We Can Do It

  1. Hi, This forum always has so much downer stuff on it, somebody has to like something!!!
    Staying positive really helps, sure even an experienced has horrible days, Please reply to me about something positive you like!!!! It will make you feel better!!!
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  3. by   shanika1m1
    i really sound like my name is sunshine susie right lamo..
  4. by   Jules A
    Thank you for posting this! I often think misery loves company and people get sucked into venting and not doing proactive things to make changes when they are unhappy.

    Me? I love both my nursing jobs, my coworkers are for the most part awesome, the pay is good and I'm hoping to finish my BSN next semester. I'm getting ready to be ousted from this section because next month I'll have been a RN for a year!
  5. by   RNKel
    Thanks for this thread. I hope we get more replies! LOL

    I graduate in less than 6 weeks. I have a job lined up on the CVICU Stepdown unit. I'm nervous but so excited, too. I rarely come to this forum because of all of the downer posts... I need something positive and uplifting. LOL
  6. by   emtb2rn
    Something positive.....

    OK, how about - "I can't believe they actually pay me to do this stuff"
  7. by   RedhairedNurse
    Something positive?

    I saved a life last night!
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Great job, Britney! You'll remember that first one forever, I'll bet.

    I love my job, I love what I do. And my coworkers rock. Yesterday I had a train wreck of a patient -- septic, very very sick, diminishing LOC, hypotensive, hyperglycemic, hyperkalemic, kidneys totally cashed (seriously, I had someone else check my Foley placement because there was NO urine ... I've been placing Foleys for 4+ years, and knew I was in the right place, but NADA ... no urine, even after 20mg of Lasix! Not good.). She was VERY labor intensive, as you might imagine. But my charge nurse picked up the slack and helped with two of my other patients, who were both minor extremity traumas, so I could focus on getting my sickie everything she needed. I had another patient besides those three, and I was able to get to her in a timely fashion because my coworker/charge nurse helped without hesitation. It helps so, so much to have a supportive environment where your coworkers don't sit on their tails and watch you sink. I feel great about where I work, and the support I get as a new nurse.
  9. by   RedhairedNurse
    Yeah, I just don't know if he wanted to be saved. That's the sad part.
    But no DNR; the family didn't want to "think about it."
  10. by   WildcatFanRN
    Happy things. Hmmm, I finally will start working as an RN next month I'm getting married on the 23rd and for the most part I have enjoyed being a nurse. I've met wonderful people both patients and coworkers. I still remember talking to this one veteran who's stories sounded so much like my dad's I nearly didn't realize that the shift was soon ending and that I was now behind on my med pass....that's how good the conversation was. The guy needed the talk so I honestly didn't mind. And honestly, I wasn't all that behind.
  11. by   meluhn
    I especially love talking to the occassional pt I get that is really really old, like in their mid to late 90s and still are cognitively intact. They are so cool to talk to. I love asking them about their experiences and their childhood and what it was like growing up almost 100 years ago. They are so interesting, like living history. BTW--great idea for a topic.

    Oh yeah, I also absolutely love all my coworkers almost without exception, which is pretty rare. We work together like a well oiled machine.
  12. by   chicookie
    I am a control freak and I love when I take control of my shift. Being responsible for 6 patients is sometimes frustrating but sometimes I get a real rush from it. >_<
    Nursing and I have a love hate relationship.
  13. by   nenabee
    I love my coworkers to death. Yes, we are all stressed, but we cover for each other, there are no major fights. We find the humor in our jobs (otherwise we'd cry) at any oppurtunity.

    I am never bored at my job. Seriously. Sometimes the nights that are the worst I can laugh about later (after my shift is over of course.)

    Last night I opened a chart and saw admission orders written very clearly by one of our residents. Usually there are one or two things that need clarification but this one was perfect! IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS.

    The other day I suddenly realized that I had gotten very good at remembering things off the top of my head like labs that need to be drawn, at what time, and when to check them. Sometimes I'm able to tell who has a foley, who is a daily weight, who has a central line, who is a fingerstick, who is a possible discharge, etc, etc,etc without looking at my report sheet. It made me kind of happy

    Most of all though, I love how I'm working 4 nights in a row starting this weekend, then have 7 nights off---without using my vacation time.
  14. by   WildcatFanRN
    Quote from nenabee
    Most of all though, I love how I'm working 4 nights in a row starting this weekend, then have 7 nights off---without using my vacation time.

    That really does sound very, very, VERY NIIIIICE LOL.