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blueiwahine has 7 years experience.

Married, Graduated 2006 BSN degree

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  1. Really disappointed with the reality of nursing.

    AMEN! I feel the same way. I was so excited while in nursing school...boy was my bubble burst when I got into the real world. I had the compassion...just no time to fully use it. Then add to management never finding a good thing to say about anything...
  2. New School Nurse CPS situation has arisen

    Thank you for the info. There is so much for me to still learn. I am so grateful for sites like this.
  3. New School Nurse CPS situation has arisen

    I'm a new school nurse to this district. Secretary tells me that counselor is on phone, counselor at training out of town. Secretary updates me: child in class not doing work, teacher asks her why not doing work. Child says grandpa beat her with a be...
  4. Is it age, or is it overwhelming to be a nurse?

    I think age does have a lot to do it, our bodies aren't as resilient as they were in our younger days. I got my degree at 42 and at the time more physically fit, than I am now and it still was hard. I'm now a school nurse, and although the hours are ...
  5. Not potty trained

    This child has been an angel, the issue was overexaggerated. The child comes occasionally...he has never been wet, just wants to change his pullup because one side has broken....he basically changes himself, I may have to assist occasionally. If they...
  6. We were urged to get out on time, due to not paying us for extreme excess time over. I worked nights so it was a little easier to get paperwork done. Everyone told me before I went to work at the nursing home that the work was excessive. It's impossi...
  7. Not potty trained

    Thanks all...this is great info. I know with time I will adapt what works for my office and incorporate all the other things I have to learn. I'm excited about the year. I know with is always a new learning experience where ever you go.
  8. Not potty trained

    Thanks for the info...Any advice is great...when I got previous life skills position started mid year...all plans had already been I really have no experience with the IHP writing.
  9. Not potty trained

    Here's a question...have a child 2nd grader, coming back to school after being homeschooled last year. He is not potty trained, still in pullups. Here's a little history... autistic, speech impaired, also had a grand mal seizure first time this year....
  10. epipen STAT or wait?

    Great info!
  11. Rules for the School Nurse's Office

    I love all these...they are funny but oh so needed. " )
  12. Daily log documentation, IEPs and health plans

    I just accepted a school nurse position too...thanks everyone for the tips. Our school uses computer skyward, which I haven't learned yet..hear it is a bit complicated
  13. 2 job!!!!!!!!

    School Nursing is the best to maintain a normal family life, not having to work 12 hr shifts, weekend, holidays and possible being on call. I guess it all depends on how much you need a higher income...because school nursing pays about 1/2 of what yo...
  14. Thanks...I let my NASN membership lapse when I left the other job...I am going to join back up with them.
  15. I just accepted a School Nurse position for Elementary/Jr High ( PK-6,7-9) over about a 1000 kids. I was a Elementary Life Skills Nurse several years back. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for starting a School Nurse position. My prev...

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