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  1. sgoad0002

    Have you ever wanted to Quit?

    Don't give-up I am a pre-nursing student tring to get into the clinical's. I can't seem to pass the entrance exam I have taken it 3 times and next Tues. will be my 4th. I failed by 8/10 of a point. I really get discouraged and cry and then I think to myself (being a christian) the devil is trying real hard to get me discouraged so I will quit, because he does not want us to succeed with helping, and encouraging people that we will take care of day after day in there time of sickness. Then I say he is not going to win I am keeping on no matter how many times it takes me I am not giving up. I keep looking up. He will be there for you too. Because He loves us. Good luck and never give up hope. sgoad:uhoh3:
  2. sgoad0002


    Hey, I have taken an entrance nurse exam 4 times and have failed by 8/10 of a point the last time. This is so frustrating, that sometimes I want to quit, but I keep telling myself don't give-up you have come to far, I need to pass this to get into the registered nurse clinicals. I will take this again in Oct. this yr. I do not have any trouble with math, it is the reading and vocabulary I have trouble with. Study fractions, adding, subtracting, dividing, mutiplying, ratio and proportions. measurements and their are some word problems. Just keeep going over all the math you remember in pre-algebra mostly. I hope for you the best on this test. Good luck. sgoad0002
  3. sgoad0002

    Never thought you'd be a nurse?

    Ali, I do have an interesting story when I graduated from high school back in 1987 I went to college for Business Management degree. After college I worked in a Juvenile Court System office. After several yrs. I landed a great job in a General Surgeons office and Medical office manager. I loved this job but the surgeon retired and I had to persue something else, I went to the local hosp. as insurance clerk, to a handicapp workshop as administrative assistant. In Jan. 2001 my grandfather died from emphysema, the family did alot of taking care of him. This was when I knew I should go back to school and become a nurse so I can help people all the time. My family was supportive and encouraging. My mother gave me a clipping from a newspaper article that was dated back in 1972, I was around 4 yrs. old they had my picture and what questions they had asked me that day. One of the questions was What do you want to be when you grow up? my reply a nurse. Maybe it just took me this long to realize that maybe I have a gift of helping and supporting others that need help. I am in the prenursing stage, I have taken all my prerequisites, I am just waiting to pass the pre-entrance exam, that I have taken 4 times and did not pass, by 8/10 of a point. This is very discouraging, I beginning to wonder know if this is the right path for me. I am a christian and pray alot for this to happen, but maybe God has other plans for me, maybe it is not nursing. In this time of not passing the entrance exam, I started CNA classes and passed with flying colors and avg. 98 and got my license May 2006, this is what I am doing now, sitting with a lady that had a stroke. I think sometime that maybe this is as far as I am to go with my career, maybe God wants me to stay where I am at now. But I take the exam again in OCt. I am not giving up. Sorry to bore you, but it's nice to tell someone of my journey. God Bless and good luck to you. Sgoad
  4. sgoad0002

    Did not pass the NET

    Hey StudentnurseAbby, I am a nursing student too. I have failed our entrance exam which is called the HESI test 4 times due to the reading part.Last time only 8/10ths of a point. It is so frustrating. I heard some of you say you bought a study guide to help. Could you let me know what the study guide is called so maybe I can purchase this to maybe help me. I have already bought so many books but I would be willing to buy again if it will help. Most reading comp. study guides are totally different than what is on the test. Not fair. Thanks for the input. Sgoad
  5. sgoad0002

    Need some Advice?

    I am a nursing student. I have taken all of my pre-req. and I have now taken the HESI test 4 times and keep failing it last time by 8/10ths of a point, getting really frustrated. I am now in a online tutoring class, for the vocabulary and reading comp. help. These are the two parts I fail when taking the test. But I am passing these test with no problems. Why can't I pass the HESI test? And can anyone give me some clues on what else to do that may help? I have checked out books at the library, bought books too, so I can study and review over these areas, nothing seems to help me pass. Maybe this is not the field I need to go into. But I am a CNA now and I love helping people. Desperate, can anyone give me any advice. Thanks, Sgoad
  6. sgoad0002

    Any CNA's pursing RN degree???

    Hey Amber, I am a CNA and I know for a fact we will make a better nurse for it someday! Most nurses I have worked with said that the nurses that were CNA's first have more patience with their patients. Most states now are starting to require that you become a CNA before you can be accepted into a nursing program.