Accidentally brought home a medication!

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    I am a new nurse (like 3 weeks) and i just found out I brought a med (just one tab of Adderall) home! My patient needed 6 tables of Adderall total and we only had 1 in the med machine so i pulled it out and sent a message to pharmacy for more. I got crazy busy after that and my shift was over. My preceptor said she also saw that there was no adderall in the machine so she sent a msg to pharmacy too. (We were kinda sharing patients) Anyway, i got home and found that one adderall in my pocket! I dont know what to do. I will look stupid if i call the unit saying i brought home a medication but i will feel bad if i dont do anything about it. It's not a controlled substance or anything though,, should i just mention it to the manager tomorrow?
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  3. by   SubSippi
    Bring it back. Tell your charge, and have her watch you return it to the Pyxis or whatever you use. They won't think you're an idiot, it happens from time to time, but if they realize there are meds like that unaccounted for, "I forgot it in my pocket and didn't think it was a big deal" won't be an acceptable excuse.
  4. by   Sun0408
    Adderall as well as many other ADHD meds are abused by many; I would go ahead and call..
  5. by   cayenne06
    Yes, I would call and bring it back asap. Adderall is seriously abused on the streets. You don't want ANY confusion about what happened to that pill. Be prepared for a drug screen, although I doubt they will ask you for one if you return it promptly.
  6. by   Madras
    Call them and bring it back.

    And Adderall is a schedule II
  7. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I got home from work one morning after one of those crazy, hectic nights and when I was emptying my pockets, I found an unopened vial of Ativan. I nearly wet my pants! Right away I called the unit, talked to my manager and got back in the car. When I got to the hospital I had my manager witness me returning the vial to Pyxis and printed a return slip that we both signed. Butt covered... and I could actually sleep when I got home again.
  8. by   bell1962
    In the office we used to write prescriptions for patients while in the room and then the doctors would sign them and give to the patients. One day when I got home I realized I had a pad of blank prescriptions in my pocket! I called right away.
  9. by   IrishErin
    Totally off topic, but janfrn, I did not realise that you were also a Canadian! How exciting, now come be the educator where I work
  10. by   IrishErin
    Back on topic, a patient had refused medications she I had brought them to the room including an ativan and a dilaudid. They then proceeded to poop on the floor beside the bed, and step in it. I shoved the cup with the pills in my pocket so I had hands free to return said patient to bed and begin the daunting task of cleaning up all the crap.
    It wasn't until I got to my driveway at home after shift that I realised that I still had the cup in my pocket and hadn't wasted them as I had intended.
    I just drove back to work and wasted them with the charge, no harm done.
  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    IrishErin... PM me and we'll chat!
  12. by   OlivetheRN
    After I had been at work a few weeks I managed to take home versed. Realized it in the middle of a movie theater and proceeded to hyperventilate for a few minutes before calling the night charge and explaining what happened. Hightailed my butt back there after the movie to return it. Worst feeling ever.
  13. by   Sun0408
    Good habit to get into; empty your pockets before you leave work
  14. by   OlivetheRN
    Quote from Sun0408
    Good habit to get into; empty your pockets before you leave work
    I totally normally do to avoid this. That shift, the crap hit the fan with an EMS pt right at shift change, by the time I left, I was running late to meet my friends for the movie. It wasn't till I started to empty pockets in the movie theater because stuff was digging into my fluff that I found it. Good times. My preceptor still has the text I sent her freaking out hah