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jensfbay BSN

ICU, Triage, Home Health, soon-to-be FNP

I'll be graduating in 2021 for my FNP and cannot wait!

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jensfbay has 16 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU, Triage, Home Health, soon-to-be FNP.

The more I go to school and meet other nurses, the more proud I am to be a nurse.

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  1. jensfbay

    As a new NP, did you do a residency program?

    I’m sorry that has been your experience. I hope it has gotten better for you. I can only imagine how hard that could be
  2. We have very limited number of clinics that provide residency programs, so I plan on signing up to do Thrive AP (formerly known as MidlevelU) for a year as a novice NP. Has anybody done this program? What are your thoughts? For those of you who did not do a residency program, what was it that made you succeed and continue to thrive as an NP? I plan on doing primary care as an FNP. Thanks!
  3. jensfbay

    last year of FNP school but want PMHNP

    what an interesting advise, phil. Unfortunately, my current university does not have a PMHNP program 😞 I think that would've been a really good option otherwise. Thanks!
  4. Any practicing NPs here who have decided to get an additional certification while working? Here are some of the examples: 1. Working as an FNP while getting a PMHNP certification 2. Working as an FNP while getting an ACNP certification 3. Working as FNP while getting a Women's health NP certification How did you manage the work that you have while going to school? I'd love to hear your experience. What's your work schedule, school schedule, was your certification through an online program, etc? Thanks in advance
  5. jensfbay

    NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    I maybe a minority here. I have two kids, work part time, with a spouse who is supporting us, and I'm in my last year of 3 year DNP program. I took a loan to pay 50% of my tuition. The other 50% was through scholarship and my own money. In between breaks, I'd work extra to pay to save up for tuition. I still will owe a lot of student loan. It's gonna suck to pay for this, but I'm thankful for the advancement opportunity, knowledge, and skills that I'm gaining.
  6. jensfbay

    last year of FNP school but want PMHNP

    Thank you! That's anther great and specific suggestion- geri-psych rotation. I understand your comment about the tuition assistance and low pay in teaching. That's definitely a factor to consider. Thank you for such an informative answer
  7. jensfbay

    last year of FNP school but want PMHNP

    That's a great suggestion, WestCoastSunRN!. Do you happen to know if it's appropriate for NP students to get a psych clinical rotation? I would very much like to request that (I go to a brick and mortar school where they chose clinicals for us). Also, of course, what I'm concerned about too is the tuition/costs that comes with getting post-grad certification. I'm thinking about possibly teaching at a university that offers a PMHNP certification, so I can get some tuition assistance. Not sure if you or anybody are familiar with such a set up.
  8. jensfbay

    last year of FNP school but want PMHNP

    I'd like your non-judgmental advice please I'm on my last year of my DNP FNP program and becoming more and more interested in becoming a PMHNP. My school does not offer PMHNP, so I do not have the option to simply change specialty within the program. My decision is to continue and finish my FNP and get PMHNP post DNP certificate after Any suggestions/thoughts?
  9. Other than hospital or inpatient, where else can I find an FNP job that has the 3-12 hour shift schedule? I don't mind working every other weekends. Thanks
  10. jensfbay

    FNP to PMHNP

    are you an FNP who decided to get a certificate for PMHNP? Are you doing the program now? I'd love to hear your thoughts/experience since I'm thinking of doing the same. Thanks!
  11. jensfbay

    Drexel University PMHNP 2019

    When I did ACE BSN at Drexel, I remember having clinical rotations on weekdays & weekends, Saturday only.
  12. jensfbay


    Nothing wrong with WSU program. I just really preferred more SPU because of the small class sizes. The instructors seem to have close relationships with students and there are students who had finished the program andhad nothjng bad to say about it. Oh, SPU is Seattle Pacific University. I'm 3 weeks in í ½í¸©
  13. jensfbay


    I applied and got in but I chose a different school
  14. jensfbay

    Average pay in your state?

    Hello. Transitioning from floor/icu nursing to telephonic/advice nurse position. I have over 10 years of experience and will be working per diem but not quite sure what to ask for when it comes to my base pay. To give you an idea, the HR told me that starting is $30/hour, midpoint is $41/hour. This is in Seattle area. Since i have years of experience bedside nursing, and will not be getting benefits as a per diem nurse, I'm thinking of asking to get paid $50/hour. Is that too much? Please consider the fact that Seattle has one of the highest cost of living in the US and therefore the average pay for nurses is higher than the national average. Thank you all and appreciate your input.
  15. jensfbay

    Low RN pay

    SF bay area median price of home is $900,000 (per Trulio) NEW RN STARTING salary $52/hour (lower than average paying hospital, some start at $60/hour) A per diem nurse with 10 years of experience is getting paid $100/hour (not including the differentials) Seattle area median price of home is $732,000 (per Trulio) New RN starting salary $32/hour per diem nurse with 10 years of experience $47/hour I have yet to do further detailed research on the statistics, but does this make sense? The decrease in cost of living is not enough to compensate for the BIG loss of income. How can we better advocate for ourselves? How can we mobilize our own so that we can advocate for ourselves? Washington nurses, we need to wake up! This huge discrepancy is driving me to activism, which I am not...
  16. jensfbay

    optimal RN job for FNP student

    I am an RN with 2 years of tele and 7 years of trauma ICU experience. I will be starting school to be an FNP. It seems that ER would be a good work environment for a future NP; however, I do not have an ER experience. Although I am interested I working ER, it's just that some hospitals who do train experienced RNs to transition to ED require that we work full time. Do I just continue to work ICU part time/per diem while in FNP school full time? Do I try to pursue ED? Also, I have 2 children: 7 year old and 4 year old.