a Nurse Practitioner. Not sure which specialty to go into, but I am looking into Family practice, anesthetic nurse, acute care...I am also a male by the way. I am still developing knowledge about he nursing field, but through more research, job shadowing, etc ill learn more. My question is how long does it take to become a NP? Considering the amount of school, experience required, and the new recommendation for a DNP by 2015.Thank you so much!
  15. indomie23

    A male Nurse Practitioner: What are your thoughts?

    I'm sorry for the jumbled sentencing, I originally spaced out the sentences, but it didn't turn out.
  16. I am debating on whether I should become a NP or a PA. I've been researching on both professions on the Internet and elsewhere all summer, and I look forward to finally being able to job shadow these two positions as they will show me a much clearer picture of these two. I ultimately want to help others through the healthcare field. So I have a few questions to ask those experienced and knowledgeable. I want to stress that you don't need to answer all of my questions, just the one(s) you believe you can give the best answer to. Education:-How long is does it take to become a NP today, preferably after 2015? Before answering, if you can, please consider the new educational requirements set for becoming a NP by 2015. If I am not mistaken, I hear that in order to become a NP one must achieve a DNP by 2015. Will that be true for most programs by 2015? Which is more flexible, less time consuming, more convenient; NP or PA school? Can I still be able to work as an NP student? With what you've seen, how does a male benefit in the nursing model, especially as a NP? What are the advantages? (As in job opportunity, social work environment, benefits, etc) What is the typical position a fresh NP grad will take up? What will the approx. pay be? Through my research I've only seen salaries of experienced workers, not no-experience ones. -Why be a NP over a PA? If you can take up a male perspective, please do. -I do have many more questions, but I'll leave with this last request: What would be your encouragement/advice for me? Thank you so much guys and God bless!

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