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Friends are frustrating me..Anyone in same situation?

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I had a rough first year because I was constantly studying, and my friends didn't seem to understand why I had to study so hard as I am "only" going to be a nurse. They're going to school too, but they manage to find time for friends and family and such, so they don't understand why I can't too. I tell them that nursing is very intense courses, but they are like "oh well so are mine". I'm getting very frustrating with constantly saying that I'm busy and having nobody understand why I'm so busy. Just a vent I guess, and I'm wondering if others are in similar situations?

WDWpixieRN, RN

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I see you're young, and with having young kids myself, I know that priorities can vary VASTLY. That could be part of it....

That being said, I'm taking "only" 6 units as I completed all my prereqs and coreqs while waiting to get in to the NS program, and after my first week, I swear this should be considered at least 12 units. I am doing more work than I did when I was taking 14 units in one semester for my bachelor's in Business several years ago!!

Hang in there...you will be a part of a terrific profession, have many options available to you, and be able to continue on with your education because of your dedication to school. You probably have friends in your classes and you will definately make new friends once you are out of school. Don't let them be the reason you give this less than your all!!

I am a fellow nursing student who will graduate in December...yay!! Anyhow, no one else understands it except nursing students. Boyfriends dont get it, family doesn't understand, and close friends do not get it. The only advice that I can give you is to hang in there because as you advance in the program you have less and less time with your friends. However, your best friends will be the ones that you make while in nursing school AND they will understand. I barely talk to anyone that I was friends with prior to nursing school because I have spent so much time with my nursing girls that they are like sisters!!

Good luck in your studies!!!!

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Many students who pursue liberal arts/humanities majors are often able to spend very minimal time studying while doing well in their classes. These same students fail to realize that nursing students are required to study intensely and place much effort into their education.

Many people with baccalaureate degrees in humanities/liberal studies are attending community college nursing programs with the preconceived notion that, "I graduated from a university, so these junior college classes are going to be easy." They quickly learn that the nursing courses possessed a higher level of difficulty than any university liberal arts class they've ever taken.

I had the same problem. I told the so called friends that I was studying to be a nurse and was dealing with people where a mistake could mean life or death. Since then, they have not been my friends. I really do not care. The friends I have made in nursing school are my best friends and we act like sisters.:studyowl:

Its really hart to convey to other people how hard the classes are w/o sounding like you are having a pity party. My husband tries to understand, but on Monday night he had his friends over and they hung out in the garage drinking. I normally have no problem w/ this, in fact, I would much rather him be here than out at a bar or something, but they were being really loud. I had class at 9 the next day, w/ 2 kids to get ready and take to my mom's before that, and they were here till midnight!! He doesn't get that I need sleep personally, and in order to function in class the next day. We had a "talk" and everything is better now, but I know where you are coming from. And try explaining to 2 and 4 year olds that I need to study!!

It is nice to have my fellow nursing students, 90% of whom are married or have kids or both, to talk to and vent with. And then we might study some too!! :)

When I went to a 4 year university, I always thought the nursing students were so serious and studied waaaay too much. I had no idea how much work this is, and I'm sure your friends don't either. Hopefully you can work it out, if not, be prepared to make new friends who are a little more understanding.



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Oh man, I haven't even started nursing classes yet and I already get this. Since programs are so competitive, I want really good grades in my pre-reqs so I spent a LOT of time studying for A&P. Everyone would give me a hard time about how much time I spent. And then, when they found out I made an A in the class, they were like "of course you did." I just feel like they don't recognize that it takes a lot of effort to do well in these classes.

I have started telling people that act like nsg school is "no big deal" that one little mistake I made could kill someone, and that I highly doubt their job has such responsibility. Usually shuts them up. Non-nurses/nursing students just don't recognize all the effort we put into our studies.

i have to agree with the above poster: nobody really gets it other than your fellow nursing students. that is why i couldn't do without them. it also helps to have friends that may be a semester or two ahead of you so that you can turn to them to get the "real story" of how things will be. also that is why we have to support each other while we are in school together, no back biting. hang in there!!

I think it is good that your friends want to spend time with you..But you have to tell them that nursing is very intense and time consuming..If they ask you out again and you have to study, dont give in to their demands and you should just study..Good and true friends will be your friend in the end once you graduate..

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I have started telling people that act like nsg school is "no big deal" that one little mistake I made could kill someone, and that I highly doubt their job has such responsibility. Usually shuts them up. Non-nurses/nursing students just don't recognize all the effort we put into our studies.
Good point....However you do have to strive for some balance in your life.Then again-they don't sound like really supportive friends.Try cultivating some new friendships with your fellow nursing students.Later on when time and energy permits you can pick back up with your other freinds-if you still want to....Good Luck

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Nursing school is the most challenging thing I've ever done! My first degree was a bachelors in engineering, and I didn't study half as much as I do now!!

I know an MD who's parents & sister are RNs. She told me she believes nursing school is the same intensity as medical school, and requires the same commitment - if you want to do it well. :nurse:

The reason I need to stop in to allnurses each day is because nobody else really understands what we are going through. Although I still have my other friends, my new nursing school friends are the only ones who understand the stress!

Only nursing students will be able to understand what you're going through. That being said, you should take a couple of dosage calculations problems and a few of the critical thinking problems from your texbooks and give them to your friends. Tell them to answer the questions. Your response to their dumbfounded expresions should be "Yea. This is why I have to study all the time. Now leave me alone about it." I usually (halfway jokingly) tell my freinds to go party without me...I'll see them when I graduate.


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My room-mate while I was in nursing school was studying political science and wanted to be a member of the White House Diplomatic Corp :uhoh3: . She nagged me all the time about how "boring" I was until one day I told her that I doubted anyone in the Western World would die if she didn't courtsey at the appropriate minute when the Queen of England came into the room. She started laughing and never said another word to me about it. It just comes with the territory.

Wow thats weird, I seen some similar posts like this about friends not getting it about nursing school. It has to just be certain area's because where i live everyone knows that nursing is an intense difficult major.


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Wow thanks so much for all the great replies! Next time my friends bug me I'll just tell them that my job is important because it's a matter of life or death. Eventually they'll understand that nursing is more than just bed baths and bringing people blankets.

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