For those of you who enjoy listening to a good X-mas Carol.....

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What a hoot!!! Make sure your sound is on.

This song was stuck in my head last night at work. I couldn't sing out one would have had a clue what I was singing about.


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That was different.........


I couldnt understand him. It sounded to me like Bart Simpsons dad on a good drunk.:D

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Not funny.......sorry.....I thought the word Retard on the cash registar was not called for.....sorry, that is not my idea of a Xmas carol :(


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I didn't make the thing myself and would take the "one" offensive word off the register if I could. I have a mentally handicapped cousin with cerebral palsy. I thought the song was funny......geez, you guys...there has been more offensive humor than that on this board before.

See post 'Fun things to do with the ill'. Some of you jumped on that one too. I found humor in that as well.

Sometimes us nurses find humor in things 'regular' people would shudder's how we deal with all the's how we decompress after helping people die. There is nothing wrong with it.

Is it just me??? Sorry to be so different.:rolleyes:


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It's okay, KC CHICK. Somebody sent this to hubby and we both laughed like idiots!!!!!!!

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what is he saying?


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"Ding, Fries are Done!" is the main line.

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Yes where as the Retard part was offensive...we don't have to be was meant in good fun and the song was funny. Thanks for the laugh! :)


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Sorry,but it amused me!! :D


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call me sick but I thought it was funny too.."ding fries are done..ding fries are done... I gotta run.... I gotta run..." :lol2:


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"Would you like an apple pie with tha-at?" Ha Ha HA!

The times I have wanted to answer;

"Do you believe me incapable of asking for what I want ?"

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