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  1. Info on Evanston Hospital

    Evanston Hospital is the mothership of NorthShore University HealthSystem. They also own Glenbrook, Highland Park and Skokie Hospitals. They are the first system in Illinois to be hospital-wide Magnet approved. Patient load is capped at 5. They h...
  2. ASN vs BSN - help!

    I had a Master's in another field when I decided to get my nursing degree. There are so many entry points for becoming an RN. I finally chose an ADN program. It's so cheap and most hospitals, like mine, pay the same across the board no matter what...
  3. Sign On Bonus in Chicago for New Grads?

    I started working at Glenbrook during my last semester of nursing school as a PCT. My manager knew I wanted to be hired on her floor as an RN. Therefore I was very lucky to get my job. However, I'm not sure if was luck as much as foresight. I lov...
  4. Sign On Bonus in Chicago for New Grads?

    I am a new grad and just completed orientation for NorthShore Healthcare (Evanston, Glenbrook, Highland Park and Skokie Hospitals). They offer $7,500 sign on bonus with a two year commitment to the system. The first year you have to stay on your fl...
  5. How far do you work from home?

    I work 7 miles from my job. There's a hospital right in my town, about 1 mile away. However, I love the health system I'm in.
  6. Continuing Education credits

    You can get CEU's through in-services at your work, magazines and seminars. However, Illinois has not yet designed a date when RN's will need to earn CEUs.
  7. RN-BSN Program Chicago Area

    I'm enrolled at North Park University's RN-BSN program. They have an excellent reputation. Their website is northpark.edu.
  8. How's the Chicago Job Market?

    The job market is pretty much at a standstill here. I work for NorthShore University (Evanston, Glenbrook, Highland Park and Skokie Hospitals). Their next new grad orientation will be in October, if they hire. They have an awesome 12 week program!...
  9. Scared of the Pyxis

    I love the Pyxis too! My only problem is that it takes a while for it to recognize my fingerprint and sometimes not at all so I go to the other Pyxis. It is possible to override meds for a patient so just be sure you double check at the bedside too...
  10. New Grad Shifts Cancelled While in Orientation

    They don't call off new grad orientees or their preceptors during orientation. Now that it's over I want to be put on the "call off" list but my manager told me to wait a little while longer.
  11. I'm stressed out and nervous.

    I know how you feel!! I have been off orientation for a week now. I thought things were going well into last night.... I took verbal orders over the phone from an MD (tons of meds, she was rattling off labs, etc). I felt like a complete idiot. I ...
  12. Second Day off New Grad Orientation

    Thanks everyone!!:wink2:
  13. :yeah:Hi, everyone! I work on a Med-Surg, Hospice and Oncology unit. I was a PCT for 8 months on the same floor while finishing my ADN degree. I've been on new grad orientation for the past 12 weeks at my hospital. I was of course a little worrie...
  14. Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

    I don't know much about Illinois Masonic. Actually Advocate Luthern General is right on the Des Plaines border which is a lot closer to where you're going to live. However, I heard they having a hiring freeze. Illinois Masonic is having an open ho...
  15. Exit Hesi Takers - Come in Here Please

    I did really well on my school's exit HESI. I used the HESI book along with their CD. I didn't feel the test was very hard and like the OP said, it does not help with critical thinking at all. I felt the HESI was much easier than the NCLEX. Good l...