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  1. eccentricRN

    Down In The Dumps

    First of all take a deep breath & try to relax... looking for a job is always stressful & having looked as long as you have makes it even tougher. Use all the other advice you've received about having someone look at your resume & cover letter, etc... But realize that although there's a nursing shortage, there is an even bigger shortage on medical funding. Now that is not to say you cannot find a job. You need to find your edge... do not make your perspective employer believe you only went to school for a scure job & a good paycheck, they want someone who truly cares for their pts... not saying you wouldn't. It's also very hard to pick yourself up from the dulldrums once you've sunk deep, so you need to find a way to release the negative feelings about yourself... I am positive they are not dissinterested in you as you say you feel they are... that's the depression talking... you know what gets you out of a funk & you need to do it now!! That negative energy goes with you & passes through any conversations you have with people... job searching is boring, heart breaking sould crunching work, but persistence will pay off in the end. Maybe you could talk to some people from school, maybe you'll find you really aren't the only one finding it difficult, as have some fellow posters right here. Go to the job service center in your area, get help with you resume if needed & they can also help you learn how to interview. Use your resources & I truly wish you the best of luck... let us know WHEN (you will find one!) you get a job so we can congrat you!!
  2. Thank you, thank you after the night I had last night this thread hit the spot... Had a chronic call light pusher, stable didn't need to be there anymore & 7 other pts 2 of which were circling the drain, one of which was a full code, thank you very much (CA with mets everywhere!) Plus 3 serious resp pts, but yes I want to come down & hear you fart on the bedpan, & it most definitely takes an actual nurse to go to the freezer & get you a popsicle at 0300. What's that? Your feet are cold, yes I the nurse will now travel ALL the way back down to the other end of the unit & then walk all the way back down here & place a warm blanket on your feet. Oh, sorry it's now been 4.5 minutes & your feet are still cold & all anybody did was place a blanket on them... I'm sorry, please let me personally rub them until they warm up, perhaps you'd like me to bath them with warm water.... never mind the sweet little lady down the hall is barely responsive, her o2 is like 52%, and she has a b/p of 60/40... your cold feet are MUCH more important... perhaps you'd like me to reposition you again for the umpteenth time & each time results in you ending up in the exact same position you started in... I don't need to call the cardiac doc for at least another couple of hours.... the little old lady will wait.... No I don't know how big your clot is... you'll have to ask the doctor, but I'm guessing since they shipped you out of ICU & your VS have been stable & you are able to ask for popsicles & to fart for me...that you're probably not critical & if they give you better service @ the NH, then please by all means return there post haste!!!!
  3. eccentricRN

    What's the saddest thing you've seen in your career??

    I haven't been a nurse long, but I've seen alot of sad things... I guess the saddest thing to me is knowing a pt is dying and all you can do is make them comfortable (we have a mixed unti with anything from peds to hospice), and the family cannot come to terms with their impending death. They want everything done possible even though it's most likely impossible... When they could try to enjoy their family member, & help them pass comfortably surrounded by theri loved ones. Then of course there is the hundreds of dumps we get every year... you know around the holidays family finally sees their not doing well & they don't want to be bothered so they bring them to the ER & it's up to us to find proper placement. And along those lines the ill spouse who is the caregiver for the other spouse & family refuses to take care of them or seek respite care & now we have 2 pts & the truly ill pt cannot rest due to worrying about their charge who's been dumped in the hospital with them.... Could go on & on, but you all know that already!
  4. eccentricRN

    The worst or strangest orders you have seen...

    2 weeks ago....... in am admin triple "h" enema till clear. pt was inc of stool and on bedrest.
  5. eccentricRN

    Cross Your Fingers for me!

    So I've been a nurse for about 6 & 1/2 months now. I currently work 3rd shift which I absolutely LOVE, however, it just isn't jiving with my home life. My husband works PMs & we were hoping to find someone reliable to come into our home to care for my son during our overlap time of approx. an hour. No luck! So my poor son has to go to the neighbors, which is really great, they're good with him & he loves it there, couldn't ask for a better deal, but this causes him to be up to 11pm or later whenever I work. So, I found out there is an opning on 1st shift at my hospital on the same floor. I'm hoping to get this position, but have found out someone else is interested as well. Of course, someone else is interested...it's 1st shift. So please cross your fingers & hopefully I can give my son a more stable home schedule!!!
  6. eccentricRN

    holiday schedules

    We are divided into to lists. It owrks out that we end up doing every other holiday & then each year it flips to the opposite holidays... that way everyone knows what they'll work for the year & no one can complain about favoritisim.
  7. eccentricRN

    Why is the first year so hard???

