How do you deal with working weekends?

  1. As a young, unmarried nurse, I am very much bothered by the fact that I have to work weekends. I know that some people even prefer working weekends, but I despise working weekends. That has got to be the thing that I HATE the most about being a nurse. It's not that I like the weekends to go out and party all night. I just want to go out and play with my friends who do have 9-5 M-F work schedule. They go and ski in the winter and go camping/hiking in spring/summer. I miss out on it a lot. I know it's only every other weekend, but it's still a hell of a lot. I'm about to finish a training program in ICU and already wanting to go per diem because of mandatory every other weekend on as a regular staff nurse. I'm actually considering leaving nursing or even getting my NP for the sole purpose of having a regular M-F 9-5 schedule like my friends and family I just want to know how you deal with such a schedule?
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  3. by   gt4everpn
    I know the feeling, people call in in droves on weekends at my facility! I guess I'm used to it because my entire family is in healthcare I hardly know anyone with a 9-5 schedule, If your working perdiem you should be able to make your own schedule, at my facility its mandatory to work 2 weekends a month! Nursing is flexible, if your willing to work with an agency or a facility that hires perdiems you should be able to avoid it!
  4. by   Xenawarrierprincess
    I don't mind weekends at all.
    I am divorced, and the two youngest kids spend that time with their dad. It's a great way to rack up the hours without taking away from the kids.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Free standing day surgery centers . . . .open M-F from 7-ish to 6-ish . . depending on the surgery. And NO weekends or holidays.

    Per diem is a good idea too . . .pick your own schedule.

  6. by   suzanne4
    Most per diem jobs still have requirements for holidays and weekends with a minimum number that you must sign up for. If the census is down, you can ask to be cancelled first, but most still make you sign up for some. And they can be anywhere from two to four shifts per month.

    Agency may work out better for you, where you hand select when you wish to work. But be aware that facility needs may not meet your requirements all of the time, also depends on your specialty and experience.
  7. by   ava'smomRN
    i understand how you feel! i am lucky enough to have a job in the PACU where weekends only on call. but i truly understand how you feel. i feel like a professional shouldnt have to work weekends, but this is part of our profession..... anywho, i hope you find something different where you will have more weekends off.
  8. by   Imafloat
    I used to have issues with my hours, but one day I decided that nursing was 24/7 and it was my chosen field and I had to deal with it. Once I had the attitude change it wasn't so bad. I only work every third weekend so that probably makes it a bit easier. Can you plan the activities for the weekends you are off? When my friends are planning something on the weekends they ask if it is a good weekend for me since I am the only one who works weekends. I enjoy having extra days off during the week, it is nice to go to the mall and run errands while everyone else is working their 9-5 job.
  9. by   santhony44
    Try making some friends with a similar schedule so that you can do things during the week.

    Also, be aware that not all NPs get every weekend off. A fair number of NP positions involve things like being on-call, which can include weekends.
  10. by   MelBel
    I know exactly how you feel! All of my friends/family other than those I met in Nursing school work M-F 9-5s. I don't mind working my schedule myself, but I do miss being with the people I love.

    I just applied for a job at my old agency, working with adults with developmental disabilities. This would be a no-weekend, no-holiday job, and I would like it better than tha hospital I'm sure!
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Nursing is such a big profession with so many facets . . . you will find something that fits your lifestyle better. Just keep looking. And don't settle.

  12. by   eccentricRN
    i entered nursing school knowing that i'd have to pay my dues. i am a mother so that requires me to work nights in order to be around when my son gets off of school & eliminate the need for daycare(my husband works evenings). i also knew i'd be required to work every other weekend. i don't like weekends anymore than anyone else, but i'm adult & realize that nursing is a 24/7 type of job, people don't avoid getting sick because they know i want to go out with my friends. if you didn't like the hours offered to you, you should have searched elsewhere. most nps have to be on call at some point. if you are truly interested in no weekends, try a clinic, although you may have to work an occasional sat, depending on where you work.
  13. by   RNDreamer
    I have always had a job working at least one weekend day. The only thing about it that bothers me is that in NYC, the trains and buses run a little slower than they do during the week. Other than that I am fine. Actually, when I start having kids, I hope to only work the weekends so that I can be there with my kids during the week.
  14. by   txspadequeenRN
    see i am just the opposite . i just cannot figure out why anyone would want to work m-f. i work weekend doubles 32 get paid for 40. two days and i am done, this leaves 5 days for whatever...