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Good luck with your future endevours!!

I think a GED in a number of cases is a great deal more difficult than going to high school!! I think that any number of colleges are of that same thought process.

I have a GED. Got it 14 years after I dropped out of school. I had to take two classes to fulfill pre-req's but did that through adult education.

I've been accepted into two nursing programs, hold high honors, been awarded academic scholarships. A GED will only hold you back if you let it.

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Esme is right about the math classes. I did take some basic math classes early on so I would be prepared for the required ones.

I think i can deal with taking some extra math classes that wouldn't hurt anything

I am so glad I found this thread. I also dropped out of high school my junior year. & I am in community college right now taking my general class's & I'm starting my second semester this fall. They are right, it doesn't matter if you have a GED it matter what you do with it. Focus on school & in no time you will become a RN. I was definitely worried at first as well but you can't let that GED title make your life title!


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I have one... have been an LPN and now an RN for over a year and now I am about to start an RN to MSN program. Someone I work with has one and is about to finish their FNP


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I've learned that, for me, there is no more powerful motivator than others telling me what I can't do.

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Do it!!! We have two girls who did this! They were both teen moms who had dropped out of school and had babies in our unit. They became friends, decided that the lives that had been leading weren't good enough as they were, studied together (we cheered them on), passed their GED and went on to nursing school. One works with us, the other works in L/D. The just finished their BSNs....awesome!!!

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NP, GED here.

It's what you do with it.

Work hard.


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RN here, GED in hand, high honors in ASN program and well on my way to BSN, again honors student. The only thing that can get in the way of your success is yourself. Good luck!