would you choose a job based on salary or "the job"?

  1. Ok, I had an offer to work at a level 1 trauma ER, magnet status hospital, my DREAM job...however, there is no sign on bonus, wheras at a different hospital in my area, I could work and have a 12,000 dollar bonus (over the course of 3 years). Everyone tells me I'm crazy not to go to this other hospital, however, there are no jobs there that I'm interested in, and their ER positions are already filled. do you think I'm being crazy to give that up? Is it more important to go where your enthusiastic about or where your gonna make bigger bucks? thanks!
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  3. by   loricatus
    Many times you will find that the hospital that offers the sign on bonus (especially with a long term contract) would not otherwise be able to keep a nurse very long. This is especially true when other area hospitals do not offer bonuses. Also, if you think of it, it is only $4,000 per year, minus taxes-which really doesn't add up to much. Once you are passed orientation in an ED, you will probably be given plenty of opportunity to receive OT, which will easily pass the $4,000 per year figure. So, I say go with what you would love doing and it will all work out in the end. Just try to imagine yourself 6 months into a job that you hate, with 2 1/2 years more to go----Will the extra $$$ matter at that point?
  4. by   ukstudent
    Choose the job. Money is good and if all else is equal then get the better paying job. But things aren't equal here. Go to the ER if that is what will get you out of bed each day with a smile. Being happy is soooo important.
  5. by   KattSRN
    Hi ! I am also in the same dilema. I got two job offers.
    Hospital A - is a 153 bed hospital, offered me a position in DOU (which is my 2nd choice) pay is much higher, with shift and weekend differential, even the day after thanksgiving is considered a holiday. Everyone that I talked to really likes working there,,even my friends that are still students.

    hospital B - which is a bigger hospital is hiring me for the operating room (which is my "dream job" and passion), base pay is $10 less..but has sign on bonus, employee referral(my friend will give me half:spin: ), tuition reimbursement. has better benefits.

    Both hospitals have a great new grad programs and both managers - I can tell will give me great support during my first year as a RN. and from talking to employees from both hospitals , both really take care of their RNs.

    I've been really thinking about it and I chose the OR because like what they say "find a job you like and you'll never have to work a day in your life" even though that it's a $20,000 a year difference which was very tempting coz I have a lot of student loans and debts, I chose the place where i would really be happy and like what ukstudent said being happy is important, I want to wake up each day knowing that i'll be going to a place where I want to be. thanks.
  6. by   hlfpnt
    Definately the job. For myself, the idea of bonus money isn't impressive because it usually means a contract. I like the freedom of making my own choices. I'm not exactly happy with where I'm at, but at least I know I have the freedom to go if I so choose. I think that's part of what's making it bearable enough to keep going til my first year is done. It's good training that can't be found just anywhere, but I can take it with me wherever I go.
  7. by   MrChicagoRN
    Money is a short term motivator.

    As long as the dream job provides a decent salary & benefit package, go for it.

    Why get into a bad position for what amounts to $1.92 per hour for 3 years?

    Apply for the dream job. When they offer it, tell them you really want it, but some hospitals are offering bonuses. See if they'll sweeten the pot at all.
    If not, take it anyway: tell them you'll be happy to come work with them.
  8. by   neneRN
    Go for the job that will make you happy...money doesn't make a difference if you're miserable every day. As another poster mentioned, there's probably a catch as to WHY the one facility offers a sign on bonus.
  9. by   tamari07
    I'd definitely choose a job based on my satisfaction versus money. Money is NEVER worth it if you are unhappy. Typically if you are offered a sign-on bonus the hospital is desparate for staff that the bonus is the only way to draw nurses and try to keep them... usually that shows a high turn-over of unhappy nurses.
  10. by   bassplayerrob
    Take the job you will be happy with. Money isn't everything!
  11. by   youknowho
    Take the dream job.
  12. by   nyapa
    I would say the job. But look at your reasons first. If your dream job doesn't cover your financial requirements, then regardless of whether you are satisfied at work, your stress levels at home could rise because you may not be able to keep commitments. If you can however financially manage, then definitely, choose the job. Best of luck with your decision
  13. by   abundantjoy07
    Take the Money Take the Money!!!!


  14. by   linzz
    The job, assuming the salary is reasonable. I am just starting my RN but when I am done my top priority is a good orientation in a hospital that is not a nightmare to work at. I think that this is critical when starting out as there is so much to learn.