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neneRN has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency, Trauma.

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  1. neneRN

    Advice for ED Nurse on orientation

    I understand your rationale of watching to get a feel for things...but best advice I can give is to learn this line "What can I do to help?" Every time you're in that situation where you're maybe not sure what to do or are trying to learn how to handle things, say this to the nurse in charge of that patient. Trust me, they'll give you something to do to help! Gets you in there actually doing hands on, getting the experience, and nothing gets you accepted faster by your co-workers than being always willing to pitch in.
  2. I'm a Trauma Program Manager, previously an ER nurse...setting up trauma policies and protocols is a big part of what I do and would be happy to help in any way. Shands hospital (not where I work) actually posts all of their trauma policies/protocols online and is a great resource if you're just getting started...huge wealth of information...link is: http://www.shands.org/hospitals/UF/professionals/Trauma/guidelines08.asp
  3. I would say something with anxiety or even depression; single mom living with pain for 2 years, trouble sleeping, not eating, warm baths help...
  4. neneRN

    Fast Meal Ideas

    My quickest meals revolve around the rotisserie chickens from Publix...I just pair it with refrigerated mashed potatoes and a big salad...or shred it and mix with Frank's hot sauce and shredded cheeses and make buffalo quesadillas...or cut up and mix together with that 90 second microwaveable wild grain rice, thawed chopped spinach, and some feta or goat cheese. Another quickie is to use those bobolli pizza crusts and make your own pizza, we like to top with spinach and tomatoes or just pepperoni for the kids; takes only 10 minutes to cook.
  5. neneRN


    Post what you've done so far or how you think you would start these problems...or specifically what you don't understand...more apt to get help if readers can see where you're coming from...otherwise looks like a plea for answers:)
  6. neneRN

    How many miles/minutes do you drive to work?

    Probably less than 4 miles, about 10 minutes...
  7. neneRN

    Florida FNP

    Watching friends struggle through this has actually changed my mind about going the ARNP route...one works 3 part time NP jobs as can't find a great full time one, 2 have been out of school over a year and still work as RNs, 1 found a full time in a specialty she loves, but hospital pays barely more for an NP than it does for an RN. I will say, though, that the NPs who have been around for a while have some great spots and they wouldn't give them up...I think its a matter of toughing it out for a few years while you get NP experience, and then the better jobs open up to you...FL isn't a great state for NPs in general.
  8. If you have found an area that you love, go for it! Med-surg is a good foundation, but just like any other specialty, it has its own mindset...do Med-surg if that's where you want to stay or if you haven't found a niche, it is a good starting point. I went right into ED as a new grad and never regretted it...stayed for almost 8 years until I was ready for a change.
  9. neneRN

    Priority Questions

    Always go with Airway, Breathing, and Circulation to prioritize. Beyond that, in prioritizing what you can do for the patient: assessing first is always a big thing. Also, the NCLEX tends to want you to perform a nursing action if that is an option, don't assume you have a doctor's order if it isn't stated in the question. Those ones are tricky, always seems like you can narrow it down to two good answers:(
  10. neneRN

    Where do you work?

    What type of facility do you work in? Hospital What unit? Trauma Program Manager Do you work part-time or full time? Full time What type of shifts do you work? Usually 7-3:30, but hours are flexible as long as I do 40. What do you generally do? Ensure we meet State Standards for Trauma Center Accreditation through performance improvement, injury prevention, education. Work with all staff and docs involved in trauma care, EMS, outside agencies for injury prevention.
  11. neneRN

    Polk Community College

    Yes, I work in Polk County...and I think a certain amount of weeding out (the TV show wannabes!) is required...
  12. neneRN

    Polk Community College

    Graduated from PCC in 2001...excellent program, in my opinion graduates come out much better prepared than other local programs. Yes, a large portion don't make it past Nursing I, but you get back what you are willing to put into it...
  13. neneRN

    Ten reason to date a nurse:)

    Actually, we have a huge supply in our ER! (Hand them out to those Dx with STDs, etc)
  14. neneRN

    Three things...

    The almighty patient satisfaction campaign and Press Gainey surveys... Higher ups that treat staff members differently according to who the "pets" are... Pts coming in that haven't bathed in weeks and need foleys....
  15. neneRN

    dropped lung during central line

    We ALWAYS order a CXR before we can use the line...
  16. neneRN

    Common Medications

    Same as above poster except Phenergan (its no longer used in the facility)... and I would add Cardizem, Levaquin, Solumedrol, Td, insulin, ASA...