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I am new to the site. I have tried to pass the net test twice and failed the math part. Any inspiration for me to continue????

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Suebird :)

I havent taken it, and I dont think that is part of the acceptance at my college, but I know all too well, there are always at least 10 things that can sink our dreams, or at least for a while.

Dont give up. Keep applying till you do get in. Apply at different schools and sooner or later, it is bound to happen

Good Luck!!!!

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If you run a search on the Net and failure you will find you are not alone. Most people I read who failed passed the third time around. So do not give up!

Did you study the net guide? I passed with very high scores. I could only take it once so I lived, ate, slept the study guide for a month before I took the exam. Good luck.


I have taken an entrance nurse exam 4 times and have failed by 8/10 of a point the last time. This is so frustrating, that sometimes I want to quit, but I keep telling myself don't give-up you have come to far, I need to pass this to get into the registered nurse clinicals. I will take this again in Oct. this yr. I do not have any trouble with math, it is the reading and vocabulary I have trouble with. Study fractions, adding, subtracting, dividing, mutiplying, ratio and proportions. measurements and their are some word problems. Just keeep going over all the math you remember in pre-algebra mostly. I hope for you the best on this test. Good luck.


I too failed the NET test the 1st go round. Just stick it out go over the study every free minute u get. Three days before my retake I put the book down and just relaxed. The day of teh test I was so calm and refresh I treated the test as if I was completing one the practice test in the back of the book. My test started at 6:00pm, I completed the test @ 7:18pm I got up so confident and happy. Just keep your eye on the prize and you will pass. Have FAITH:studyowl:

I don't know how the NET compares to the TEAS, but I bought the study guide for the TEAS, and scored very well on the self tests. I struggle with math, so I found a few online tutorials that gaveme a refresher on the basics and that helped with the math portion of the TEAS study guide. I got 4 wrong out of 60.

There is a site called Cool Math that is for middle school and high school students. Its very basic and kid oriented, so I felt silly, but they really explain all the fundamentals very well. Fractions, decimals, some algebra, its all there.

Buy the NET book if you haven't already. What I did was purchase a basic math book and started from scratch. I'm not a math wiz, but by constantly going over the examples and looking at different books, I caught on.

(Check out some math books at the library! They're free and you may find a book that you can really understand.)

Don't give up. Good luck!

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hi, gemini30!

sorry to hear you are having problems with the math. it will prove to be an important component of any nursing education you come to, however, and the subject of math will come up again and again in nursing classes and on the job as a nurse. if you read any of the posts in the nursing student discussion forum you will read that nursing students are dismissed from their nursing classes because they fail on nursing drug calculation tests which are primarily simple mathematics and conversions between metric and apothecary systems.

i think you have two choices. either take a remedial class in math before you attempt the net again. or, study on your own. this math on the net is at the pre-algebra level. i can recommend a site where you can go into a textbook companion site for a pre-algebra textbook and work all kinds of practice problems for free. it's a fabulous site and if you are self-motivated and self-disciplined you should come away from it with a great deal of learning. it is www.interactmath.com it is also linked into in a post (post #3) i made to this thread some time ago. please check it out:


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