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I've recently become Pentecostal, and I've been looking for full length scrub skirts with no slits. I've found the butter soft skirt on uniform advantage, but they've run out of white and they said they didn't have a definitive date of when they would restock. I've also been looking at white swan fundamentals skirt, but I don't know how long it would be on me (I'm 5'5" and 300 pounds, so I think I would need a 3x or 4x). I've made my own skirt for work, but it definitely looks sad and home made :scrying:! I'd prefer a full length skirt, but mid calf might work as well. I don't know what my school may require yet (I still need to get approval to wear the skirts at school).

Also, has anybody had an issue with getting schools to approve skirts instead of slacks as a uniform? I wore slack for the first year, but I've converted during summer break!:x3: Hopefully there's no issue.

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If it's related to your religious doctrine, they have to come up with some pretty compelling reasons to not let you wear a skirt (one I can think of that companies have won on in the past is if it endangered your safety, and since that's not the case here, they're out of luck). We have laws against that sort of thing in the US. :coffee:

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Also - I wanted to add if you have a Pintrest account, I found some GREAT pins for beginning sewers (it's a hobby I pick up and then put down again), including some for simple skirts.


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I got a pair of pants and converted them to a skirt. Super easy and the majority of the sewing is done for you so it looks nice


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This may not be the most cost-effective solution, but if you really can't find anything out there you can always go to a tailor and have 'em made specially for you.

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I got the ok from school to do skirts :)

I've made them before. I have my one skirt for work, but I really wanted an ankle length skirt and it's so hard to convert pants to an ankle length skirt, and I don't really know how to hand stitch an entire skirt myself. Butter Soft isn't make white full length skirts anymore. :(

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I use these skirts. They work very well. You can customize the length and add pockets. They come in regular and plus size.

Long skirt twill with no slit

I have never been given a problem about wearing skirts from any employer.

Oh I really like those skirts! I was looking for something longer, but I haven't been able to find that in a 3x or 4x. 37" is a pretty excellent length though! Thank you!


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I am 5' 4" and the 37 inch was floor length on me. I had to have some length taken off. I have bought the 34 inch since and they land mid to lower calf.

I would honestly prefer somewhere in between, but the 34 inch works. I can get down on the floor with the baby I care for and still be modest at that length.


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I wondered if their skirts run long because 39 inches is usually floor length for me, not 37. Maybe they have a different way of measuring..? The 34 is like a 36 inch would be in other skirts.

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I have worked with a number of nurses over the decades who preferred to wear skirts and dresses to work in. It was never a problem.