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  1. I will be graduating in May...What are the current income ranges for new nurses? I hope to work in either the Surgery Department or the Emergency Department. I live in Cincinnati and I will graduate with honors. I heard the income for new nurses is around $42,000, my wife seems to think it is closer to $50,000. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions? Thanks!
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  3. by   KimRN03
    Here in MN working at a Level 1 Trauma Center, $22.29 per hour for new grads with a $1000 sign on bonus.
  4. by   Anniekins
    I am also from Ohio and will graduate this May. I just got hired, and accepted a position today on a Surgical floor, for $23.03/hour. That is SALARY, an interesting concept but I'll take it. :spin:

    I also recieved 7,500 in tuition reembursement at the beginning of school this year, in exchange for working at this hospital for one year! Not a bad deal at all! I'm very excited to start! :hatparty:
  5. by   emily_rn_03
    I just started at a hospital in MN and I am making 23.92/hr. The relocation package was awesome. They paid for a hotel stay and meals so I could find housing, they paid for my entire move, and I also got a $1000 relocation bonus.
  6. by   orrnlori
    If you can start as a new grad at 50,000/year grab it! I think the 42,000 is much more realistic unless you want to work some serious overtime.
  7. by   jazznkate
    I live here in Los Angeles CA and I will be starting at $52,400 a year. Anyways Congratulations, I bet you're very excited to graduate.
  8. by   ManEnough is a great resource for salary information. 52K is nothing to sneeze at!
  9. by   kimmicoobug
    I make $24 an hour and pick up maybe one shift of overtime a pay period, usually a weekend shift, which is double time. I have brought home some fat paychecks.
  10. by   pokey sn
    In my area the average starting rate of pay for new grads is between $21-24 an hour plus shift differentials of $3-$4 and weekend pay of $3-4 more an hour. The sign on bonus are usually in the southern part of the state like Yale new haven hospital and greenwich hospital.

  11. by   casper1
    Rochester New York my facility new RN grads start 17.50 hour. Sign on bonus of $7,500. Paid over a 1 1/2 yr period.
  12. by   Havin' A Party!
    $23 / hour in southeastern PA.

    BTW, congrats!
  13. by   chellevrn
    $26.47/hour at Robert Wood Johnson Univ. Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. The places I looked into were offering around $23-26/hr. Congratulations on graduating!!
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  14. by   TMnurse
    I think someone wrote 42K... I would think that is the least you'd make unless your in cow town USA where 42K might be a lot. Check out it is pretty accurate in my exp. In Chicago you should expect the mid to high 40s straight salary. My hospital has a 20% shift dif so if you work afternoons or weekends your at something like $55,000s... or work days and put in some OT. Say 10 hours a week OT--you should be right around $60,000 (at least) That's at 1.5 for OT but my hospital pays 1.7 for OT. Good Luck. PS-there are some aggressive workers I know cracking close to a 60 hour work week. Crazy I know but do the math... you end up closer to 100K than 50K for sure. Good Luck