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  1. bsunurse

    Application help.....quick!

    Tough situation Tazzi! I wouldn't give them permission to call them if the recruiter is already aware of your situation. I think that with your experience they would still consider you for the job. You can always explain why you didn't want them to be called during the interview! Hope this helps!
  2. bsunurse

    Graduation Speech HELP PLEASE!!

    In ours, our student speaker talked about the commitment that went into earning our degrees and told stories from over the years that she had heard other students telling each other. Example: A girl miss her youngest kids first day of kindergarten. Another girl had locked herself into the bathroom to study so that she could be alone and her kids would not bother her. These examples made the speach personal and allowed the audience to "feel" and "see" what we went into! Best of luck!!!!
  3. bsunurse

    Graduation Songs

    The two songs that we played at our graduation were: 1. Whenever you Remember by Carrie Underwood 2. My Wish by Rascal Flatts Everyone in our class agreed on these songs- they fit perfectly with the nursing graduation because of the crap they put you through! Good luck and Congrats!
  4. bsunurse

    mandatory hourly rounding

    Welcome to my world of hourly rounding. I recently graduated, but where I worked as a student nurse we had hourly rounding where we had to sign a sheet that was inside the patient room stating that we did round to that room during the hour. Not only did we have to round, we had to say "is there anything else that I can do for you, I have the time". This is because they did a survey somewhere in the world and "found" that patients did not ask for what they really needed or wanted because they thought us nurses were too busy. *** It was funny though bc the nurse managers (who was also in charge of implementing the hourly rounding for the whole hospital and also went to the national conference on it) daughter was a patient at one time and we made sure that we went into that room hourly and asked her if there was anything else that she needed because we had the time. She finally admitted that it was too much and that we were constantly bothering her and her daughter throughout the night. It was too late though because it was already a hospital policy!!!! Where I currently work, all floors except the ICUs have hourly rounding, but they have a CNA whose only job to do for the shift is to round. Usually the aid is assigned to 2 floors to do hourly rounding on. Hopefully, your employer will realize that nurses are too busy for this and will come up with a better idea!
  5. bsunurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    DeLasJuan (the last one)
  6. bsunurse

    Pediatric PICC lines

    I work in PICU and we do not use Heparin unless there is an order for it. We use positive pressure saline lock or kvo with normal saline at 3ml/hr.
  7. Im willing to help as well. PM me
  8. bsunurse

    Floating 2nd day off orientation

    Help! I am brand new off of orientation and we are over staffed for this weekend. All the nurses are telling me that I will be the first on the float list since I have never floated. I am terrified of this since I have never had an orientation to the other floors that we float to. I talked to my educator today and her response was that this is how it works sometimes. I have issue with this because on my floor we only take 2 patients and the float floors take up to 4 and since I am an RN, I will be held accountable for the LPN's patients on my team as well. My floor is made up of all RNs so I have never done this on my floor let alone a floor that I have never really even stepped foot on. What is your guys opinion on this?!! I am scared to death to go to work with fear that I will have to float and will not be ready!
  9. bsunurse

    Student Fundraising

    Yes, we also sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, car stickers, badge holders, scrub pants, and coffee mugs that say our school of nursing on them. Every semester we sell these items and they really are a big hut because you have like 4-5 nursing classes that will buy off of you and the staff will usually buy stuff as well.
  10. bsunurse

    Student Fundraising

    We contacted our local hospital where we did majority of our clinicals and asked if they would do a "jean day" for us. All the employees were allowed to wear jeans for a day, but had to pay 1.00, and the money was then donated to us. We did it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and gave out tickets when employees came to our stand and they had to show their tickets to their managers in order for them to be wearing jeans on those days. Another ideas is the discount cards for local restaurants. It is a lot of work, but most companies will donate. Look these cards up on the internet and that will get you started. I think we googled fundraising discount cards!
  11. bsunurse

    oh my goodness!!!!

    My advice is to stay calm! Also, look over lab values, insulins, and infection control!
  12. bsunurse

    According to Pearson Vue, I PASSED!!!

    My unofficial results from Quickresults are pass from Pearson Vue, but my license number has not been put up yet on the state board of nursing website. I am just wondering if anyone has ever been told that they passed from Pearson Vue and then really found out that they didnt? Just curious! I had 75 questions and really though that I failed it, but paid the money yesterday to find out and it says I PASSED! I am so excited, and don't want it ripped away from me!
  13. bsunurse

    Friends are frustrating me..Anyone in same situation?

    I am a fellow nursing student who will graduate in December...yay!! Anyhow, no one else understands it except nursing students. Boyfriends dont get it, family doesn't understand, and close friends do not get it. The only advice that I can give you is to hang in there because as you advance in the program you have less and less time with your friends. However, your best friends will be the ones that you make while in nursing school AND they will understand. I barely talk to anyone that I was friends with prior to nursing school because I have spent so much time with my nursing girls that they are like sisters!! Good luck in your studies!!!!
  14. bsunurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I went to school with a guy by the name of Bud Weiser. Weiser is the last name. Poor kid! I have to admit that we chuckled everytime they would say his name over the intercom!
  15. bsunurse

    What is the biggest challenge facing nurses??

    I think that the challenge between electronic charting and non electronic charting is a great topic. I for one love the electronic charting, but we used that all the way through nursing school. When I started working, the hospital did not have electronic charting. We just switched to this about 2-3 weeks ago and there was a nurse who retired instead of learning the system because in her eyes she was too old to learn it. I am sure there were more like her throughout the hospital, but I just know about my floor. I am sure where you would find this information to support all this, but I think that this would be a wonderful topic!! Good luck.