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I have been working on an extremely busy med/tele unit for about 7 months..........and I hate it. Nursing is not what I thought it was. I dont have to explain y, you guys already know. I am looking... Read More

  1. by   Lilnurse0803
    Hello All,

    I can totally relate to the pains of the OP. I am in my fifth month on a L&D unit and a combination of what the OP listed with the fact that I really do not love L&D like I imagined has made it really difficult to want to go back to work every day. The staffing is the most brutal aspect of the unit, not to mention the nonexistent NA's and the ones that are there are too good to lift a hand to help. Every shift there is an issue with nurses calling out or coming in hours late, making it hard to leave at a decent time. Management lacks much authority there cause they are easily stepped on.

    Last week, I had to work 24 hours straight, without a break, just because the night nurses called out; all of them. Only a per diem nurse showed up. I am on my last month of orientation and just because all the more senior nurses decided that they were walking out, I got caught with the short end of the stick. Now, that is not only dangerous for my license, but to the well being of my patients. I am still on orientation, yet I had to stay another 12.5 hours functioning on what little I could offer. Thankfully, the night passed without incident, but whose to say next time will be that smooth? I do not plan to be around for that one.

    I have been thinking about switching altogether to a new hospital and new specialty, primarily because my hospital does not have educators and preceptors in all departments, especially where they are most needed. L&D is one of them and learning has been primarily a self teaching process. After doing these 5 months, I find that L&D bores me with its routine. I need more variety and more of a challenge. I think Critical Care may be what I need to challenge me.

    I can relate as a new nurse to the pain of the OP and feel horrible for all who are suffering this, both the new and the experienced. As nurses, we have options and should really consider finding a place that is safer and somewhat more tolerable. At the end of the day, work is work, not play, but it should not cause undue stress and severe anxiety just because we have to go back to that unsafe and scary place.

    Best of luck to all who need that change. May you find what makes your heart content.
  2. by   ohmeowzer RN
    Quote from smileysenior
    1. The long work hours, you never get off on time, 12 hour shifts turn into 16s
    2. Being harassedto come in on your days off and being made to feel guilty if u dont
    3. working on holidays
    4. No compassion, u walk around vomiting with a 103 temp and they wont let you go home, yet u are expected to be compassionate and come in extra, stay late, work under backbreaking conditions with too many critical patients
    5. Constant threats of being sued from patients and familiy
    6. Drama from coworkers
    7. People trying to write u up for stupi BS
    8. Anal retentive nurses
    9. Night shift vs day shift drama
    10. vultures
    11. No respect or appreciation from anyone
    12. anxiety, stress, depression
    13. being edgy and moody all the time
    14. ruining your health due to lack of sleep, stress, mental issues, eating crap
    15. being criticized for little things
    16. back problems
    17. catching illnesses like crazy
    18. the 4 years of school i went through only to be a high tech babysitter because everyone thinks u are stupid and ur job is so easy
    19. sucking up to rude people
    20. people who think the hospital is a hotel and demand stupid BS
    21. calling MDs for everything- they get irritated
    22. feeling burnout
    23. shall I go on?

