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HI, I took the NCLEX yesterday and think I failed. The computer stopped at 105 or 106 questions and I felt it was pretty hard. I came home and looked up some of the "easy" questions I remembered and... Read More

  1. by   Sabira
    I haven't taken it yet but two friends from school who are both total brains took it last week- 1 passed with 75 and the other passed with 265. It goes to show that knowledge doesn't necesarily effect the outcome of how many test questions one will get.
  2. by   jgdlss
    Found out today after the worst 47 hours of my life that I passed today with 75 questions!!!!!! It was horrible, but I just kept telling myself if I made through nursing school, I can pass the boards. Good Luck.
  3. by   kendel
    please help, whats the best way to study for the nclex rn
    i am overwhelmed right now and feel confused with so much information
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Passed with 75 on june 18th.

    Anywho... What I did was look at the test plan and use the saunders CD to practice questions. If you have this CD just go under "client Needs" and those are the four categories that are on the NCLEX.

    I did questions for two weeks off and on, probably about 50-100 a day if that.

    Good luck

  5. by   LindseyLou2222
    I passed with 98 questions. No math.
  6. by   Medwynn
  7. by   may8523
    I passed with 99 Questions.
  8. by   carriebaby1208
    i took 140 questions this past saturday and knew for a fact that i had failed....to my surprsie I looked at the BON website Monday at midnight and saw that I now have a license!!
  9. by   Clarise
    Took NCLEX this past Monday, July 2, 2007 and passed with 75 questions
  10. by   ORNURSETOBE
    75 questions in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Passed.
  11. by   cousx2
    I took it on Monday, 7/2. To my shock, I passed with 75 questions.
  12. by   jlouden_rn
    I took it on Monda 7/2, had all 265 questions, took 5 1/2 hours, found out Wednesday night I passed! (I had walked out there CONVINCED that I was going to re-take it...I was in for the shock of my life when I found out otherwise)!
  13. by   Kristin_collegemom
    Passed with 75