Confessions of a 30-Something RN Grad - page 5

I am in the seat, feeling comfortable, calm (even though I have went through enough security to enter Fort Knox). I read through the instructions as to not miss anything. "You have 6 hours...." ... Read More

  1. by   VanessaPL
    I am a 30 something new grad too and I can sympathize.....especially with the last part.....YOU MEAN NOW I HAVE TO FIND A JOB?? LOL

    I took my NCLEX today and I have to wait for results....we'll see
  2. by   gradRN2007
    What a great story..............exactly my feelings only at 75 questions I asked the lady at the door to check the computer, I thought it broke down when it shut off.........oh, by the way I was 52 and starting a new career that i love
    I did call my husband positive that I failed, he answered the phone and I convinced him that I failed...he was the one who kept checking online for the pass/fail and when he found out he didn't tell me, let me find out on my own..which was kind of nice..good luck to all and now on to the pccn exam!
  3. by   bmwilt
    wow this brought tears to my eyes, I will soon be there. I am now 33 and still have almost 2 years till I graduate, but I am excited!!! Congrats to you hunny,!!
  4. by   D.R.A.
    To the OP, love the story. To the second poster, love your story too:heartbeat Totally brought tears to my eyes.....I know I'm gonna feel exactly the same way in a couple years when I sit for NCLEX. I will be 32.
  5. by   shotzynurse
    when i read this, all i could do was nod in agreement, laugh and try not to cry. i, too, am a 'non-traditional' student in my mid-40's who took my nclex this week. bodily functions, mine, not my patient's, were all i could think about during the test. when the test shut off at 75 i was horrified. i thought - give me 10 more questions, i know i can pass if i just have 10 more to answer. i guess a few days will tell the tale. until then, thanks for sharing your story, and congratulations on passing.
  6. by   jakesema
    I have you beat! I took NCLEX yesterday, am 48 1/2 years old, and am SO excited to be a new nurse. I may have to take naps before work to make it through a twelve hour shift, but I am ready for my new job! And I couldn't have done it without my almost thirteen year old son and my DH supporting me iBring it on! Nurses rock!
  7. by   McD511LPN
    Im not an RN yet. Im still working on the pre- req courses. However when I took the LPN board exams I felt the same way. The computer didn't shut off at 75, it took me all the way to 200. By question 125 I thought for sure I had failed. I needed a break. I was sweating, I thought I was going to pass out. I drank a cup of water and prayed that it would be all over soon. I went home and had a beer! and when I received the packet in the mail 2 weeks later I Passed I jumped for joy and said Thank You God for everything!
    Now my life has changed. I have 2 children and don't have the time to go to a college. I have finished my A&P 1 and 2. Eng 1 and 2, all my math requirements, Psychology at a college. For the rest of it I think Im going to try on line. Never done that before and Im scared about that too... Hopefully I will feel better when I pass my first on line class.
  8. by   RNgirlie
    lol. beautiful story. i felt the same way. i passed in 75 questions too.
  9. by   RNgirlie
    (only difference is that i was 21)
  10. by   denise0815
    It is great to hear so many inspiring stories!! I am 38, and a single mom, will be 41 when I am finished. I dont think everyone can appreciate how much is riding on this journey.....except if you are in the middle of it. Almost done with pre-req, taking it one semester at a time!
    Best of luck!
  11. by   QTBabyNurse
    [font="century gothic"]you did a great job of telling "my" story as well! i graduated nursing school at 36 and passed the nclex with 75 questions as well....i thought "either i did really good or really bad"!! i had to wait a bit longer than you, for some reason my name did not show up online for almost 2 weeks. i thought for sure that i had failed. but here i am, 11 years of being an's been a blessing most days and somedays a curse...but i'm still here alive and kicking! it's never too late to "reinvent" yourself!!
  12. by   sunzzi
    I dun tears rolled while reading your story. I am not 30-something but I just had a baby 2 months ago. Mind you I was breast feeding and just wanted the computer to shut down. Noooooo...freaking computer went on and on until 144th questions and I was almost about to pass out. Churning stomach, pounding heart as well as filled boobi**es.
    Finally, done and ran to the parking lot where my hubby was waiting with my angel, and empited out as fast as they were filled......

    After being rescued by my son, then again filled with the anxiety and fear. It was thursday and had to wait the two longest days in my life with the uncertainty. Then....saw my name on the BRN...oh my God...the second happiest day in my life ever...
    God bless every nurse out there
  13. by   tlwkaw
    Wow I felt the same way taking the PN boards on June 3rd except I'm 46!!!!!!Congratulations and lookout this LPN just signed up for the RN program starting in Jan2010!!!