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Hi there I am wondering what people take for their lunch or dinner breaks when they do their shifts? During lunch period I am not organised to bring anything in, so I go to the bistro. I would... Read More

  1. by   RNSuzq1
    Quote from EmerNurse
    I work nights and the cafe is closed. If we plan to eat something real, we have to bring it. And it never fails, IF I remember to bring in a nice packed lunch, I will NOT have time to remember I brought it, let alone eat it.

    If I have nothing with me, I'll have time to eat, and be scrounging around for a few crackers and juice. The law of nursing luck I guess.
    Seems like I have the same problem as Emer: Recently started at a hospital that has a 24/7 cafe (sounded good), but realized all they offer over night are soggy tuna or chicken sandwiches made the day before or - greasy stuff from the grill, so I started bringing lunch. If I go to the trouble to "make something decent to eat" - I'm too busy to eat it. I "always" have time to eat on the nights I only bring a yogurt. I've been really sick with the flu, last night I was hungry for the first time in a month - brought great left-overs from home - pork roast, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob. Got a break to eat at 3am, opened the tupperware to put in the microwave and the entire meal fell on the floor.:angryfire

    I had a banana, ate that and went right back to work. The sweet thing, my co-workers asked why I was back so soon, I told them my dinner ended up on the floor - everyone of them pulled money out of their pockets, telling me to go get something from the cafe. I didn't take their money, but wow, nice to know I work with such a nice group of people.
  2. by   MauraRN
    What is a lunch break? I keep a couple of Luna energy bars in my pants pocket and munch them during med passes.
  3. by   dazey71
    I live off of TV dinners. We all buy the smart ones tv dinners. It gets kind of confusing when you're trying to remember what tv dinner you brought.
    I like the subway idea. I just wish there was a subway that was open at 6am. I'd buy a 12 inch so I could have lunch and dinner.
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from dazey71
    It gets kind of confusing when you're trying to remember what tv dinner you brought.
    Write your name on the box with a Sharpie! I started doing that with my yogurt on nights, when I don't bring a meal, just snacks. Seems that when I don't put my name on it, someone eats it...
  5. by   pirap
    Yea I agree with you--LUNCH/DINNER what is that?? The other day there was a homeless man at the corner of the highway near the hospital holding a sign for money. It was sooo cold outside..anyway I GAVE HIM MY LUNCH MONEY BECAUSE I KNEW I WOULDN'T NEED IT!!!! I NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO TAKE A LUNCH!!!! I'm not being mean by saying that about the homeless man..I am for real...the whole irony of the thing just about made me crack up. Anyhow..I try to bring a sandwich or fruit or sometimes I eat the crackers on the floor that is for "patient consumption only."
  6. by   TigerGalLE
    Well I am a new nurse... actually today was my 2nd day on orientation. My preceptor and I (who is young, cool, and super smart)... ran around like chickens with our heads cut off... It was crazy.. we didn't get to eat until 2:30.... When you eat breakfast at 6:00am that gets really hard! And yesturday we didn't eat until 2:00. So I'm going to have to get used to this not eating thing...

    I always make my lunch the night before... So then I don't have to worry about it in the morning. I either take left overs or a sandwich and a salad... something easy... (I would do this when I worked as a tech also and it works great)

    And if you are afraid of forgetting the wonderful lunch you made.. .put ur car keys in it!! Then you'll have to grab it before you walk out the door...

    I also set my coffee pot the night before.. So i wake up to a fresh pot and I don't even have to make it!! HAHA can you tell I'm NOT a morning person?
  7. by   Mulan
    I bring granola bars but I never have time to eat them. I get so dehydrated working one eight hour shift it takes me two days to get caught up on my fluids.
  8. by   charebec65
    Most of the time I have the chance to enjoy my lunch, I just eat while my patient is sleeping. Anyway, I usually take leftovers from the night before or a Healthy Choice type frozen meal. In addition, I'll put some fresh fruit in a spillproof container take it along with some light yogurt to dip it in. Sometimes I'll take oatmeal.
  9. by   nurseangel47
    Salad prepped the night before, dressing in a separate mini-container with tight lid (tupperware has them sold by the fours...), clear plastic little cup with lid....and either a frozen healthy dinner microwaveable for time's sake since lunch/supper time is limited in health care delivery facilities these days, or a healthy sandwich and chips/fruit...LOTs of water, or low cal juices since you tend to not rehydrate yourself during shifts when on the go...think: insensible loss of water, if not dripping with perspiration, you're still expiring water from lungs, stress=increased perspiration, etc.
    I usually just prepare more at supper the night before and take leftovers...nothing says comfort food like your own home cookin'!
  10. by   RNSuzq1
    Hi Tiger,

    Thanks for the suggestion about putting the car keys in with your lunch - I'm going to start doing that. I hate to admit that I'm so disorganized that I keep forgetting my meals, but I work nights and I'm usually trying to start dinner for the family and help the kids with homework before I leave at 6pm - so it gets a little hectic.

    About not eating until 2/2:30 - if you're working 12 hour shifts, that sounds about right. At nights, things "usually" slow down enough by 2am for most of to grab something to eat. Good luck with your new job, Susan
  11. by   clee1
    Quote from Mulan
    ...I get so dehydrated working one eight hour shift it takes me two days to get caught up on my fluids.
    You might wanna consult a doc about that.
  12. by   RN and Mommy
    I usually bring a Smart Ones meal and some fruit
  13. by   Ruby Vee
    leftovers -- i love leftovers! (or, as someone said, "planovers.") i've invested in the little tiny tupperware for salad dressing, and i bring salads, too. it takes about 10 minutes to throw together a salad to bring to work as long as you keep the ingredients in your refrigerator. you really do save money and eat healthier when you bring your own meals!