    I wish I had known this when I was in school.
    yes that is all true. i have been a nurse for 21 years and you speak the truth. yet , i deal with it all every day. i just don't interlize it. i go do my work , do my job and take it a day at a time. i work with many new grads and they feel the same way. but i really love most of my patients and like to see people get better. through all those clouds there all rainbows. i understand how you feel. some people arn't ment to be nurses. i think you are a better nurse than you think you are. have you looked into other areas in nursing? i wish you luck and happiness what ever you do. give yourself a hug for me.
  3. by   ohmeowzer RN
    Quote from FutureNurse35
    Find something else to do before you hurt someone.
    i see no indication that smiley would hurt anyone. nursing is very stressful and people handle stress differently. she speaks the truth.. nursing is a job that is taxing to your health and your mind. if thats how smiley feels than i accept it. and i have expirenced most of what she says. smiley has a right to express her feelings. i have been a nurse for 21 years .. well actually 22 this month (wow i feel old) .
    good luck in school future and please keep us updated on how you are doing.
  4. by   DarciaMoonz
    I can relate to all of that stuff on your list, but I think it will get better... I hope it will anyways. I've only gotten out of work on time twice, and that was during the first two days of orientation. Now I get out an hour or so later, and go home shower off all the icky stuff, and hit the sac. I've tried to explain to my friends who are not doing this that it is more of a mental and emotional drain than it is physical and that is why when I get home I don't want to be bothered. Well whatever you chose to do, I hope you find what feels right for you, good luck.
  5. by   blueiwahine
    [QUOTE=smileysenior;1982562]1. The long work hours, you never get off on time, 12 hour shifts turn into 16s
    2. Being harassedto come in on your days off and being made to feel guilty if u dont
    3. working on holidays

    AMEN! to all of that...I totally relate with you...I've been nursing for 1 year...I wanted to quit everyday...I finally just went to work PRN at 2 different facilities...I'm alot happier...I can make my own schedule...I can work as much as I want...they still call everyday for me to come to work...but I've learned to say no...and I can always say I have to work at my other job...lol Don't give up on nursing...just try a different area...you'll eventually find your calling. Hugs~!
  6. by   mb166504
    THank you so much for this reply. I feel like such a failure not doing actual "hospital nursing". But I've tried it, and it's not for me. I am not giving the care that patients deserve, because i am so unhappy. I have decided to do school Nursing, which i loved in nursing school (I followed a wonderful school nurse for 12 weeks). It has taken a lot to make this decision, because i feel like the other nurses i graduated with look down to it, and don't really think it is "real nursing:. Thank you for making me realize it is real nursing, and it is so refreshing to hear you say you feel more like a nurse then ever!
  7. by   Sterren
    Quote from smileysenior
    3. working on holidays
    6. Drama from coworkers
    8. Anal retentive nurses
    12. anxiety, stress, depression
    These are the only items from your list I could say I've dealt with, and I believe that in most jobs you will encounter drama, anxiety/stress, and anal retentive coworkers. If your mind is made up to leave nursing then I wish you well. My suggestion would be to try a different floor or hospital before you decide nursing as a whole is wrong for you. You might just be on the wrong floor. I don't think I'd like working as a nurse on your floor, either - it sounds awful. They aren't all that way.
  8. by   SoundofMusic
    OH, OP, I so know how you feel. I hate it also at times. After almost a year now, though, and as the shock of it all is wearing off, I can actually almost, almost laugh at many of the items on your list. I guess I've adjusted to the reality and shock as a new grad.

    I don't plan to do the bedside thing forever. I feel I'm working in this hellatious area now, to get my experience. And valuable experience it is -- From here I plan to go after a masters degree and try to work my way into something less stressful. But to make good money is always stressful.

    My problem is that nothing else pays as well or allows me so much time off. I can really combine this w/ a family. I document like hell to cover my butt with everything that happens, and do the best job I can. I can't stand many of my co-workers and can hardly even stand a few of the patients . . ..but some of them I'm getting to like and I'm appreciative of many of my co-workers who go to great lengths to help me when I'm in trouble.

    Some of my total PITA patients I am even start to laugh at and even have a fondness for ....I don't understand how, but I do.

    I dont know. It's a love/hate thing for me.

    I find myself truly utterly ignoring the people I don't like at work. I mean -- I don't even look at them. They are waste of my mental energy. I have learned who I can pleasantly deal with and I just gravitate towards those folks. Doctors I have learned to forgive also, as I know many of them are extremely overworked and THEY TOO, take lots of abuse off of patients and families.

    It's not easy. I cried the other day after work frm the exhaustion and stress. I felt overworked and ignored at work ... but I just go home and enjoy life and forget about it. Someday I will find something better, but for now I'm "paying my dues."