    Many find the first year a surprise... you are not only adjusting to a new career, you are adjusting to a new career that involves people's lives. You are responsible for the care & welfare of people who could possibly die or suffer severe consequences if you are not on the top of your game. This makes it a very stressful career, & you do learn most of what you need to know on the job, not in school. Everyone learns at their own pace & in their own way, which will make everyone's first year unique, especially when you throw in the differences in preceptors. Some people also begin in a position they really are not comfortable with, for fear of having no other offers or lack of knowledge of their possiblities. So there may be an added discomfort until one finds their "niche."
  8. eccentricRN

    Creative skills lab ideas

    In my school we were required to break into groups, pick from a list of skills and present. We needed to come up with a visual aid, a handout & of course perform the skill in front of the class. One group had pressure ulcers & they used bagels & various toppings to signify the different stages of wounds. Another group used different colored soda to show the different types of drainage you might see in different drains.
  9. eccentricRN

    Post-op care of pt's with epidural

    I work a general med/surg unit & our epidural pts are just included in with our regular pt load, as others have said it takes 2 to change the rate. Vitals are the same as anyone on a PCA, q4hrs. Occasionally I've seen cont. pulse ox, but not always. We change the bags ourselves.
  10. eccentricRN

    Is this reasonable or am I being a newbie?

    Not entirely true, maybe in LTC, but I work in the hospital & with a quick little training session our CNAs can & do blood sugars all the time. When I was a CNA in LTC I did in fact have to get VS, & the facility I worked at as a nurse extern also required CNAs to take VS. However, I have heard of LTC facilities that do not utilize CNAs for VS. I guess it just depends on the location & the facility.
  11. eccentricRN

    Does anyone else feel weirdly unexcited?

    Hey I know exactly how you feel. Remember how in school they taught us about transitions, well you're smack dab in the middle of one now. I've been working for almost 6 months now & I felt just like you in the begining... I almost didn't know what to do with myself & now in the last 2 months or so I've actually become okay with downtime. I have also started doing things for myself... it takes time but you'll adjust to your new role... good luck & congrats!!!!
  12. eccentricRN

    On my own now -- but always forgeting things

    This is just my top sheet, on my cardexes I put all the other info you're talking about... it's still accessible, but you have a cleaner more easily read flow sheet to organize your shift.
  13. eccentricRN

    Worried... please help me.

    Sorry you're upset but I was talking about a year round job, parttime in addition to a summer position; fulltime summer work is great but obviously not enough. Again good luck, I'm sure you'll achieve your goal.
  14. eccentricRN

    On my own now -- but always forgeting things

    find a system to organize your self... what did you do during clinical so you wouldn't miss something?? some do it by hours, i do it by shift. i carry a clipboard & i write the times & # of meds to be given for each pt... i also write times for next set of surg vitals or bs, drsg change, etc... as i give a med i circle it, then when i have a chance i chart it given & the x it out, i cross out treatments as they are completed once i charted them. example: mr. holdover meds 02-2 05-1 07-2 bs 00, 06 resp tx 00, 04 i put all my pts on the same sheet if possible so a quick glance let you know what you've got coming up this hour & allows you to plan as needed. hope this helps.
  15. eccentricRN

    Worried... please help me.

    Why is it unfair that someone who qualifies for aid receives it? I didn't qualify for aid, so I worked, raised a family & maintained a household all while going to school... bottom line is if you really want to get your degree, you are going to have to be an active participant, money doesn't fall off trees... if anything your parents could split the money they'll fork out for you & your brother & then the 2 of you need to take loans or whatever else you need to do to cover the rest. The other option as another poster stated is to find a less expensive school. I wish you the best, but there is something seriously wrong with the thinking that everything should be given to someone, just because they want it... welcome to the real world...
  16. eccentricRN

    NIGHT SHIFT - advice to new grads going to work 3 12s a week

    I work 4 8 hour shifts a week, but this is my schedule... My dh works pms, so I come home, take ds to summer school & hop into bed right after I get back, usually between 0800-8030, sleep until 1200, when dh drops off ds from school, I stay up until 1800, then I drop ds off at the neighbors & lay back down until 2000, I get up exercise & get ready for work, my shift starts at 2245. I usually don't eat before I lay down in the morning, I eat breakfast around noon, supper with my ds around 1700 & then I pack a lunch to eat at work. I just started exercising about a month & half ago, I was suffering increased stress & I sure can stand to loss some weight, plus I was exhausted all the time. I've only been a night shifter going on 6months... I'm a newbie myself... I found the exercising has increased my stamina, I feel little stress, I'm not always tired & I have managed to drop 11 pounds. I also don't drink anything but water all night at work... which allows me to drop right off when I get home. I do have a coworker who works 5 8s, she cannot do what I do & so her 2 children go to daycare during the summer & afterschool programs during the school year, so that may be an option for you. Just realize that most 3rd shifters no matter how they try, never get as much sleep as someone on days or pms. And it is rarely concurrent. One thing here, I'm one of those people who have no difficulty sleeping anytime, anywhere & can drop off into sleep quickly.... probably helps I only average 6 hours or less a day of sleep, but I was that way before 3rd shift. I do, however, tend to waste my first day off, I'm too lazy & nonproductive. It's definitely doable...but again I don't work 12s & everyone is different. Good luck I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work for you.