The test is over.

  1. i saw my post earlier today and i thank those who took the time to read it and pray for me. i got to the testing site early and began my test at 1:30 pm and i finshed at 4:45 pm with 140 questions. i don't feel good about it at all.

    my state doesn't participate in the quick results notification so i have to wait to find out results.

    i wished i could say i know i passed, but i don't. i didn't have any new format questions nor med calculations. i have a little bit of psych, med/surg peds/ob and questions about medications, teaching, etc.

    i thought i would fall out of my chair when my computer didn't stop at 75, then it notified me of break time and then 140 questions and it stopped. what a feeling that rush through you when you want to stop but want more questions to have a chance to pass.

    well, i am going to search the boards for a while and then prepare myself for work tomorrow.

    once again, thanks for your prayers and support.
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  3. by   pokey sn
    Love a nurse, we are both in the same boat. Stay positive, because you know you prepared enough as much as you could. The test is OVER and I guess the hardest thing that both you and I have to do is wait.
    When I walked out the testing center, I wanted to cry but then I realized that I got through nursing school with good grades, I was safe in clinical, and now on job as a GN, I'm doing very well. The test was over and second guessing myself would increase the torment of waiting. So I've decided to stay busy and not stress.
    My test had about 40-60% of priority, management of care questions. A couple pharm questions, about 4 nutrition questions, a few OB, and psych. Also one disaster drill and a couple teaching questions. I didn't get any calculations either ( I kept feeling that I should have---WHY DIDN"T IGET ANY?!?!....get a grip, Pokey ) and no new format questions. I cut off at 75 but that is no comfort.
    Any way, love a nurse, we are in the same boat. Keep remembering God didn't bring us this far to let us down. WE WILL PASS!!!
  4. by   Tweety
    Hang in there. Almost 99.9% of us leave the test not knowing if we passed or failed. Try not to obsess about it, (yeah right), and treat yourself extra special today and in the coming days.

    Good luck!
  5. by   leraern
    Hang In There!!!!!!!! I'm Sure You Passed. There Was Someone Else On The Site That Passed With 175 Questions, I Forget Who It Was. Anyway, I Got 101 Questions And I Felt The Same Way You Did. Just Try To Remember, Its Not The # Of Questions, It Your Minimal Level Of Competency. So, If You Got Thru School, I'm Sure You Passed. But I Will Be Praying For You. Keep Your Head Up!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   jam0601
    I got to thinking about this when I spoke with some of my class mates who have taken the test. None of them have had calculations. Don't you think that that is odd, that as a nurse they are not testing us on calculations? I do.

    Just my thoughts
  7. by   mom and nurse
    Hang in there.....waiting can be hard....... I've never met anyone who left the testing center really feeling certain that they'd passed. Hugs to you....
  8. by   RNIAM
    How long does it take when you are waiting for your results? We have the quick response here, so I found out in two days. I know that feeling of uncertainty. I wish the best for you!
  9. by   happystudent
    Just keep breathing..............You will find out soon enuff! That you Passed, that is....
  10. by   GPatty
    c'mon....we all have the faith....remember?
    keep the faith?

    you're one of the best, and we all know you passed.
    i will pray now that god eases your anxiety about it and let's it come quickly for you...
  11. by   jnette
    Pulling for ya, Love-a-nurse !!!

    one breath at a time, ok?
  12. by   RN2Be
    happy thoughts and more happy thoughts...i think you will be just fine.
  13. by   presC.
    hi loveanurse,
    again, HE is faithful to HIS promises.. God bless you!
  14. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thanks everyone.