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jensfbay has 17 years experience as a BSN, DNP and specializes in ICU, Triage, Home Health, primary care FNP.

The more I go to school and meet other nurses, the more proud I am to be a nurse.

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  1. FQHC income cap?

    not sure if this is still active. there definitely needs to be more transparency in NP pay. An FQHC in Washington, they pay $55/hour for NP without NP experience. $70 something is the highest end
  2. Advice on thriving as a PCP in FQHCs

    My heart belongs to the community health center and the population it serves, but as a new provider, I find myself feeling torn because the pay is so low and we are so overworked. For those of you who work in FQHCs/CHCs, what is your advice so that I...
  3. Nurse Practitioner Residencies

    Thank you and apologies for the late response. this is a community health clinic, primary care residency for FNPs. It's tough because we see patients 3 (if not 4) days a week. We see a lot of patients
  4. Transition into Walk in Clinic or Urgent Care

    do you recommend a specific bootcamp? there seems to be quite a few and very expensive but seems worth it
  5. Nurse Practitioner Residencies

    I fortunately got into a residency program, so I’m in the middle of it right now. It’s tough but im learning so much! Good luck on your future endeavors
  6. Recently Passed ANCC Exam: How I Prepared

    Thank you so much for this article! This is just what I needed to read right now.
  7. Nurse Practitioner Residencies

    I am waiting to hear from one this week and will let you know. There are a couple of them in my area and are all reputable. I am an FNP student graduating in June. My plan B is if I don't get this residency, I will do a self-enroll with ThriveAP whil...
  8. Undecided on which FNP Certification Exam to Take

    ANCC. This is my reason: I was under the impression that you can continue to have your license or renew if you don't practice anymore with a BC (ANCC) certification. Please correct me if I'm mistaken. Because I can see myself teaching at the age...
  9. As a new NP, did you do a residency program?

    I’m sorry that has been your experience. I hope it has gotten better for you. I can only imagine how hard that could be
  10. As a new NP, did you do a residency program?

    Let's be kind to one another and stay professional please. Thank you!
  11. As a new NP, did you do a residency program?

    Thank you, Etoile. I'm glad you're doing just fine without having done one. I'm starting to get my cohort together and see if we could all sign up for ThriveAP as a group. How are you liking Pediatric Primary care? I'm an FNP and currently doing a cl...
  12. We have very limited number of clinics that provide residency programs, so I plan on signing up to do Thrive AP (formerly known as MidlevelU) for a year as a novice NP. Has anybody done this program? What are your thoughts? For those of you who...
  13. last year of FNP school but want PMHNP

    what an interesting advise, phil. Unfortunately, my current university does not have a PMHNP program ? I think that would've been a really good option otherwise. Thanks!
  14. working as an NP while obtaining a specialty certification

    thanks, 203bravo. Do you have 10 hour work days and work 4 days a week?
  15. Any practicing NPs here who have decided to get an additional certification while working? Here are some of the examples: 1. Working as an FNP while getting a PMHNP certification 2. Working as an FNP while getting an ACNP certification 3. Working as ...